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Tear Jerker / The Last Kids on Earth

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    Season 1 
  • While siphoning gasoline, Jack comes across an abandoned van with a family vacation picture inside it. He comments he wishes he had a family and is saddened to think what might have happened to this one as a result of the apocalypse.
  • The Reveal that June was trapped at school when she saw her parents taken away to safety on a bus. The reason she refuses to leave the school is so that if her parents come back, they'll know to look for her there.
    • Also similar is Quint's insistence his parents are alright because they were on a cruise when the Apocalypse happened so they must be somewhere safe. Even Jack, who is usually optimistic,believes this is dubious, given the state of the world.

    Season 2 

Mall Quest

  • Borders on Nightmare Fuel, but Jack finds himself in front of a glass door with three adult zombies resembling Quint, Dirk, and June on the opposite side. For a minute he believes that they’ve been driven apart by their bickering.

Beastiary Master

  • Quint’s growing insecurity about his lacking athletic skills and his ability to contribute hunting monsters.

June Gloom

  • June realizing the life and family she knew is gone forever.

Follow That Butler

  • The Reveal that Thrull is in leagues with Rezzoch.

     Season 3 
  • In season 3, we see Jack's insecurity about being left alone pop up when the other kids find the radio. He fears that when they find their families again, they'll leave him alone since he doesn't have anybody waiting for him. Mixed in with Fridge Horror where we see Rezzoch trying to sway Jack via promising to keep his friends both safe and together if Jack becomes Rezzoch's host.
  • Quint gets sincerely angry at Jack and tells him he has 'been' angry at him for a long time for always expecting him to fix everything and have a plan ready just because he's the smart guy. Quint is a kid genius, yes, but he's sick of everybody always expecting him to do the heavy thinking.