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  • Americans Hate Tingle: One of the most beloved wrestling announcers of all time, he was absolutely hated by football fans during his time commentating Vince McMahon's short-lived XFL.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When Oklahoma parodied J.R. in WCW, he started sporting a beard after a couple of weeks. In the 2010s, J.R. himself sports a beard.
  • Iron Woobie: For all of the misfortunes Ross has suffered throughout his career, both on- and off-camera, it's amazing how much he's persevered. It's to the point where he just doesn't care. One example was during his brief comeback in 2011 on the RAW after the HHH walkout/duty-relieving, they didn't tell JR that John Laurinaitis would relieve him of his announcing gig in the ring. When new GM Johnny Ace told JR to meet him in the ring, he knew what was coming, and after being told that he was indeed being fired, JR quickly tipped his hat and hurried out the ring and to the back, making sure his umpteenth Humiliation Conga was as quick as possible.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Pretty much anything "BAH GAWD [x]" has gotten a lot of mileage.
    • [Wrestler].....has picked up.....TWISTY ROCKETS!
    • He's pretty much tied with The Angry Video Game Nerd for the person most famous for saying the word "ass" frequently.
    • It's not uncommon to overdub Jim Ross' infamous reactions such as the one to Undertaker chucking Mankind off the cell to over-the-top violent moments in film and TV. For example.
  • Poor Man's Substitute: Inverted; as Daniel Bryan kindly pointed out, Michael Cole is the poor man's substitute for good ol' JR.
  • Replacement Scrappy:
    • Anyone who replaces Ross on the commentators' table is bound to get such a reaction. Joey Styles is the only exception as he could be argued to be just as good as Ross (and he still got some backlash for not being JR, though some fans thought he might be better) - but he only lasted four months on the Raw announce team before JR was brought back. Ironically, WWE wanted Styles to abandon his to be more like JR. When that didn't pan out, they brought JR back. Again.
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    • Jim Ross's "Diesel" and "Razor Ramon" were replacement scrappies to the originals.
  • Sacred Cow: Don't say anything even remotely negative about him to a fan or someone in the business. You'll be torn to shreds.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In September 1996, Ross announced that Razor Ramon and Diesel were coming back. This was during the early red-hot stage of the NWO angle in WCW, which had Scott Hall (formerly Razor Ramon) and Kevin Nash (formerly Diesel), along with "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, as the leaders. On the September 23, 1996, Raw, Ross cut a promo where he broke kayfabe by acknowledging Vince McMahon as the owner of the company and ripped WWE for sticking him in a toga upon his debut at WrestleMania IX, making him wear a cowboy hat and firing him after he first contracted Bell's Palsy. He said that had "no loyalty to the World Wrestling Federation! I've only got loyalty to good ol' J.R." He said that he was going to "bring back one of your favorites. He's the Bad Guy, Razor Ramon …" Then, Canadian wrestler Rick Bogner, best known to that point for his work in FMW as Big Titan, walked out doing a BAD Razor impression, to huge boos. He would be followed by Glen Jacobs as "Diesel." Even though this was supposed to have been a heel turn, the crowd was loudly behind JR...until the Fake Razor came out, thus undoing everything Ross had accomplished to that point.
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  • The Woobie: And how, he needs a big hug for a remaining such a respected commentator.


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