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  • Author's Saving Throw:
  • Draco in Leather Pants: At the end of TNA Impact's "The Whole F'n Show," while the ECW EV2.0 group were gathered in the ring, Fourtune jumped them from behind as they delivered a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to them with Ric Flair yelling at Dixie Carter that it was her fault. While Fortune are supposed to come off as heels, even before hearing AJ Styles and Kazarian's comments on "Reaction" about Dixie bringing in Ring Oldies rather than using (established) home grown talent (they even got their own PPV that was a tribute to the old ECW), many fans believed that the "heels" were justified. The chants of "THIS IS AWESOME!" during said beatdown didn't help at all.
    • More of a Broken Base type situation in some forums. Try debating how Fortune is actually in the right in this feud with EV2 to some diehard ECW fans who back up EV2 regardless. Others also root for Fortune as they don't come off as whiny.
    • What else didn't help was the fact that that episode of Impact was the second time (behind the aforementioned PPV) the Hardcore Originals took center stage just "one more time" to say "thank you". What ELSE didn't help was the fact that the EV2 guys were being treated as faces for taking the spotlight out of the gate at the expense of TNA's homegrown and long-term talent, something that Paul Heyman never allowed outsiders to do in ECW at least without earning it in the company first — which is ironically part of the reason they loved working for him.
    • Then Fortune joined Hogan and Bischoff's Immortal conspiracy upon The Reveal, which not many people thought would last and even fewer wanted to. Not only was Immortal was doing the same thing Fortune was accusing EV2 of, not only were Hogan and Flair always portrayed as enemies until that point, but there were a few subtle and/or inadvertent hints being thrown out there that TNA was at least thinking of having Fortune turn on Immortal somewhere down the line. Cue Immortal and Fortune working together to basically end EV2, Fortune grabbing a couple titles, Bischoff mistreating AJ Styles some (who is his own case of Unintentionally Sympathetic every time he turns heel anyway), and finally, Main Event Mafia members going to WWE instead of signing on for a plan to reunite as Crimson's "them" outfit…and Fortune finally got that Heel–Face Turn, officially recognized as the good guys fans viewed them as all along, and went on to make 2011 a collection of awesome moments for themselves, mostly at Immortal's expense. Between this and Jeff Hardy's infamous issues, Immortal never recovered.
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    • Fortune are actually a greater example of this trope. They went from just unintentionally sympathetic, to unintentionally the heroes.
    • Then again, this is standard fare for AJ Styles. A heel turn for him is really nothing more than a phase to slowly transition him into a stronger babyface.
  • Dynamic Entry: Daniels' return to TNA on the March 31, 2011 edition of Impact!, in which he took out all of Immortal by leaping off the top of a steel cage to save Fortune from a beatdown, making his return to TNA and aligning with Fortune.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: They were supposed to get over, but probably not as big as they did seeing how they people had been calling for bigger pushes to the core four for years. They definitely were supposed to get over as baby faces.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: Even years post-dissolution, it seems the final five members haven't gotten their hands on each other enough. Especially Styles and Daniels before AJ's darker gimmick change.
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  • Fridge Brilliance: Listen to the 2007 version of AJ Styles's "I Am" theme from back in the Christian Coalition days, then listen to the Fortune theme (either version, though it's more apparent in the version they used with Flair). Do the instruments sound similar at all? If so, that's the subtle bit that shows AJ's influence in the stable's foundation. And that's without even accounting for the fact that AJ's theme is an "I Am" Song whereas Fortune's theme is a "We Are" Song. Also, Beer Money Inc. being the tag team members in a stable called Fortune.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners:
    • Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan during the first "Immortal" promo had this in spades to the point that Ric told Hogan he was going to get up every morning loving him more than he's ever loved anything else. Hogan then asked if that included his ex-wives. Ric said yes.
    • AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels revisited this trope during the stable's run. The whole reason Daniels came back and joined Fortune was to avenge Styles after the latter got superbombed off the stage by Bully Ray, then to help AJ get his own revenge against the Bully. Eventually the two got to squaring off in the ring again, which resulted in Daniels nearly breaking down into tears while explaining why he asked AJ for yet another rematch (closely resembling an Anguished Declaration of Love) and outright hugging AJ when the rematch was accepted.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Two members of Fortune (Bobby Roode and AJ Styles) would later join forces with Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte for the WWE Mixed Match Challenge in seasons 1 and 2.
  • Memetic Mutation: These guys were probably responsible for a lot of people getting ice'd.note 
  • Moment of Awesome: its own page.
  • Never Live It Down: Almost always having more than four members. See Trivia section for more details.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Caused this a lot when they were the Empire (or at least part of it). Many a fan felt vindicated when they defected afterwards.

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