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Funny / The Last Kids on Earth

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     Season 1 
  • The opening scene of Jack fighting with Blarg and his preferred methods of distraction:
    Jack: Okay, fine. Let's dance! (brandishes his baseball bat ... then points behind Blarg) Dude, your mom's here! Psych!
    • To make things funnier, Blarg actually looks away with a confused expression on his face, as if to say "...Mom?"
    • The whole reason Blarg got mad at Jack in the first place: Jack called him ugly.
  • Jack finding his foster brother's secret stash of junk food, proclaiming that he’s going to make it last—only for him to gorge on everything. To be fair, he hadn't eaten in a couple of days, though.
  • Jack amusing himself by making a list of "feats," which are basically video game quests brought to life. Some feats include:
    • Mad Hatter: Perching on a tree branch and snatching off at least five zombie hats.
    • Monster Ride: Hitching a ride on a large Bigfoot-like monster that, for some reason, neighs like a horse. ("Look, ma, no hands!")
    • Hygiene Hero: Flossing and maintaining basic cleanliness at the end of the world.
  • Jack calling June "dainty and sweet" and showing the camera a picture of June, which leads into a montage of her aggressively playing lacrosse. She even thuds into the coach hard enough that she breaks his arm.
  • Jack being pathetic enough to hug Benny McCutchin after June hugs said guy, just so he can get a "secondhand hug." The collision results in both of them falling to the floor, with Jack clinging to Benny's back with a lovestruck expression on his face and Benny, clearly creeped-out, trying to crawl away.
  • The montage of Jack acquiring supplies and getting used to the apocalypse.
    • On Day 16, he rolls a cart full of groceries up a hill, only to get spooked out by a zombie and let go of the cart.
    "No! (realizes the cart is rolling away) No, no, no! I need that to live!"
    • Day 23: He tries searching for June, only to get attacked by a fanged octopus monster.
  • While introducing the Dozer monster's stats and saying that they eat zombies, we're treated to a close-up of a single zombie hand still stuck between its teeth.
  • Quint admitting that the skull on Big Mama’s hood is just a candle. He and Jack later take a whiff of said candle when it’s brought to light that it’s cookie dough-scented.
  • Any of Jack's knight in shining armor Imagine Spots where he's rescuing June. Especially since his memories of her, contrary to his narrative, make it clear that June is not the damsel in distress type.
  • While Blarg is chasing them around the department store, we get this little gem:
    Dirk: You're being stalked by a monster?! Why the heck did I join you?
    Jack: Because I'm a delight?
  • Jack and Quint recalling the first movie they ever made: “Attack of the Killer Yo-Yos”.
    • We're then treated to a montage of Jack and Quint surrounded by a bunch of yo-yos with skulls pasted on them, including a shot of Jack and Quint screaming and backing away from a solitary yo-yo while it rolls ever-so-slowly towards the two of them.

     Season 2 

Beastiary Master

  • Quint jumping into the dust monster headfirst, only to get stuck halfway through.