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  • Actor-Shared Background: Harry Anderson, who was a magician in real life, played Jack Fable, who shared his profession, in the episode "The Magic Show".
  • Adored by the Network: CBC and TV Ontario LOVED this show. The show would usually air twice a day on different channels, giving you four chances to catch it in a single day, and five if you received PBS. This lasted until late 2004.
    • It was also adored by CBBC in the United Kingdom, where it aired twice a day, and every few days, "The Fish Story" or "The Trouble With Truman" would be one of the two episodes airing.
    • WEDW in Bridgeport, Connecticut aired the show twice a day: once in the morning and again in the afternoon.
  • Colbert Bump: More people who watched the various channels on which this aired began to remember this show after a page for it was created on Lost Media Wiki in January of 2017.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Websites have called Johnny Crawfish a lobster or a shrimp when he is actually a crawfish. Also, some websites say that he is a toy, when he's actually a pet.
    • BBC's description of "Telling The Whole Truth" calls Charlene Von Pickings "Mrs Pickles". They also claimed that the episode "The Fish Story" mainly focuses on Johnny getting a new tankmate, when the episode's main plot is about Kate loosing a ring while playing a fishing game with her brother and friend and Aunt Agatha dressing up as a cat to find the "rodents" note  that stole the ring. However, two airings of the episode had the correct description.
    • The official PBS Kids site couldn't seem to remember which song belonged to which episode.note  For example, they said that "A Whole Lot Of Helping" was sung in "Stop, Listen and Learn" rather than "Mixed Up Magic", and that "Country Mouse, City Mouse" was from "Noah's Leaving" rather than "Sing Yourself To Sleep". There was also the cases where they left spelling mistakes on the page (for example, "It's important to follow directions and be careful with all your selections" having "careful" spelled with two L's at the end, and several pieces of script left intact (such as "Bonita ad libs throughout" and "Instrumental with puppets partying") because the songs were taken directly from there.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Frank Meschkuleit, the puppeteer behind Bonita Flamingo and Warloworth, said that his favorite episode was the "Anything Can Happen At Christmas" special.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Noddy, Master Tubby Bear and Sly are voiced by Catherine Disher, and Bonita Flamingo is played by Frank Meschkuleit.
  • The Danza: Kate Tomten shares the same first name as her actress, Katie Boland.
  • Dueling Shows: Was this with Charlie Horse Music Pizza, another PBS musical about an elderly person running a shop with talking animals that lived there. However, because Music Pizza was overshadowed by Teletubbies (not helping matters was Shari Lewis' death nine months after her show's debut), The Noddy Shop came out on top.
    • It was also this with the similarly-formatted Salty's Lighthouse on Ready, Set, Learn!, a duel which The Noddy Shop also won due to said block having the lowest ratings of any preschool block.
  • Edited for Syndication: Ultimately, it's a re-edited version of Noddy's Toyland Adventures with additional human actors and puppets (much like Shining Time Station was for Thomas the Tank Engine) so they could stretch a normally 10-minutes long Noddy's Toyland Adventures episode up to the 30 minute mark.
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  • Fan Nickname: "Noddy Shop Toys" for the toys and Johnny as a group, usually when people discuss the songs they sing.
  • Genre-Killer: This show's poor merchandise sales due to the characters in the Framing Device not getting any merchandise along with the poor reception of the framing segments in fellow PBS Kids show Caillou ended the trend of shows solely being created to frame a show from another country.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Several episodes were released on two VHS tapes and one DVD in the United Kingdom, and the Internet Archive has "Skunked" up as part of its 9/11 archivenote  as well as archived pages of the PBS site with song lyrics and episode descriptions and clips from "The Big Race", "Jack Frost Is Coming To Town", "Anything Can Happen At Christmas" and "Lights, Cameras, Chaos" posted on Dennis Scott's official YouTube, but the rest of the episodes are hard to find.
  • Milestone Celebration: The reason this show was imported back into the UK was to celebrate the Noddy character's 50th birthday.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Export for You: The show only aired in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom (as Noddy In Toyland) and Poland. Networks in other countries probably didn't see this as worth their time due to the show being perceived as an Edited for Syndication version of Noddy's Toyland Adventures- where they took the series and stuffed in human characters, puppets and chroma-keyed "goblins", especially when they still have the repeat rights of the original show.
  • Out of Holiday Episode: Of the five holiday episodes of the show that were produced, four of them aired before the holidays they were about.
    • "We All Say Boo!", a Halloween Episode, aired on September 23rd, 1998. It's not bad compared to most of these examples, as this aired a month before the holiday in question.
    • "Secret Valentines" aired on October 12th, 1998, four months before Valentine's Day.
    • "April Fool", which had an April Fools' Plot, aired on September 16th, 1999.
    • "Part Of The Family", a Very Special Episode that took place on Mother's Day, aired on November 8th, 1999.
    • The lone aversion for the show is "Anything Can Happen At Christmas", a Christmas special which aired on December 6th, 1998.
  • Only So Many Canadian Actors: Jayne Eastwood, Lauren Collins, James Rankin, Matt Ficner, Alyson Court and Michael Cera, actors and puppeteers who were frequent in many Canadian kids' shows and kidcoms in the 90s, appeared on this show. This show also is where a few Canadian actors begun their careers, most notably Michael Cera.
  • Recursive Import: Unlike most British shows that got new material surrounding them, this was one of only two shows with that format note  actually made it into the UK. Not only that, but they got a book with the characters from the shop in it, as well as a toy of Noddy's car that came with a backdrop of the shop, while the US got nothing with the framing device characters.
  • Recycled Script: Being the Spiritual Successor to Shining Time Station, this tended to happen quite a bit. For example, both shows' premiere episodes have a brown-haired girl showing a young boy around the titular location of the show, "Is This Farewell?" and "Noah's Leaving" both have the characters thinking the shop will close, and "Becky Makes A Wish" and "Let's Go Fly A Kite" had the characters acting the opposites of their normal personalities as a result of something magic-related going wrong. Aside from this, the show tended to recycle its own plots often:
    • "Lost and Found" and "Something's Lost, Something's Found": The characters loose something that belongs to Noah, and one of the toy characters goes missing. note 
    • "Growing Lies" and "Telling The Whole Truth": One of the child characters tells a lie to try to hide a mistake they made.
    • "A Dog's Best Friend" and "The Fish Story": One of the toy characters has to deal with an animal species that is similar to them getting more attention. note 
    • "Treasure Hunt" and "Noah's Treasure": The children discover something old belonging to Noah.
    • "Mixed Up Magic", "Following Directions" and "The Big Mess": An incident involving an animal causes a mess to be created in the shop. note 
    • "Noah's Leaving" and "Closing Up Shop": Noah wants to close NODDY'S. note 
    • In a case that isn't recycled from Shining Time Station or from an earlier episode, the season 2 episode "Thunder and Lightning" has a similar plot to the Bear in the Big Blue House episode "Afraid Not", which aired ten months prior: both involved characters overcoming their fear of a thunderstorm-induced Big Blackout, and also had the characters tell a story to pass the time (however, two were told in The Noddy Shop's version).
  • Release Date Change: The show was supposed to be aired in June 1998 on PBS, but due to PBS thinking that Teletubbies would be more popular due to its success in the UK (and moving its release two months before Noddy was supposed to be released), it was moved to September 1998.
  • Remade for the Export: This show was basically Noddy's Toyland Adventures but with a live action show surrounding it.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: If this show was ever to be re-released again, royalties would have to be paid for the use of the Noddy's Toyland Adventures segments, seeing as they played a crucial role in the show's plot.
  • Screwed by the Merchandise: Many companies promised to put out products based off the Noddy Shop characters. However, they only made merchandise based off the Noddy's Toyland Adventures segments (save for a calendar featuring a few characters on the last page), which were not as popular as the puppet segments and led to poor sales of the products. This was the reason the show wound up being cancelled after four seasons.
  • Screwed by the Network: While most affiliates treated the show fairly, some affiliates didn't treat it the same way. The most common example, at least for this show, was to air the show's first season in a good timeslot on weekends, and then either put it on in an early morning timeslot or drop it from the schedule altogether. However, some stations that aired the show did things differently:
    • The most notable offender was KQED in San Francisco, which not only shoved the show in a Saturday morning time slot at 6:30AM note , but skipped some episodes that were key points in the series, including "The Magic Key" note , "The Fish Story"note  and "Anything Can Happen At Christmas"note . If new episodes of the show did air, they would often air later than they did in other parts of the country. note  The channel stopped airing the show in March 2001 and replaced it with repeats of Zoboomafoo.
    • NJN note  and CBBC only aired the first 40 episodes and "Anything Can Happen At Christmas" during their three-year-run.
    • WNED possibly treated this show worse than any other PBS station. Not only did the show premiere late (February 6th, 1999, compared to other stations premiering it in the fall of 1998), but after "The Big Mess" aired, the show was shoved into a 5:30AM timeslot.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: "The Human Touch" not only came out when computers were new technology, but also came out during a time when game software that let you plug in toys via USB to interact with the game were popular, which the episodes spoofs in the form of the robot Disrupto. note 
  • Talking to Himself: Being a show that had a big puppet cast, there were a few cases of this.
    • James Rankin voiced Johnny Crawfish, Slim, Sherman and Planet Pup, the latter two whom often talked to each other on the show due to their friendship.
    • Frank Meschkuleit played Warloworth, Shorty and Gaylord.
    • Matt Ficner was Rusty, Lichtenstein and Johnny Crawfish's assistant in one episode.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Warloworth Q. Weasel was going to be a character who would be a teacher-like figure to the other toys in the shop who also loved to tell jokes. These traits of his were split into two other characters, with Gertie Gator being the teacher figure and Johnny Crawfish being the character who told jokes.
    • The entire series was supposed to be released to home video in North America, but instead, just the Noddy segments, with music videos played in between the stories in a similar fashion to Strand's releases of Thomas the Tank Engine, were released. This decision wound up playing a role in the series' cancellation because the segments in the shop were the most popular amongst children and not the Toyland segments, which hurt sales of the videos.
    • The show was also going to re-run on PBS Kids Sprout according to a press release, but Make Way For Noddy was shown at the last minute.
    • According to an interview with Rick Siggelkow, the show's working title was Noddy and Friends, which ironically enough was used for one of the BBC video releases of the show.
    • Quality Family Entertainmentnote  was the original producer of the show.
  • You Might Remember Me from...: Carol Kane, after years of languishing in obscurity after being a popular 70's movie actor, appeared on this show as the Tooth Fairy.
    • Taborah Johnson, who played Gertie, was the backing vocalist for Rick James, most notably in his hit song "Super Freak".

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