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Fridge Brilliance

  • Missi being stuck in that corner for the day after the events of The Night nicely illustrates how much of a hold the cane has on her, since letting go of it would have allowed her to walk right out of there. It’s possible she could have even thrown it across the room and retrieved it if she’d been willing to let go of it.
    • This, of course, assumes that the transformation is temporary and only while holding the cane. If it's permanent or based on some concept of ownership other than physical possession (she got it by killing the previous owner, after all), that might not have worked.
    • Chapter 4 confirms that throwing the cane away from herself turns her back to normal.
  • The centaur in the underworld having a thing going with the Duke probably explains why his neck was covered up.
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  • If Word of God says that Duke is more powerful then Missi, why does he just hang out outside instead of storming in and taking his staff and house back? Simple. He’s a vampire and vampires need to be invited inside.
  • The fact that becoming a vampire turned Missi bisexual, and the fact that the Duke is pansexual actually makes sense from a pragmatic standpoint. There's something inherently erotic about the vampire's depiction of feeding, and that can make you hesitant around someone you aren't physically attracted to. Vampires being made bisexual keeps them from being picky eaters, especially if pickings might be slim for a certain sex.

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