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UQ Holder!'s WMG page. The home to many crazy theories to come as the manga develops. There will almost certainly be spoilers.

The Konoes and Touta
Konoka and Setsuna cloned themselves (possibly with DNA from the other like how Touta is a Negi clone with Asuna's DNA) to make Honoka and Isana, or they were told to do so so that their unique power sets wouldn't be lost. They used similar technology to make Touta, which is why Honoka and Isana refer to him as a brother and why he has the Konoe last name; Konoka's healing magic was what kept him alive so he wouldn't die like the other failed clones.

The Beast that Touta sensed in chapter 77
The huge black beast that walked right by Touta that he felt was dangerous is actually a mental representation of his Magia Erebea/Darkness. Remember, Touta goes nuts sometimes when he goes berserk.

Touta's parents were not his true parents Or they overused Time-manipulating Training Rooms
The dates and ages provided, do not add up. Touta's mother was born in 2050 and his father in 2040. Given that they died in 2064 that would make them 14 and 24 respectively at the time of their death. Therefore they either were not his real parents and only cared for him or made Extensive use of those Time-Manipulating Training Rooms Eva used to train Negi.
  • Update: Turns out the date of death on the Tombstone was 2084 rather than 2064.

Touta's parents did not die in a car accident
It is too similar to the fake story of the death of
Harry Potter's parents! Also the fact that Touta has no memories of them - but they can have been sealed.
  • Yes: it is another Harry Potter reference after the reference of the begin of Negima.

Shinobu Yuuki and Touta eventually have a child, and that child is Chao from Negima.
Look. Tell me that doesn't look like Chao. And, assuming Negi is in fact Touta's grandfather, Chao is the great-granddaughter of Negi.As Corollary to this, Shinobu is the child of Fate/Tertium, or, more likely, grandchild. The different surnames are the result of marriages between the generations or perhaps adoption.

Touta is not actually related to Negi
When Touta visits the graves of his parents, he refers to Negi as "Ji-chan," which does not always necessarily mean "Grandfather." In the first chapter of Negima, Negi himself calls the Headmaster of his magic class the same thing, which led to speculation that the Headmaster was actually his grandfather, which he is not.
  • Pretty well Jossed by Chapter 24, Touta's Magia Erebea is strongly implied to be inherited from Negi.
    • Confirmed in a way. Touta isn't actually a relative of Negi's, but a clone of him.

Touta inherited Magic Cancel from somewhere.
He's incompatible with the magical apps in the first chapter, and he could have easily inherited the magic either through Negi (it's a royal ability, and Negi's an Ostian prince) or through Asuna (we know nothing about Touta's other grandparents after all). On a meta level, it would also be a nice contrast with Negi to have a protagonist who uses Anti-Magic rather than being an ubermage.
  • Update: From Chapter 69 apparently this is a known problem, in that some people are just incapable of using magic apps.
    • Confirmed since Touta is a clone using Negi and Asuna's DNA.

Negi isn't actually dead
Given that Negi was supposedly immortal at the end of Negima (though not invulnerable), it's entirely possible that he's still around, but faked his death for some reason. Part of Eva's motivation may be to track him down.
  • Given that we get a brief shot of a janitor that has a striking resemblance to 30-something Negi...
    • That might be his Grandson though, Negi and Nagi look very similar to each other as well.
  • Confirmed, he's alive but is the current vessel of the Lifemaker.

In the end, it's Yotsuba
who becames Negi's spouseShe's arguably the nicest girl from all girls in 3-A, and the ones who didn't act all-crazy in chasing him. Naturally, this will attract him. Give her a couple of years and then.... On the same note, it was noted that Touta is a good cook, as well as Chao. Surely, all that skills has to come out from somewhere....

Touta is related to Takamichi
Takamchi's thing was that he couldn't incant spells, leading him to learning the Muon-ken and the Kanka-Hou, techniques that require power but don't require incantations. Touta also cannot incant spells. Maybe this is a hereditary disability, and it was passed down.
  • Jossed, he's a clone made using Negi and Asuna's DNA.

Touta will learn Shinmeiryu
His surname is Konoe and he's a dab hand with a sword. 2 + 2 = ...
  • And when or if he does the character to mentor him on it may possibly be an alive and well Setsuna.

Touta's friends from the first chapter will be the adult male characters in the character spread
The theme of the manga is supposedly immortality. Touta is now immortal. Is it really weird to think that there might be a timeskip, Touta looks the same, and his friends have grown older?
  • I certainly agrees, but I think the Fate/Nagi master looking one will be revealed immortal. Why didn't he say anything well, "Nobody ever asked"
  • Well, in chapter two Touta keeps mentioning a mechanic friend. Could be the guy with a robot-arm.
  • Touta met Robot and Glasses Guy in chapter 7 already. All the characters in the colour spread also made a short appearance in chapter 6, when Yukihime recited the different types of immortality.

Shiraishi is Fate
Shiraishi's name, 白石, literally translates to "White Stone." Fate is the Averruncus of Earth, and has white hair.
  • Jossed, the real Fate makes an appearance later on.

UQ Holder's setting is Mars.

Clue Evangeline is said to come from the top of the tower, orbital elevator. Another we see the Orbital Elevator of New Tokyo and there is no World Tree in sight.

According to Mana's epilogue Mars would be embroiled in a war for independence. UQ Holder being more Shounen genre and darker could takcle this war.

  • Unlikely, since it's mentioned to be in Japan. Also they actually show a map of Japan several times in chapter 3.
  • Jossed, now that Tōta's team has infiltrated (what was) Mahora academy. The World Tree is still here too.

UQ Holder Timeline is the timeline where Asuna never went back in time.

In the True Ending of Negima Timeline C as illustrated by Chao magic was disclosed a few years later. As a consequence magic crime increased after two years of disclosure. Which Negi and his Ministra had to handle.

In the UQ Holder timeline or Timeline B magic was only disclosed 10 years earlier. The current year being 2086. Normal people can use Magic Apps for magic but each slot cost half a million Yen. As Evangeline aka Yukihime said as it gets cheaper the chances of magic crimes also increases.

The factor for these changes is Asuna's presence. If she goes back in time when she left Mahora with her position as princess of Ostia she can politically push for a disclosure of the existence of magic.

If Asuna didn't return magic disclosure would be delayed for 70 years due to the problems to Negi's plan of integrating Old World Earth and Magic World societies.

This problem resulted to the Mars independence war in both timelines. Which Mana participated.

  • One potential problem for this is Evangeline of Timeline B. This WMG depends on Evangeline having a character arc where she'd be willing to return to her normal form (to travel to Timeline C), leave behind UQ Holder (admittedly again but in a more permanent way) and basically be upbeat/unchanged in personality. The last issue is the biggest at it means Yuki!Evangline's character arc is from what she was to Yuki to whatever happens to Yuki and back to how she was at the end of Negime. Then again, Timeline-B!Evangeline planned on timeline hopping in hopes of finding a spare Nagi. Then there is the problem of Timeline-C!Asuna still sleeping and what happens when she wakes up. We might even be looking at a Timeline-D here where TL-C!Asuna goes back to TL-D and warned of the magic crimes. Thus resulting in magic being made public being postponed.

  • Confirmed as of Ch. 137. The timeline where Asuna returns is fully explored, and shown to be an alternate timeline from the main UQ Holder storyline.

The Timelines of UQ Holder and Mahou Sensei Negima! exist in a closed loop with each other.
Related to the above. Eva said it was wierd that in the Negima! timeline that Ialda let Nagi go. What if the Negima! timeline didn’t just send info to this timeline to be nice, but because the interchange of infermation between timelines is what will leads both timelines to their respective “happy ends”?

A dead member of 3-A will make an appearance
The only question of course is whether or not it's Sayo...

Eva did kill Touta's parents
  • Possibly inferred from a part of her introductory speech in the first chapter: "You'll grow tired of the things you loved. Devotion and attachment become impossible. You'll rapidly forget just about everything." If this holds true then, during that flashback in the same chapter, she may have possibly gone back to her Dark Evangel days, but nonetheless held back on killing Touta out of mercy.
    • Add the fact that there were people after her for an undisclosed bounty.
    • Jossed. Chapter 42 reveals that it was Fate who killed them. Although, knowing him, this may be jossed as well...

Kuromaru is possibly Setsuna's descendant.
Having the same hairstyle and same swordsmanship as Setsuna counts. And apparently this might translate into a case of Ho Yay if ever he ends up joining Touta, just like the relationship between her and Touta's (presumed) ancestor, Konoka.
  • It's pretty clear at the end of Negima that Konoka and Setsuna got married... and if Kuromaru was related to Konoka, he'd probably recognize the family name. It's more likely that somebody unrelated from the school ended up moving somewhere else and that person was Kuromaru's teacher/parental figure.
  • However, the fact about Negi and Konoka ending up together remains heavily jossed since the story's setting was about 80 years after the events of Negima!. Refer to the YMMV Page for details.

Kuromaru is from the same Crow Race (Uzoku) clan as Setsuna.
Kuromaru as in Crow as the pun on his/her name. From what we know of Setsuna she was ostracized by her clan for being a half-human hybrid and her wings are white instead of black. White wings to Setsuna's clan are bad luck. Eva implies Setsuna dyes her hair and it is naturally white.

Uzoku are described to have beaks and white hair. Well Kuromaru's clan has bird masks and they have white hair.

Much like Setsuna Kuromaru is being ostracized by the clan for being an oddity. In Kuromaru's case he/she is an immortal.

Which why Kuromaru's brother sent him/her on an impossible mission so Kuromaru will die. Hoping Evangeline will kill Kuromaru and rid of a person that the clan prejudiced against.

Jossed: Kuromaru is from the Yatagarasu tribe, not the tengu, and thus does not have albinism like setsuna.

Kuromaru is actually a girl.
Let's face it, there's a proverbial million and one ways Akamatsu could've written Kuromaru's introduction without making all his readers suspect as much. In fact, he's even expecting us to think this, meaning the eventual Reveal will be about something more than just this.
  • Confirmed. Sorta. Karin reveals that yes, Kuromaru's body is indeed that of a girl. (S)He still vehemently insists on being referred to as male, however.
    • he has a female body but that isn't the same thing as being a girl. so confirmed or jossed depending on how you look at it.
      • Chapter 16 clarifies that Kuroumaru's body lacks any sex traits. Kuroumaru's tribe (the Yatagarasu tribe) have sexless bodies until they reach 16, when they either choose a sex and become that one from that point onward, or their body naturally transitions into one should they not decide. Presumably, Karin just saw that Kuroumaru didn't have a penis, and so immediately thought girl.

Kuromaru's clan knew he would never mature enough to develop a gender.
  • Kuromaru's brother referred to Kuromaru's "cursed" body. He could just be referring to his immortality, but he could also be referring to Kuromaru going through life effectively as an "it". The way the girls at Mahora gawked at him as he played basketball suggests life as a Bishonen wouldn't be bad. Life with no gender at all? That could really suck.

Kuromaru is related to Touta
Shinmeiryu has ties to the Konoe family, after all, and the most prominent non-Konoe non-Aoyama practitioner we have, Setsuna, was highly suggested to have married Konoka, the Konoe main character from Negima- and magic means they might have found a way to reproduce without a male involved.
  • My only problem with this is that Kuromaru would most likely recognize the name "Konoe" if that was the case.
  • Jossed. Since Touta isn't a "child" of anyone, he was artificially created.

Eva sealed or erased Touta's memories

Evangeline in UQ Holder has a parallel with Takamichi Takahata of taking care of a VIP with amnesia. If indeed Touta is Negi's descendant then he is by blood a prince of the Ostia monarchy like Asuna. Touta is also of the prestigious Konoe family who are one of the five families of the Fujiwara clan of Japan, where the brides of Japan's emperor comes from. So she may have done that in order to protect him and to let him have a normal life.

Living members of class 3-A:

  • Ayaka lived to be 115 in Negima's Asuna-less timeline, so she might possibly be alive.
    • Confirmed. Still alive and, well, maybe "kicking" is the wrong term to use here...
  • Asuna had the body of a teenager but we know she was a lot older, so she may still be alive.
  • Mana was part demon so she may be able to live a long time. AND there was a mention of an independence war on Mars where she participated in.
    • Confirmed as of Chapter 62, although the reason for her reappearance is still under debate.
  • Sayo is a ghost so she may still be "alive".
    • Confirmed
  • Chachamaru is a robot so she may be alive.
    • Sort of confirmed and Jossed: While there were no mention thereof, the fact that the Al-Iskandariya Orbital Weapon is still operational in this settingnote  sort of raises the probability. The question now lies with how Ikku Ameya got hold of the said artifact.
    • Offically Confirmed
  • Zazie is a full demon and it was mentioned in Negima's "where are they now?" ending that her story was for another time so she is most likely alive and will likely make an appearance in the series.
    • confirmed
  • Setsuna since she's also part-demon.

Touta is descended from Kotaro and Natsumi

Just look at that face and tell me he doesn't look like Kotaro.

  • Then wouldn't he be part dog demon
    • Seeing as he'd only be 1/8th demon, I don't think any traits would manifest.
      • Jossed. He's a clone made from Negi and Asuna's DNA. No relation to those two whatsoever.

Touta will eventually forced to use Age-Deceiving Pill to conceal the fact that he stopped aging

Claim that you're late bloomer probably won't work very long, so he might resort to Age-Pill sooner or later.

In chapter 6, Evangeline's age pill effect will worn off after she is stripped of her towel.

Jossed. At the start of chapter six, Evangeline is still shown with her "Yukihime" body after Touta strips the towel off of her.

Kuroumaru is a Transgender man

The suspicion being raised is enough to present the possibility, at least, that Kuroumaru is a biological woman who feels that he should be a man. According to Karin, Kuro is indeed biologically female, but continues to identify as male nonetheless. It could just be a Gender Bender, though, so we can't call it confirmed yet.

  • Again, mostly Jossed. Kuromaru has the body of a girl.
    • transgender is still transgender even if the person doesn't try to change their body to match their gender. his regeneration would probably prevent him from changing his body without magic (and most magical changes would probably be healed as well) so he is probably stuck in a female body unless he finds a Gender Bender spell (assuming his current situation isn't caused by one which would mean he would have to find another one.) this is as far away from Jossed as you can get without being officially confirmed. Kuromaru is a male in a female body the only question is if he was always that way or if his body was changed.
      • Jossed by Chapter 16. Kuromaru is a hermaphrodite. Specifically from a group of demi-humans who don't finalise their gender until they're sixteen.
      • Kuroumaru is sexless, not a hermaphrodite (Kuroumaru has a body lacking any sex traits, not one bearing both male and female ones).
      • the end result is still that he is not physically male but wants to be, but the situation is different enough for this exact WMG to be jossed. (no one could have guessed the actual situation. so, trans man was probably the closest thing to his situation we could have guessed )
Eva is wearing a swimsuit
As of chapter 5, she tasked Touta with fighting her with the promise that, if he could rip off her towel, he would see her naked. The chapter ended as soon as he managed this. What if Akamatsu is screwing with us, and she has a swimsuit on?
  • Jossed. She was completely naked under the towel.

There will be a user of Magia Erebea later on
With all these immortals around, why not?
  • later on? the series has had one from the beginning. Eva is not only a Magia Erebea user, she created the technique.
    • Eva stopped using it once she had no need for it (as in she grew strong enough, after surviving for centuries, until she could be independent of its boosts). We all also know that she created it. No one likes a smart aleck.
  • Confirmed, Touta somehow activated it in chapter 21
Eva has gotten weaker
Kuroumaru and Touta noted that Yukihime seems strong, but not top-of-the-world strong. Kuroumaru's clan claimed that Eva is a shadow of her former self. With that logic, they sent Kuromaru for his task, claiming that if he couldn't kill her while she was in such a state, he had no home to return to. Eva did not mention herself when she was talking about the strength of Karin's immortality as well as Touta's immortality, even though Touta is considered part of her "kin."
  • it could just be that she hasn't done any of the really big spells in a few decades and needs a bit of practice to get back to her previous level of power. not mentioning the strength of her own immortality is odd but it could just be that there was no need to explain it after explaining Touta's since they are the same. that or the next WMG is right.
  • Seemingly confirmed in chapter 30.
Yukihime is not really Eva
She can be a projection (she is able to do it), a puppet (idem) or a very advanced android imbued with a part of the soul and of the power of the real Evangeline (Magic and Magitek; her present personality appears have some sides similars to Chachamaru, too). This will be the Reveal at a certain point.
  • I like the idea that Yukihime is really Chachamaru mimicking Evangeline's powers (with a human-like body, able to bleed, to explain facts of the first chapter). The real Evangeline appears sometimes to preserve the Masquerade.
    • The body has to be more shinsoid than humanoid: it would have to contain a part of the blood of Evangeline, or a clone with the mind of Chachamaru taking the identity of Eva taking the identity of Yukihime. It would be a sophisticated maneuver.
    • Or the body is not really a clone; the transformation in shinso is induced by magic, so the "blood" could be a magic potion. It can be a magic android, really.

Kuroumaru's immortality has some sort of limitation
Whereas Touta can only regrow limbs that are completely destroyed, Kuroumaru has a super regenerative ability that allows him to regrow limbs once they are merely detached from his body. That makes it sound like Kuroumaru's immorality has only benefits over that of Touta's. However, Eva explicitly stated that if mankind goes extinct, Karin and Touta would be the only ones alive at that point. So maybe Kuroumaru's immortality doesn't prevent aging, or he can't regenerate his head if it's cut off, or the speed of his regeneration slows down with overuse, or something.

Mikan is the granddaughter of Misora
Just getting it out there now.

UQ Holder takes place in Negima's original timeline
Not the one at the beginning of the story, but the one that Chao comes from. Take a look at the shots of class 3-A, Chao doesn't appear at all. It's also the only timeline where magic would have been revealed as late as it was.
  • That's up to debate: The shot there depicts Eva's friends, which she didn't seem to count Chao among.
    • When Mizore mentions 3-A, she says there were only 30 students. Hmm...
    • Then again, she also mentions that Nagi had a harem of a hundred women, and that Negi was capable of impregnating women at a glance, so her statements should probably be taken with a grain of salt.
      • Chapter 137 seems to point to something similar to thins.

Touta is a Decoy Protagonist or the manga will soon undergo a major Plot/Genre/Difficulty change
I mean really, Akamatsu is a reasonably intelligent manga writer who has multiple successful series under his belt, so suddenly increasing Touta's skill and power to the level that Negi didn't achieve until most of the way through his series doesn't make sense, unless he's planning on changing something major that requires Touta to be overpowered early on, or he's planning to increase the general power level of all future opponents, making this training necessary simply for Touta not to die instantly.
  • Since when is Touta's current skill and power at the level similar to that of endgame Negi's? Sure, Touta has good battle instincts, but he was OHK Od by Kaito. He has a lot of power, but he can't make proper use of it since he can't even do proper instant movement (as of this time of writing) yet.

Kuromaru will become a boy but still wind up romantically involved with Touta
It wouldn't be above Akamatsu to put in some Ho Yay, it's not like Fate shied away from it with Negi, and Setsuna and Konoka had it going all over the place, besides, it'd be a nice change of pace.
  • Jossed

Touta has inherited the Magia Erebea
When Touta awakens from the cross-binding spell, his arms are covered in a shadowy black magic that resemble Negi's demonic forms arms when he was overtaken by the Magia Erebea completely. The blind assassin, when he sees Touta's arms, also makes a vague comment about "Magia", lending a small credence to this theory.
  • Confirmed.

Touta will make a "World of Cardboard" Speech similar yet different to the one that Tohno Shiki makes at some point.
After learning what immortality truly means at some point he will meet a villain/antagonist who wants to gain Immortallity. Touta will let loose a speech similar to the one Tohno makes but with immortality instead of death.
I'll show you. This is what it means to live forever.

Keitaro is a member of UQ Holder
In later chapters of Love Hina, they joked that he was immortal. What if it wasn't a joke?

Yukihime/Evangeline is going to continue the trend the "Ala Rubra Saga" started (courtesy of Rakan and Kurt), and tell an "Ala Alba Saga" to fill in the gaps from Negima.
When Touta gets back from the Slum job, she's got some explaining to do about what she did to him 2 years ago.

Fate is the client who ordered Strong Hand to capture Touta after his display of Magia Erebea
After Touta's battle with Nagumo Shion concluded, it pans out to one of the floating droids observing the match. It then shows that on other side of the droid, there's a man with white hair who is wearing a white suit as seen here
Kuromaru will forever be genderless
Kuromaru is supposes to choose gender at 16, Kuromaru is immortal, Odds are low Kuromaru has eternal life without eternal youth, Therefore the odds that Kuromaru will physically reach 16 are low. And if he doesn't turn 16 his body wont settle into a gender.
  • Kuroumaru's brand of immortality(a strong Healing Factor)is usually depicted as only preventing characters from aging past their prime. Kuroumaru doesn't seem concerned about it so it likely applies to him as well.
  • Cue to two years from now after Kuromaru turns 16. Touta: "So Kuromaru, got a d**k yet?" Kuromaru with what panicked look he gets (you know the one): "Shut-up Touta! It's none of your business! It just needs more time."
  • Jossed

The waitress with the sword who attacked Ameya Ikkuu is Tsukuyomi, the bloodthirsty swordsman from Mahou Sensei Negima!
Her scleras are black, just like that of Tsukuyomi's towards the end of Mahou Sensei Negima as she overused her demonic sword. She has, according to the translators, the characteristic regional dialect where "san" becomes "han." She has the same bangs and long hair in the back (as well as two much longer side locks). Perhaps the demonic sword granted immortality?
  • Semi-confirmed. While they both share the same name, it is still unconfirmed if she is the same person.

Ikyuu is the son of Chachamaru and Negi
Or at least adopted.
  • Kinda Jossed. Ikyuu was a human boy who had his mind uploaded in a robotic body due to ill health. Cool idea though. If Negi could force the universe to give Chachamaru a soul, why not make it let him knock her up?

Tōta isn't related to Konoka at all

He just happens to share the same family name coincidentally. This, and his teaming up with a Setsuna look-alike, are just a good ol' trolling from Akamatsu. (yeah, not very plausible I know… probably)

  • Confirmed. He has no relation to the Konoe family at all, just has their surname.
    • Jossed, Chapter 147 reveals that Konoka actually gave birth to him as a surrogate mother.

Touta is not Chao's father.
Negi has more than one grandchild, and Chao is the daughter of one of Negi's other grandchildren.

Kuroumaru will end up as Touta's love interest... but choose to become male.
Kuroumaru has many similarities to Negima's Setsuna. Shinmeiryuu swordsman? Check. Not Quite Human Winged Humanoid status? Check. Peek-a-Bangs? Check. All that's left is for a massive amount of Ho Yay or Les Yay to occur.

Xinqai Chao is the son of Negi Springfield, and the father of Lingshen Chao.
He looks just like Negi's adult form but with a long ponytail, and just look at his name. The only question remaining is who is his mom and how did he turn into such a Creeper.

Touta is Negi Springfield
The immortality fatigue that Eva has experienced in the preceding series was an important piece of her, and Negi's, character development. In response we know that Negi created UQ Holder to combat this. He might have gone further than this, forming a pact with Eva that she would wipe his memory, and let a new personality form, discover his powers and decide how to use them. At the same time Eva would keep him company, help the new person grow into their situation. Fate has stated that Negi is both alive AND sealed away, and that Touta is the key to unlocking him.
  • And then after all of this has been discovered, some time in the future Eva will have Touta clear her memory, revert to her childhood self.
  • Jossed, but also confirmed in a weird way. The real Negi showed up in person, and Touta is confirmed to just be a clone of him.

Kaito is Kotaro's son
On the grounds that their names and appearances are similar, and both can turn into wolves.

Touta is an artificial construction
  • In addition to the fact that he has no memories from before his parents die, Santa's data in Stage 45 states that Touta is 4 YEARS OLD
  • He might be some kind of biological construct using Negi's DNA. This would make the Konoe's Tota's caretakers rather than his parents. Maybe Yukihime didn't turn him into a vampire after the accident because she didn't need to. When Tota's dying "parent" asked Yukihime to save Tota, we assume she was starting to say "But he's already dead". Maybe she was really saying was "But he's already immortal". Maybe they didn't even know. They might have been told that Tota was Negi's orphaned grandson and needed caretakers and they volunteered.

(Crossed with Mahou Sensei Negima!) A flashback midway into the story will reveal that...
  • Setsuna is also a Yatagarasu, possibly Kuromaru's distant relative. It will just depend on how Akamatsu will connect Setsuna's purported "albinism" to Yatagarasu attributes (She was stated before to be a member of the Tengu tribe, but her backstory was apparently not discussed further, apart from her first meeting with Konoka... Possibly an abandoned Yatagarasu adopted as a baby by a family of Tengus, perhaps?
    • The implication will eventually clarify how Touta got the Konoe name while still being related to Negi, for clarification: Setsuna chose to be male in order to be together with Konoka, possibly adopting the latter's surname in the process (Konoka's father did the same - his former surname was Aoyama), and then one of their children hooked up with Negi's child, and the rest is history...
    • Setsuna was definitely female at 14 years old in Negima. No mention was ever made of her being able to change gender. Besides, gay marriage is probably legal in Japan.
    • Plus unlike Kuromaru, Setsuna definitely is shown to have breasts (albeit smaller one).
  • Negi did eventually end up with Evangeline, and supposedly co-founded the titular organization before he was reportedly killed prior to the story... Cue the Powder Keg from the prequel's Ship-to-Ship Combat...
    • Zigzagged as of Chapter 149: the UQ timeline did not have Asuna, thus presenting a Downer Ending for the battle against Nagi!Ialda (resulting in a lot of character deaths, including Chisame); as a result Negi DID apparently end up with Eva, though she is more of his Living Emotional Crutch. What happened afterwards is still up for speculation...

Mihashi and Nikumaru are Asura Tu and Shaba Gyurei
  • Beside similar appearances (Mihashi and Asura's Peek A Bang, Nikumaru and Shaba's large lip and eyebrows), they somehow are with Fate at the elevator and disappear when the battle started. Possibly, they're assigned by Fate to spy/protect Touta and probably used "Age Pill" or something as masquerade.

The Slum chapter wasn't the first time Touta's Magia Erebea triggered
It was when his parents were killed and Eva assumed Touta dead, initially. Upon closer inspection, she saw that Touta was somehow still alive, despite how bad it looked, and she took immediate interest when she saw her technique had manifested in Touta. Knowing what'll happen if left unattended, she took on the role of his guardian to ensure that, when the time came, she'll be able to help him master Magia Erebea to circumvent its negative side effects (and notice, Touta's behaviour after his parents' deaths, may not just be from the trauma of their sudden deaths and his inability to remember, but an effect of Magia Erebea enhancing his negative thoughts. Remember that in 2 years Touta is criticized for being a person who trusts too easily, and so far the flashback with his first year living with Yukihime was a rare instance of his showing distrust in someone—despite the circumstances surrounding them).

According to the mysterious figure in chapter 70, Touta is a clone. Is he a clone of Negi or is he a clone of Negi's grandson?
I guess this makes the Konoe couple he considered his parents to be scientists who made him, perhaps?Or is he a clone of Nagi, Negi's father. He seems to fit Nagi's character than Negi's?
  • Jossed. As far as we know, Negi had no children, Touta is a clone made from Negi and Asuna's DNA.

Touta is a mix of Negi's DNA as well as someone else's, and he's not the only one..
  • First off, Touta resembles Negi to a degree, but he's obviously not 1 to 1 copy of Negi, or he wouldn't have black hair. The most obvious explanation is that in an effort to preserve Negi's abilities, they combined his DNA with someone else's. The most likely candidate is that he's a clone made from a combination of Negi and Konoka's DNA, given his name. It also makes sense from a practical standpoint, as Konoka was stated to have an amount of magic power that rivaled Nagi's, so it wouldn't be weird if whoever created Touta was trying to essentially create another Negi with an even more impressive power base. He might even be the product of several people's DNA, if they added Asuna to the mix, it would explain why Touta's so incompatible with magic.
  • Second, it makes sense that Touta wouldn't be the only person to be created in that manner; they might try different DNA combinations to try to get the power to manifest. The mysterious girl who claims to be Touta's sister could easily be another clone made from Negi and someone else's DNA. The most likely candidates:
    • Zazie: She's apparently demonfolk, which would give another power boost, and the skin/hair color combination is similar.
    • Ku Fei: Similarly, her appearence implies someone who looks like Ku Fei. Also, we saw that Ku Fei was a winner of the Mahora tournament, meaning that she wouldn't be an unlikely candidate for somebody who wanted to create a powerful clone.
    • Asuna: The girl's weapon is obviously a version of Asuna's artifact, and her magic cancel ability was implied to be at least partially genetic. And if somebody is trying to create a genetic super soldier, they'd be idiots not to at least attempt combining Negi's power with Asuna's ability to nullify damn near any magic attack.
      • Confirmed, outright said by Yue that he is a clone made from combining Negi and Asuna's DNA.

The Lifemaker is a Pure-blood Vampire
It would explain his incredible power and apparent immortality.
  • Unlikely, because the Lifemaker's form of immortality (as Al once said) is ceaseless rather than deathless like a Vampires. The Lifemaker can still be killed, they just make the person who killed them their next vessel.

"Mystery Girl" is also a clone
And bagging on her "brother" Tota for being a terrible clone is exactly what someone with a complex about being a terrible clone would do. Assuming she's also a clone of Negi/Nagi (or believes she is) she must be an even worse clone than Tota because she's the wrong gender with the wrong hair and skin color, doesn't have ME (or hasn't mastered it), and even admits her sword(s) is(are) a copy of Negi's sword.
  • Another possibility is she is or thinks she is a clone of The Lifemaker (similar hairdo and taste in cloaks), in which case she still has the wrong gender and skin color.
  • Confirmed, somewhat, Touta is the only succesful clone of Negi and Asuna out of 72, so her skillset means she is one of the failed ones.

Yukihime/Evangeline was born in France and her family was wiped out during the Hundred Years War
  • I at least had always assumed that with a name like Mc Dowell that Evangeline was born in Scotland. From seeing more of her back story and piecing it together with what we had already seen, I'm thinking that Eva was the daughter of a Scottish Knight in the service of a Lord in the English controlled part of France (or a French Lord, France & Scotland were allies back then).
  • When Eva was changed she killed someone, maybe a servant and then ran off. When she tried to return she found the castle in flames and her family killed as a result of a French (or English) attack. I'm not an expert on the Hundred Years War, but I believe most of the fighting was in France, not Scotland.
  • When Touta first met past Evangeline he thought she was speaking French, not old English or Gaelic (although it's possible that a lot of Norman/English aristocracy probably still spoke French rather than English at that time).
  • I don't think she was a princess, that was just Asuna & Setsuna assuming that when they heard Eva lived in a castle.
  • Confirmed, more or less. The exact time wasn't given, but the events are spot on.

Yukihime/Evangeline's attraction to Negi/Nagi will be retconned to be a Stable Time Loop rooted in liking Touta
There's a version of Eva that Touta's been hanging out with that hasn't finished training with the Time Witch. I'm assuming that Eva at this point has not yet met Nagi nor Negi, but has only had feelings for Touta at this point. Seeing as Touta has some sort of connection to Negi, Eva's subsequent meeting of Nagi/Nagi and crushing on them will be rooted on the fact that she liked Touta to begin with.
  • Kindasorta. In Chapter 84, Touta tells Evangeline she's gonna fall for a red-headed guy much more awesome than him. He means Negi, but as we know, Nagi fits that bill first.
    • Confirmed in a way. Al makes note that Eva might have been attracted to Nagi due to his similarities with Touta. However also Jossed because it also makes it clear that her love for Negi was largely unrelated to Touta, since Negi and him are two very different people in terms of everything aside from looks.

From chapter 106 on, Kirie will have to kiss Touta to create a savepoint.
  • Considering that kiss-activated superpowers do exist in the world of Negima and they kissed at the beginning and end of the glitch in Kirie's powers, it is possible the method of savepoint creation was transferred to it.
    • Related to that, Kirie's savepoints kinda remind me of a birthday cake with a candle. Considering the Parental Neglect Kirie suffered, she might have made one out of loneliness and that somehow became her method of savepoint creation by default.
  • Jossed: kissing Touta allows them to stop time.

Karin is Judas Iscariot
As of Chapter 109, we have two flashback pages that evidence this. She had a teacher who she adored more than Evangeline. Within the first panel, we have the image of a cross. On the next panel, we see Karin following a man with long hair. She apparently betrayed said man and hung herself, consistent with the tale of Judas.

Yue and Nodoka are immortal
  • First of all, Nodoka and Yue don't appear to have aged since their appearances in the previous series, when Ayaka is already shown to have aged considerably.
  • Karin mentions that she thought they lost their lives in the previous war, but here they are alive and well. They also don't appear to be illusions since the artifacts they use are the genuine article. It's also plausible that the Lifemaker did something to them akin to what happened to Evangeline long ago, making it a bit personal in her case.
  • Yue was shown near the end of the parent series to have concocted a liquid Magia Erebea type potion that allowed her to cast spells with ease. It's not unthinkable that she could've discovered a method of immortality using her artifact, or even invented one.
  • Given the series' theme of immortality it would only make sense for Negi to have a few on his side.
  • Confirmed, in a disturbing way, as disciples of the Lifemaker, they are granted inmortality/resurrection like those back in Negima

Shinobu Yuuki is the descendant of Shinobu Maehara and Kaolla Suu
Not necessarily through Suu's Mad Science or anything, but somewhere along the lines their families merged. Which is why she bears such a huge resemblance to her namesake while having all the gadgeteer genius of Suu.

Most of the Lifemaker's current allies are actually constructs.
It seems out of character for many of her old enemies to suddenly join her just because she's possessing Negi, especially when they're barely any older looking than their appearances in Negima. It's possible that she can base her constructs off any powerful mage she encounters, including her enemies.
  • This is certainly possible but Eva would've likely been able to tell if this was the case. After all she knew Fate wasn't human after their first meeting.
    • Jossed. They're actually acting as a sort of buffer to keep Negi's mind from being entirely consumed by the Lifemaker.

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