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Headscratchers / The Last Kids on Earth

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  • Where are the other humans? The monsters in this show are far from invincible; even four teens armed with rather simple, improvised weapons are able to fight and kill them, so surely the military, police and other adults with both fighting experience and access to firearms should be able to do the same right? Granted, we don't know how large an area was affected by the apocalyptic event that brought the monsters to Earth, but you'd expect there to be at least some signs of other humans fighting back against the monsters. Adults Are Useless, Police Are Useless and Militaries Are Useless taken Up to Eleven?
    • We know from the radio transmission that there are several clusters of other humans throughout the United States. Remember that all of this presumably happened very suddenly. People likely fled the cities or hid in the initial panic, and made strongholds wherever they could band together with other survivors after. And without proper warning, the police and military wouldn't have the orders in time on what to do to fight back properly at the beginning. That and there's also taking into account people living in Wakefield who were out of town when everything happened, like Quint's parents on a cruise.
  • What happened to the rest of the kids from the school when the Apocalypse started? I mean, they were shown when monsters were summoned and adults turned into zombies.
    • Likely fled town with their parents or on their own. Given the schoolbus the kids saw leaving, and the mass exodus of families like the main characters. Either that or... they had a fate not suitable to show in detail in a childrens series.
  • So Quint and Bardle have created the Zom-B-Gone torches, torches that ward off zombies and winged wretches, and placed them around their treehouse, except: Why don't they just carry Zom-B-Gones with them on their person at all times? Quint is meant to be a genius, yet he hasn't thought of that?