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  • Accidental Innuendo: Try saying this show's title to yourself a few times.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: British fans of the cartoon that this frames really hate that this show ruined Toyland Adventures and felt that the framing device was unnecessary, since most of the characters note  were annoying.
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  • Friendly Fandoms: Noddy Shop fans seem to get along with fans of shows aired on Treehouse TV note , as well as fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic thanks to a fanfic crossing one of the show's songs over with the show.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • This show was so big in Guam that the show actually ran on the local PBS station until the fall of 2004. And unlike most networks in North America which shoved the show into early morning time slots late in its run, KGFT was one of three stations that kept The Noddy Shop in a good timeslot for its entire run note  until it was replaced by an encore of Sesame Street.
    • Despite being produced for the United States, it's more fondly remembered by Canadians, since it was made there and aired on two different channels. note 
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    • It was also big in Poland. To put it into retrospective, a Polish-dubbed episode was online before a full English episode was posted.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "Stop, Listen And Learn" has Noah become sick and refuse to take medicine given to him by Aunt Agatha. When Noah's actor Sean McCann died after years of fighting heart disease in 2019, this made that particular scene even sadder, as people who read the news might think about what might've happened if Noah didn't listen to her advice in the end.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Planet Pup is a robotic dog who pretends to be a superhero, often helping to stop the goblins. Nearly two decades later, PAW Patrol had a character named Robo Pup who was also a robotic dog who was a superhero.
    • The show features a crustacean character named Johnny Crawfish who claims to have a family, sang rock and roll songs. Eighteen years later, Moana featured a character named Tamatoa who sang a rock and roll song and said that he had a grandma. He even does a dance similar to Johnny's in the theme song of the show.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Anything related to Johnny Crawfish will usually become a meme because he's the most popular character from the show.
    • Often on the comments section of "The Magic Key", people will quote Rusty's "Anybody got a fishing pole?" line.
  • Periphery Demographic: Most of the viewers for the show were surprisingly not in the intended 2-5 demographic Noddy was aimed at. According to pages on the PBS Kids official site for the show, most of the viewers were tweens aged 8-12, possibly due to the Kid Com segments that framed the show and it airing before Arthur in most areas. It also got this among people who either watched it when they were young and forgot about the show or had never heard of it before after The Noddy Shop was given an entry on Lost Media Wiki.
  • Retroactive Recognition: For all of the characters played by kids except for Gil Filar (who was Boobull), this was their introduction to the acting industry, paving the way for future works. Perhaps the most notable example of this was Butch in the episode "Big Bullies" being played by Michael Cera.
  • Special Effects Failure: The low budget of the show tends to rear its ugly head in the live action segments. Apparently some of the scenes, namely those that involve the "goblins", are chroma-keyed onto photographed backgrounds to save costs. Aside from the background being clearly static, the chroma key was also done quite amateurishly in that the goblins have a thin outline visible in certain scenes.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: "Jack Frost Is Back In Town" features the titular character singing with cute characters based on winter. Though this is lessened somewhat by Jack Frost being played by Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Thank You For Being You" is a bittersweet song about how the puppets love Noah. After the actor who played him, Sean McCann, died of heart disease, it really tugs at the heartstrings, especially the last few lines of the song.
    • "Anything Can Happen At Christmas", because of its message that love is important around the holidays.
  • Uncanny Valley: The show is notorious for having people who watched the show as a kid talk about how the puppets, mainly those with more complicated designs (common examples include Johnny Crawfish, Stein, Island Princess, the Ruby Reds and Gaylord, for example) were creepy.
  • You Look Familiar: Often, real-life toys are recycled to be used as background props on the show:
    • During the "Time for some fun and celebrating!" part of the theme song (which is the picture used on the show's main page), a Folkmantis puppet of an emperor penguin wearing a blue knitted hat is visible.
    • In the first episode, a Little Miss Singing Mermaid doll can be seen on one of the shelves during the first few minutes.


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