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The Badly Drawn Kitties

Badly Drawn Kitties is a furry webcomic drawn by Mat Sherer which, at least at first, was exactly what it sounded like. It focused on the antics of Lucy Koneko and Lydia White.

The original comics had many non-original characters, including Fisk (of later series Better Days) and Zig Zag (of earlier series Sabrina Online); Lucy Koneko was originally (and quite obviously) Lucy Black, who had an incestuous relationship with Fisk. (Fun fact: Lucy Black is actually Mat's character, but after Jay Naylor's falling out with Mat, all citations to her original creator were removed from his site.) When the original comics were redrawn for a book, all references to Fisk were removed and Zig Zag was replaced by Rain.

When Mat later needed a twin for Lucy for a few gags, he introduced Lucas, a cartoon voice actor for a cartoon about dead people.


The original series started in February 2002 and ended in October 2005. A brief seven strip run followed in May 2006, and random comics were made as filler until July 2007, when another new version started. That lasted until September 2008, and more occasional comics afterward. In 2009, Mat passed the torch to Kat Smith, who remade the original strips with the intention of publishing them as a book (this never became a reality). Kat left the comic in early 2010, and Mat returned, RetConning the old comics and using the remakes as a launching pad. The comic came to yet another end in October 2010, but in August 2011, Sherer proclaimed via his Twitter (@bdkmat) that he had gotten an idea for how to revive the strip; the revival, a Tumblr "Ask" style blog, debuted on September 5. As of December 2014 the comic has been rebooted yet again.


Because the comic is sometimes NSFW, the above link is to the archive page.

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