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YMMV / The Last Kids on Earth

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Jack. Is he acting like a 13-year-old would during the apocalypse, albeit trying to put his own spin on survival, or did he have a complete mental break and is hiding it with his video game terminology? He's making the best of a terrible situation, but some things he does makes it seem he does not fully grasp the reality of what's going on. Multiple moments involve him endangering his friends that, while not for selfish reasons, put them at risk. Also, he views things through a video game lens (like his friends' "happiness meter"), and that makes it seem like he is not entirely sane.
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • Despite what the title would suggest, the show is a comedy for the most part, and Jack and his friends aren't as traumatized like one would expect thirteen-year-olds to be in dire circumstances. They also don't seem too bothered about the fact that people they know (Quint's babysitter, various teachers from their school) have become zombies, even though there's no cure for it, and zombies getting killed is a plot point in Book 2.
    • Jack, however, does reflect on this a lot, most notably in his conversation with June. He is aware of how horrible things are, but he chooses to make the best out of his situation and not think about it too much.
    • While trying to siphon gasoline, Jack comes across an abandoned car with a family vacation picture inside it. He comments he wishes he had a family and is saddened to think what might have happened to this one.
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    • Angst is recognized over the course of Book 2 and is a main plot point in episode 7 when the kids visit June's home.
  • Author's Saving Throw: The book's weak point is depicting June as a slightly generic at best The Smurfette Principle. Somewhat justified, as the book itself is written from Jack's point of view. The show fixes the aforementioned issue by adding in some scenes from June's perspective.
  • Ho Yay: Dirk and Quint get a little bit of this. Most notably that Dirk warms up to Quint very fast, especially after seeing all of the tech Quint makes.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: In spite of being aimed at children, the show itself does actually make the monsters more threatening to the point of almost always endangering our main characters (who are in fact, 13-year-olds). Even the zombies are Nightmare Fuel for children who have phobias of zombies. There is also a graphic depiction of gore in some scenes (first, when Jack stabs Blarg in the eye, and second, when he kills Blarg by stabbing its brain).
    • Made even worse for the original books and even the show, where it's gotten darker ever since Book 2 ("Zombie Parade," in particular).


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