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Nightmare Fuel / The Vampair

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Episode 1: The Night

  • The Duke turning into ash when Missi hits him towards the sunlight and her evil grin as she becomes the new wielder of the staff and turns into a vampire.
Episode 3: Resurrection
  • Missi has become even more powerful with the staff, even frightening the Duke when she summons a huge shadow version of herself to attack him.
Episode 4: The Silent
  • Throughout the whole song, Missi seems to be slowly losing her sanity as she hallucinates little monsters crawling around her, trying to kill her and even eating her.
    • She sees the shadow of the Duke every time she mentions "the night".
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  • Missi tosses staff away and looks petrified with fear as she stares at her trembling hands and sheds a few tears. For the first time since The Night, she's human again and looks terrified. She even makes to slowly leave the mansion, grabbing her old things, putting her hair up and wearing her glasses again. However, the staff seems to have an even more powerful hold on her as she sees the Duke still outside and angrily storms back to the staff to grab it and turn into a vampire again.

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