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Just another day with Daryil

Project Future (Full Title Project Future: The Future History of Jakob Pettersohn) is one of a number of stories by J.P. Morris inspired by Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures and adapted into a webcomic of its own by him and Merlin Missingham.

Taking place (roughly) 150 years after the events of DMFA the comic involves cyborgs, androids, artificial souls, regrets and the story of one Jakob Pettersohn.

The first page can be found here

Comics/Stories in the Project Future canon include:

    Ongoing Comics 
  • The Epsilon Project: Set 25 years after PF, a group of students start at Illiath's School for Incubi and Succubi whilst the Daryil Clan takes ownership of a province, upsetting the Cubi in charge of the local underworld. The original story's can be found here for Chapter 0, Fear's Child, and here. Updates Mondays.
  • Xerian: An alien courier finds himself dragged into the PF-verse. Unfortunately the potential for the normalization of space travel his technology brings gains attention from unwanted sectors. The first chapter can be found here. Updates Fridays.
  • The Bounty Project: A wave of mysterious murders rock the Furrae, whilst a group of adventurers escort a deposed noble back home. Original story can be found here. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Innocence, Guilt, and Change: Written by Aisha deCabre, Aisha finds herself on the trail of a monster accused of several murders near a town...but what happens when that monster is in fact being framed? Updates alternating Saturdays.
  • Zeta Takes A Trip: A comic focusing on Daryil Clan member Zeta and their misadventures. Updates alternating Saturdays.
  • Niall's Story: A story focusing on the life of the character Niall and how he met the man he would call dad. The original story can be found in Chapters 14-?? and 7 of The Chronicles of Jakob Petterson (See Below.) On hiatus.

    Finished Comics 
  • Project Future: The Verse's main comic, focusing mostly on the Daryil Clan's latest technological breakthroughs and the people subsequently affected. The original story can be found here. 670 pages.
  • A Walk in the Woods: Jakob is assailed in the woods by an attacker who is more than he seems. The original story can be found in Chapters 30 of The Chronicles of Jakob Petterson (See Below.) 12 Pages.
  • Strange Bedfellows: Jakob meets the Leader of his Clan, Daryil, for the first time. The original story can be found in Chapters 21 of The Chronicles of Jakob Petterson (See Below.) 6 Pages.
  • Dark Angel: Jakob gets 'persuaded' to do a favor and ends up entangled in the local politics. The original story can be found in Chapters 34-39 of The Chronicles of Jakob Petterson (See Below.) 55 Pages.
  • Red Valentine: A couple finish up a romantic evening only to be waylaid by thugs. The original story can be found here. 6 Pages.
  • Heads You Lose: Jakob meets recurring character Keaton for the first time and tries to help her whilst containing her bloodlust. The original story can be found here. 80 Pages.
  • Turning a New Page: The life and death of 'Azrael' Page, Lord of the city of Ha'Khun. The original story can be found in Chapters 3,4,8,10 and 11 of The Chronicles of Jakob Petterson (See Below), although with additional original content. 54 Pages.
  • Critical Mass: Jakob attends a church only to find something underhanded is going on. The original story can be found here and here. 24 Pages.
  • The Axeman Cometh: Illiath acts as the headsman for what she hopes will be a routine execution. It isn't. The original story can be found here. 32 Pages.
  • The Tuppenny Man: Niall wakes up to find himself in captivity at the hands of the racist Tuppenny Man. The original story can be found in Chapters 59-60 of Project Future (See Above). 17 Pages.
  • To Catch a Demon: Jakob arrives at the Kingdom of Fairwater to foster it and Daryil Clan relations and instead stumbles across a spurious execution. 39 Pages.
  • Dark Lord Rising: A team of Adventurers is put together in the hopes they can stop the return of Dark Pegasus assuming they manage not to kill one another first. The original story can be found here. 105 Pages.
  • Ark of Ur: Written by CubiKitsune, it features Daryil Clan member Ben Buran working through his family issues and dealing with their machinations regarding the fabled Ark of Ur. 24 Pages.
  • The Sierra Chronicles: Written by the regular PF Verse artist Merlin Missingham, is a compilation of stories in the life of Sierra Den. 30 Pages.
  • Book of Tenets: The rules, recommendations and advice regarding the behavior of Daryil Clan Cubi. The original story can be found here. 45 Pages.
  • Fishing Trip: A father takes his winged son out on a fishing trip to explain his nature and past to him. But is his past really as buried as he thinks it is? Can be found here and here. 29 pages.
  • Harvest: Written by Aisha deCabre, it focuses on The Risen, an expert demon hunter, on their latest quest and their interactions with an interesting individual doing the same. The first chapter of the original story can be found here. 129 Pages.
  • I, Panther: A story focusing on the Cyberjags, with Niall needing to investigate a problem with unit A-SMV. 21 Pages.
  • Emily: An adventurer who’s secretly a Demon has to contend with the paranoia of her guildmates. Original story can be found here. 81 Pages.
  • Short Stories: A grouped together collection of mini-comics usually posted in their entirety in a single update.
    • Save the Date: Jakob and Daxxon try to go a date. Try being the key word. 3 Pages.
    • Amanti And Keller's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey: Two comics where the pair of 'former' criminals decide to try and go on an adventure without concealing their identities. 2 Pages each.
    • Mary Backbreaker Demon/Ultimate Problem Solver: Adventurer Mary bumps into people with various issues through her daily life who she tries to convince that the solution is fatal violence. 4 Pages.
    • A Present/A Better Present: A pair of comics where a Daryil clan member first attempts to find a last minute gift for him then prepares in advance. 3 Pages and 2 Pages respectively.
    • Guillotine: A short story in which Mary is called in to execute a criminal only to find- to her umbrage- that the designer of the guillotine she’s meant to be using has been relying on depictions in webcomics, leading to a number of mishaps. 7 Pages.
    • The Adventures of Susan Snaptooth Five Star Ferret: The staff of Illiath's school attempt to deal with a ferret student who keeps biting people. 2 Pages.

    Stories W/O Comics 
  • The Chronicles of Jakob Petterson: The story of the life of Jakob Petterson, from childhood to roughly DMFA times. According to the author, sizeable amounts of this story are no longer canon, with what is spread across multiple separate comics as shown above.
  • Old Habits Die Hard: A post PF Keaton struggles with the temptation of indulging her violent nature. According to the author this story is no longer canon.
  • A Nice Game of Golf: In which a truly bizarre form of golf is played. According to the author this story is no longer canon.
  • Daryil's Christmas Gift: Daryil gives someone undeserving the gift of perspective.
  • Making Plans for Nigel: A young would be Adventurer lays out his fears of the future to his mentor.
  • Divine Judgement: A group of violent racists track down the village housing the children and grandchildren of their reformed members and attempt to kill them in the name of their God.
  • Only Children: Bounty Hunter Sethir tracks down a child kidnapper only to find an unexpected individual when he gets there. According to the author, the themes present in the story make it unlikely there will be a comic adaptation, though they still retain their canonicity.
  • Cass: An average man is caught by a Cubi who takes him to bed and threatens to eat his soul. According to the author, the themes present in the story make it unlikely there will be a comic adaptation, though they still retain their canonicity.
  • Hunted: Written by Aisha deCabre, The Risen finds herself in a Demon city, on the search for information about her lost brother...but her journey is cut short when she finds herself suspected of murder.
  • Keller: A sequel to Dark Lord Rising that trades in it's comedic reveal pile up for Dramatic Irony, where the remnants of the team from that story are hired by Fairwater to steal an artifact...unaware that Dayril is planning the exact same thing with his own team. Situations escalate with more and more friends/allies drawn in to working against each other to finish their missions...and clean up the messes made in the process.
  • Panther Origin Story: The origin story of the robot panthers that Jakob bought over from another world.

Project Future uses and expands on the world shown in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures but as noted on the site may not match DMFA canon 100%.

Note: As with DMFA, 'Beings' are the strip's human equivalent in that they lead relatively short lives and have little or no magic. 'Creatures' on the other hand live far longer and are both magically and physically powerful.

This webcomic contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: Dark Lord Rising is a spoof of Lord of the rings.
  • Art Evolution: the art has changed significantly with time and different artists.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Cubi have short attention span and are highly emotional. Training can help with this.
  • Ax-Crazy:
    • Clan Jyraneth members have a not-undeserved reputation for such, except for defectors like the Ja'Fell.
    • Sven, the team berserker in Dark Lord Rising, once decapitated a waitress for messing up his order. Considering he's also one of the above mentioned Jyraneths, it makes sense.
  • Boxed Crook: about a quarter into Dark Lord Rising Sven is arrested by the guards of Fairwater where he murdered a princess. His execution is allayed until the end of the quest and it turns out he's innocent of that particular crime, as he killed the real Sven after the regicide.
  • Brain Uploading: in a interesting twist, the soul can be removed from the original body and implanted in a android replica.
  • Clones Are People, Too: at the end of the tuppenny man it turns out the main character is a robotic clone. He fears getting scrapped after his task is completed but is reassured otherwise.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Daryil tends to give this impression, though it's implied to be at least partially Obfuscating Insanity.
  • Defector from Decadence: Clan Ja'Fell are a splinter group of Jyraneth's clan who disagreed with their founder's bloodthirsty ways, and who live in constant paranoia of being found by their kin and executed as traitors.
  • Elsewhere Fic: the comics are made by a collaboration of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures fans and takes place in the same world, though the main comic is 150 years in the future and only a couple characters from the original comic have appeared, and usually just a panel or two. Granted, there is a lot of in-universe roleplaying on the DMFA forum, which is where most of Project Future's creators met.
  • Emotion Eater: all Cubi, it sometimes negatively affects their behaviour, for example they might cause fear when it is against their best interests, just because it tastes good.
  • Explosive Leash: a ring show here is used to keep certain members of a group in line, they are also shown to capable of being manually activated by their owner if captured. Remote detonation is also mentioned.
  • Famed In-Story: mostly more like infamous in story - Johan Cross and Daryil both have a decidedly mixed reputation. In one case this is embraced, in the other it's not.
  • Fantastic Racism: some Creatures toward Beings and vice versa. Cubi (magical shapeshifters) are often killed if they are discovered hiding among Beings, even those without hostile intentions.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: not in-universe, but in Strip 531, the A-plot characters discover that an murderous cult living in a church has "about 300" members, and the strip title jokes that it violates the building code.
  • Flock of Wolves: well, less a flock and more a couple. In Red valentine both partners turn out to be Cubi and hiding it from the other one.
    • The entire party in Dark Lord Rising turn out to be disguised Cubi. Even the anti-Cubi berserker.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Illiath's School for Incubi and Succubi... although due to unfortunate timing, the acronym quietly vanishes from the comic after one use.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: a character from A walk in the woods has been unknowingly doing this and realizes that his own group will turn on him if they find out what he is.
  • Living Distant Ancestor: Niall is Jakob's adopted son but also his biological great-great-grandson, for unknown reasons the cubi gene skipped multiple generations. Though it actually turns out that this is a result of Dayril coincidentally sleeping with Jakob's descendant's wife instead while pretending to be him. Many of Daryil's clans are also his direct descendants, given he's 3,000 years old and has been gay for most of that time the majority are very distant relations.
  • Me's a Crowd: one of Daryil's favorite tricks post-ascension to Tri-Wing is self-duplication, this written before DMFA showed that Tri-Wings are fifty feet tall and create avatars to interact with Being-sized people. Though that was later addressed in the Book of Tenets comic.
  • Might Makes Right: Keaton subscribes to the way of thinking.
  • Mugging the Monster: in Red valentine a group manages to mug two of them at the same time.
  • Named by the Adaptation: in Dark Lord Rising the vixen bandit is referred to simply as the bandit, vixen or the female fox. The comic retains this but also mentions her name is Isabella.
  • Power Limiter: glowing armbands are used to restrict the use of magic/powers. However, they don't seem to stop Cubi abilities.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!:
  • Soul Eating: a lot of the plot revolves around the creation of 'artificial souls' as a replacement for consuming the souls of living creatures for power.
  • Soul Jar: it wasn't uncommon for creatures to trap disembodied souls in gems and after the android bodies are developed some people start wearing gems with death-triggered soul capture spells on them. The androids themselves also have soulgems near the cybernetic brain in case it gets destroyed.
  • Straight Gay: Jakob and Daxxon get together at the end of To Catch a Demon and are established as a couple in The Epsilon Project. A fair few of Daryil's clan are also gay or bi.
  • The Social Darwinist: Richard of The Epsilon Project believes that Beings are not fully sentient and therefore can be killed without guilt.note  It is unknown whether he still has this view after being confronted about this.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: In Epsilon Project, Josh has to do something with a captured assailant. He can't turn her in to the local authorities, because she'd be guillotined for her involvement in a massacre, and he can't fly home with her, because "Customs and Immigration hate it when you bring dead or unconscious people back into the country, and she's too big to count as hand-luggage".
  • Vegetarian Vampire: producing artificial souls means creatures can feed on them instead of Being's souls.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: one character is rebuilt as a cyborg, then later turned into an android. However, creatures turned into androids lose the ability to use magic.
  • A World Half Full: Across the PF verse stories theres a noticeable lightning of the Crapsaccharine World of DMFA as detailed on it's page. The Fae and Dragonkind are gone and without the latter's control and propaganda race relations have drastically improved with the Demon favoring Creature-Being Council abolished and replaced with the seemingly fair Commission and the Adventuring Guilds, an organization built to protect Beings and weaker Creatures from the corrupt legal system but beset by discrimination issues of it's own, have slowly started to fade away from lack of need. On the other hand this has led to some branches becoming so desperate to stay afloat that they lower their standards and end up filled with psychopaths looking for excuses to kill and, with it's semi-legit history of protecting the downtrodden still fresh in peoples minds, it's hard for the Commission or any local ruler to punish or attempt to reform the organization without risking public opinion turning against them. This ends up with a setting that still has quite a bit of unpunished and casual murder.......but less than what was with the implication that it's slowly getting better and better as more time passes.