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Nightmare Fuel / The Last Kids on Earth

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  • The Tree of Entry. It is a demonic tree with a skull-like face carved into it. It emits a piercing shriek that can summon zombies to it in order to eat their brains. It is also covered in a Sickly Green Glow.
  • Rezzoch, by far.
    • To date, she was shown to have created the aforementioned Tree of Entry, destroyed the monster homeworld, corrupted a wretch to become her new henchman, and tried to corrupt the other kids.
    • To reiterate, she is literally the reason why the dead have risen and why many monstrous beasts now roam the land
  • In season 3, we had Jack suffering a horrific nightmare where he went to the pizza place and inside were the corpses of the monsters the kids befriended (including Rover). Then, he stumbled outside and saw the treehouse on fire, and it is heavily implied the other kids are still inside...
    • We are later treated to a vision of an older Jack pulling a sled, assuring his friends they have to keep going...then zooming out behind, revealing he is talking to their skeletons!