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Smithson is a webcomic written by Shaenon Garrity (Narbonic, Skin Horse) and drawn by Brian Moore (Teddy & Anna), Bob Stevenson and Roger Langridge (The Muppet Show Comic Book). It's the story of a girl called Micki, her first year at Smithson College, and the campus superhero. And magic. And weird phenomena. And possibly a smattering of mad science.

But mostly it's about friendship, romantic complications, and Micki wanting to be a cartoonist. The main characters are:

  • Michelle "Micki" Wrigly: The Only Sane Woman. Wants to be a cartoonist, and is disappointed that studying studio art doesn't appear to be the way into that career. Is fascinated by campus superhero Chamucka Man, and is in a bit of a Love Triangle with Scooter and Chuck.
  • Gemma Thomas: Micki's roommate. A bisexual punk girl with a lot of casual partners. She's studying astronomy because it means she doesn't need to get up early. She's the junior member of a guerilla chair-decorating movement that roams the campus at night. She hates Serena.
  • Selena Suárez: A serious-minded young woman studying English, she'd probably qualify for Only Sane Woman status over Micki, if it wasn't for the fact she's mixed up with a coven disguised as a glee club, and is possibly their Chosen One. She gets on well with Micki, only Micki's generally hanging around with Gemma. As part of her initiation ritual, she can't talk.
  • Kenichi "DJ Scooter" Tanchibi: The late-night DJ on the campus radio station, and the heir to a Bland-Name Product version of Hello Kitty. A big fan of retro music, he dresses like a mod. Micki has a crush on him, and he seems to be flirting with her.
  • Chuck Tang: Scooter's roommate, Chuck is a huge comic book nerd. He's also attracted to Micki, but isn't sure she feels the same way. Oh, and he's Chamucka Man, patrolling the night to defend justice. He has, however, very little idea about some of the more sinister goings-on, such as the aforementioned coven.
  • Dr Al: Micki's studio art professor. Disapproves of comics. Has creepy thought bubbles about the life models. Is the Sitcom Arch-Nemesis of Professor Finnagan.
  • Professor Finnagan: ...sorry Jack. Computer geek. Encourages Micki to join his multimedia English class since it has comic book aspects. Described by Micki as "the same as Dr Al, but in reverse".
  • The Mysterious Floating Woman: As the name suggests we don't know much about her, except that she seems to be responsible for half the weirdness, and fighting against the other half.

Currently on hiatus since 2008.

This comic contains examples of: