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"It's basically Clerks meets Penny Arcade meets Theater Hopper. So is it original? Well, sortakindanoyesmaybeidontfuckingknow."
Tony on the webcomic's originality
Damaged Tape is a Work Com Webcomic that follows four twentysomething guys working at a New York video rental store called Movies, Etc. The humor of the strip is derived from referencing and disparaging movies and the way the guys deal with annoying customers.

The guys in the comic are:

It is drawn and co-written by Tony Martins and co-written, colored, and inked by Blockbuster employee Chris Powers. Tony created the webcomic as a fun, creative project that would help tone his artistic skills.

The webcomic recently moved to DeviantArt, available here, though it formally had its own (soon to be defunct) website where you can view older strips.

Damaged Tape provides examples of: