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In season 2...
  • Another fable will join the law force, And there will be a fight scene between him and Bigby eventually.
    • I vote Coyote for that role. He'd be a charismatic foil to Bigby but ultimately irresponsible and incompetant
    • Isn't that already Cinderella's role?
      • Cindy is strictly Black Ops, she doesn't handle the day-to-day grind of Fable police work.
  • It will be revealed that Bloody Mary isn't dead, and she will become the new main antagonist.
    • Bigby won't be the one to ultimately kill Mary.
  • If the theory on Faith/Nerissa is correct and since Fables who are remembered and constantly talked about come back to life, the real Nerissa's body will be recovered from the lake and she will come back to life...although as a headless mermaid. Uh.
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  • Considering the emphasis on Toad, TJ and possibly Colin and or the Crooked Man in crow form going to "The Farm", that particular location very well may be in the sequel, if they ever get around to making one.

The Pimp in question is Georgie Porgie.
A bit obvious with his 'Kiss the Girls' tattoo that we see in the preview, plus if you save Lawrence he calls him by his first name.
  • One of the achievements for episode 2 also says "Make them Cry".
  • Confirmed.

Georgie Porgie is working for Bluebeard. But neither of them killed Faith or Snow.
  • Jossed On all accounts. Georgie killed Faith and Lily on the orders of the Crooked Man. Bluebeard is not involved at all.

Snow being decapitated isn't a problem. It's an issue of finding her body.
  • Jossed; the problem is solved early in Episode 2, with Snow alive and well, and Lily's body recovered from the river, glamoured to look like Snow. Faith's body, however, is still missing...

The Tarot Cards
Episode 1 features:
  • Strength is Bigby and Snow. Obvious, along with the picture.
  • The Tower is Faith. A disaster hit her hard, and you see her at the base of the tower.
  • The Ten of Swords is Lawrence. The card is 'The Lowest Point' or 'Ultimate Defeat/Despair' which sums up the poor guy's life quite well.

Episode 2 features:

  • The Three of Swords. Heartbreak & betrayal: Beauty & Beast, or Nerissa.
  • The Moon. As Bigby says, 'Deception.' Lily
  • The Hermit. Soul Searching, introspection...but reversed it means isolation and withdrawal. Crane.

Neither of the characters assumed dead in Episode 1 are dead.
The heads found on the doorstep aren't Faith's and Snow's. Someone's using glamours to change the victims' heads to look like the Fables. The Murderer is trying to collect people to hand them back to the Adversary and is doing the head-schtick to throw the Fables off and have the fight among themselves.
  • The Proof? Snow is clearly alive in the comics, and since this is supposed to be canon, it would make sense if she wasn't truly dead.
  • Half-Confirmed, Half-Jossed as of Episode 2. Snow isn't dead, and it was actually the head of Holly's sister Lily, glamoured to look like Snow. However, Lily is definitely dead and Faith is still assumed to be also.
    • Maybe Jossed. Either Faith is alive and is glamoured as Nerissa or Faith was dead from the start and you met Nerissa as Faith at the start. If the former is believed, then it's Jossed.

The Red-Headed Guy that we see in Woodlands right before seeing the victim, who's at the line to the office with Gren, and driving Snow's cab...Is completely innocent.
He's a Red Hair-ing.
  • Confirmed.

The Red-Headed Guy is: The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
His tie is covered with shepherd crooks, plus if he is the 'killer,' he's got plenty of reason to hate Bigby.
  • Add on to this that the final chapter is called "Cry Wolf."
  • To add even more his name is Cryer.

The Red-Headed Guy is the guy who brings the Big Bad his Fable women in his cab.
Faith is a prostitute who probably takes cabs. The last we see of Snow, she's in his cab.
  • Snow is alive and well in Episode 2, and nothing at all has happened to her, and he isn't seen.

The Killer is really Bluebeard.
He's using his resources and hired thugs to manage the whole thing from wherever he is. Being in a Film Noir, along with continuity issues, he'll get away with it.
  • It's also his MO, pointed out by Wolf.
    • This is very unlikely since he's still around in the comics.
      • Jossed.

The killer is the Headless Horseman
...though he's likely a pawn of the real villain rather than the Big Bad proper. Think about it: in the third chapter, nearly every character depicted in the Book of Fables is somehow important to the story; even if they're not involved (like the Seven Dwarves and, arguably, Red Riding Hood) Bigby or Snow at least pass comment on them... all except the Horseman, which is even more jarring because they avoid mentioning him when talking about Ichabod Crane. Add this to the possible Geas mentioned on the main page and things start getting a bit suspicious... and what was the Horseman known for, again?
  • And more importantly, this ties into the idea that just the placement of the head is a message - in this case, it's the Horseman sending a message to Ichabod that, unless he comes out to face the music, more heads will roll. This also ties in with why Crane's nerves are always so frayed.
  • Might be jossed since the Book of Fables entry mentioned that the Headless Horseman was likely just another prank pulled on Crane by his rival.
    • Looking further discredited in Episode 4, given the reveal that all it would take to behead any of the working girls is to pull their ribbon off. Who placed the heads, and why, is still in question.
      • Completely Jossed. It was Georgie.

Georgie Porgie will be a Dirty Coward
The nursery rhyme he appears in goes:"Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie,Kissed the girls and made them cry,When the boys came out to playGeorgie Porgie ran away"
  • Confirmed, at least in Episode 2.
    • That's actually a perfect summary of his character as a whole.

The killer is either Beauty or the Beast
This is not something this troper would personally like to be true, since this troper likes them, but neither of those two characters have plot-critical roles in the Fables comic, so they could be the suspects in this game and not break canon (as long as they aren't killed in later chapters of the game).
  • This troper has clearly gotten further than you in the comics—they are both very plot critical.
    • Beast eventually takes Bigby's job as Sheriff in the comics, which rules them out.
      • Jossed.

Faith's head wasn't cut off
It fell off. Her ribbon is what kept it on.
  • There actually is a children's (admittedly horror) story about a girl who wore a ribbon everyday and fell in love with a boy. One day, she got sick and told the boy, who had always wondered why she wore the ribbon everyday, to remove the ribbon. He complied, still wondering why it was so important. After he removed the ribbon, her head fell off and she died.
  • Episode 4 reveals that something very, very bad will happen if you remove a ribbon from a girl's neck. We're still not sure exactly what.
  • Episode 5 reveals that heads did indeed fall off if ribbons are removed (not anymore though, since Vivian's Heroic Sacrifice. Unconfirmed whether or not this was what killed Faith. Depending on your take on the game's Twist Ending, it might not have been Faith's head.

Even if you saved him in the first episode, Lawrence will still die later on.
Explaining his absence in the comics.
  • Jossed.


Prince Lawrence is alive even if he was your second stop.
Which leads to a reunion between him and Faith (assuming she wasn't really killed.)
  • Jossed Though Faith might not be dead.

Ichabod Crane is not the serial killer
  • He has a fetish for Snow White, but he didn't kill Lily or Faith. The killer knew about this, and planted the photos in room 207 to implicate him, as it's unlikely Crane would keep those photos there.
    • Part of this is Jossed in episode 3, Crane admits that that he took the photos and that they are his, but he didn't kill anyone. Which makes sense, room 207 was his private room and not even Beauty's master key could open the door to the room. Clearly Crane didn't bother to hide the photos because he didn't think anyone besides him and Lily would enter room 207.
  • Bluebeard is a likely candidate in this case, since he's trying to make a power play and get Crane's job.
  • Confirmed

The killer is trying to implicate Bigby as well as Crane
  • When investigating the room, you find that the killer smokes the same brand of cigarettes as Bigby (which Beauty notes, because she thought he was the only one who smoked them, implying it's at least somewhat common knowledge), and nearly everyone can see that he's sweet on Snow. Obviously the fact that he was at the bar at the time Lily's head was dumped on the doorstep means he wasn't the killer, but not everyone likes Bigby, so they'd probably be willing to ignore his protests to that unless someone vouches for him.
  • Crane is a complete douche to Snow in the first episode, yet the killer seems almost obsessed with her (which reminds me, the killer would need a glamour to disguise himself as Crane, and he may be using the same type of black market glamour used on Lily - maybe someone should go back and compare the models for Crane seen throughout the two episodes, see if there are small differences).
    • Jossed, Crane admits in episode 3 that the photos are his and that he took them, the only thing he didn't do was kill Lily.
    • But it has been established in the comics that Crane was obsessed with Snow in the comics and was part of the reason he left Fable town. I doubt he is the killer, but the real killer probably knew of his Snow fetish and is using it to frame him.
  • Sort of as an continuation on the Crane line of thought - it's fairly likely he's been posing as Crane (who seems to take an awful lot of time away from work anyway), because it would allow him to get ahold of Snow's hair and her perfume, and was the one who broke the mirror.
  • Thinking about it, this is a killer that could potentially literally be anyone; an interaction with a character thought to be a friend could be an interaction with the killer in disguise, who could use that against you in a later episode.

The Tweedles are working for The Crooked Man.
The interrogation of Dee and Beauty's confession at the Open Arms all but clinches it. He's not the murderer, though; you can't collect money from the dead.
  • Confirmed.

Mr. Toad... going to be killed by Bigby.He probably won't last until the end of the series, given his absence in the source material, and it's his voice telling Wolf Bigby that "he don't look so good" in the teasers for both Episodes 2 and 3.
  • Actually, Mr. Toad does have a small role in the comics. He shows up for a bit during the "March of the Wooden Soldiers" arc.
    • Jossed. He is sent to The Farm at the end.

The murders are not serial killings, they're hits designed to hurt the Crooked Man.
The common thread between victims, not to mention Beauty? They're in hock to somebody. That somebody would appear to be the Crooked Man.
  • Jossed.

The murder weapon is a Vorpal Blade
The Vorpal Blade is typically portrayed as a sharp, magical sword. It's one of the few things from a Fairy Tale that could provide a clean cut, and it'd fit in with the method of death.
  • It's also been shown in Episode 1, and 3. In the book of artifacts that you identify Faith's royal seal with, and the book that is in Crane's desk Which was where he got the page about the Ring of Dispel from.
    • Jossed. The ribbons are the cause.

Bigby will be stuck in The Farm in Episode 4
The Achievements are Bigby centric, and seem to recall his past.
  • Jossed
  • Bigby is the only Fable that is banned from entering The Farm due to his past interactions with most of the animal fables.

The killer is trying to kill Snow White but got the wrong targets
Most of this will be WMG, but here's my theory. Faith was killed because she resembled Snow White, and left the head in front of the building, only to realize he killed the wrong person. Meanwhile, Crane used a glamour to make Lily look like Snow White, and the killer saw them together. He followed them into the room, and when Crane left, he got inside and killed Lily believing her to be Snow White. Which would mean that the killer is going after her but killed two Fables by accident, and his next victim will be Snow.

Bigby dies in Episode 5
The achievements for episode 5 seem to point towards Bigby being shot and killed by a silver bullet. Another one of them is entitled "One Last Cigarette" and since Bigby is the only character we see smoke frequently, it doesn't point to a good ending. Add on top of that with the fact that Episode 5's title card is Bigby in full-wolf form suggests that someone has to put him down. However since his story is well-known, he doesn't stay dead for too long.
  • Since he's still around in issue #1 of Fables and he never mentions dying, this is unlikely.
    • Jossed.

Bigby's werewolf form
The werewolf seen in the trailers for episodes 2 and 3 is not Bigby.
  • Jossed: In Episode 3, he goes full wolf-man.

A Fable Captain Ersatz of Gaston existed at some point
Beauty mentions she knows first hand what being stalked is like. Something Gaston was guilty of.
  • Most likely she was referring to Beast.

The serial killer is Clever Hans.
Hans does whatever he's told to by his superiors. Right now that's Georgie, the Crooked Man, and his lackeys. Lily was getting ready to flip on Crane and the Crooked Man, exposing the corruption. The crooks all are discussing the problem at Georgie's, one of them says that they needed to get rid of Lily, and leave a message for the people at the Woodlands. They were speaking in metaphor, or just venting angrily. Hans overheard though, and doing as he's told, went to kill her. He kills Faith by accident, who's covering for Lily, and puts her head on the Woodlands steps. Later, realizing his mistake, he finds and kills Lily, leaving her head in the same spot. This gets Bigby and Snow looking around, poking their noses, and exposing Crane's corruption. The Crooked Man and his gang have no idea that it was Hans, so they're playing clean up. Trying to keep things under control. No one will realize that it was Hans until after the Crooked Man's empire has been broken.
  • As neat as this theory is, it's Jossed.

The Woodsman is working for the Crooked Man.
How else could Bloody Mary get his axe?
  • That's what they took from his room in episode 1. Whether it was stolen or hocked to help pay off his debts to the Crooked Man is up in the air.
    • Unconfirmed. It's unlikely, but not completely ruled out.

The killer is the Queen of Hearts.

From what little we've seen of and heard about him, it's clear that the Crooked Man is an influential Fable, but Bloody Mary drops a not so subtle hint that there's someone even more powerful than him when she says "Long live the Queen." And the killer's M.O. matches the Queen's most defining character trait: When she orders her guards to execute someone by chopping off their head.

  • Jossed.

Not burning down Auntie Greenleaf's tree will turn out to be a bad choice.
  • After all, anyone who read the comics knows what the Adversary did with a similar tree. Nothing good can come of it.
    • Jossed. Burning down the tree makes getting the support of the townspeople during The Crooked Man's trial a lot harder.

Similarly to the above, sparing Tweedle Dum
will come back to bite the player.

Mister Toad is the mastermind behind everything.
  • Jossed.

The Crooked Man is Slender Man or anything creepier
  • Bloody Mary is already in the story, so why not Slender Man, Username 666, Jeff The Killer, Leatherface or Norman Bates?
    • Probably Jossed. Bloody Mary is folklore. The Slender Man and Username 666 are internet creepypasta memes. Leatherface and Norman Bates are characters from two separate licensed movie franchises.
    • What about V. Frankenstein, Dracular, Van Helsing, Dante, Virgil, Dr. Hyde,...
      • Jossed.

Bloody Mary will have a villainous breakdown.
  • Just a thought since usually, more arrogant villains have breakdowns than those who aren't.
  • Jossed.

The Crooked Man is not the murderer
  • The Tweedles are actually telling the truth when they claim that they're on Bigby's side. While the Crooked Man is a sick bastard, killing his victims cuts into his profits. The reason why he's so calm about Bigby's arrival into his domain is that he wants Bigby to help him track down the real killer.
    • Half-Confirmed. He's not the murderer, but he did order their deaths.
      • Or maybe not.

Removing the ribbons
  • Both Faith and Nerissa have asked Bigby what he thinks of their ribbons completely out of the blue. Perhaps giving a certain response allows the ribbons to be safely removed.
    • Jossed

Bloody Mary is invincible to death
  • Ok, say in Episode 5 Bibgy or someone else manages to kill Bloody Mary. Then what? It's a well know fact that Fables can come back from the dead if their story is known well enough. Since Bloody Mary is a popular urban legend, she won't be dead for long. If she does die, she might come back faster than most other Fables. Then again, she doesn't appear in the comics.
    • Jossed. Not even she and 100 clones can stand up to Bigby in Full Wolf Form.

Bigby will huff and puff and blow the Big Bad in in episode 5
  • One of the episode 5 achievements is called "The North Wind Blows". He will also use his true giant wolf form for added awesomeness.

Tiny Tim is not as innocent as he looks like.
  • The reason that episode 4 is called 'In Sheep's Clothing' is a reference towards Tiny Tim, the most improbable character to commit somenthing horrible. The logic behind that is how someone got hurt jumping the fence when putting Faith's head in the Woodlands. Of all people that could find this task most difficult would be Tiny Tim with his bad leg.
    • That said though It could just be a reference of how EVERYONE in Fabletown is involved into the Crooked Man business
      • Jossed.

Bloody Mary is attracted to Bigby.
  • Bloody Mary seemed REALLY satisfied when Bigby turned to his Wolfman form in episode 3, and in episode 5 she'll likely provoke him into doing it again. Seeing as Bigby is less in control of his himself when he's in Wolfman form, she may even try to... Couple with him.
    • Ah yes, I remember the last time I declared my attraction for someone by shooting them in the gut and breaking their arm.
      • More like, "I'm the new badass in town", as seen in Episode 5.
      • Jossed. Thank God.
      • Not exactly jossed, it wasn't confirmed or denied at the very least. While she never explicitly stated an attraction for him, she did seem to have some level of deep respect for what he was before mellowing out by becoming Fabletown's sheriff. Who knows, maybe with someone like her that's as attractive as anyone can be to her.

The woman Bigby met at the beginning, who was being smacked around by Woody, was Nerissa, not Faith.
  • The ending seems to indicate that Faith was already dead when he was going to Toad's to deal with Woody. That was Nerissa glamored to look like Faith. She had to attract Bigby, butter him up, so that he would be shocked about Faith's death, instead of being some Fable hooker who got offed. Nerissa then planted the head afterward.
    • More than just the ending suggests this. Gren and Holly complain to Bigby at one point that Lily had been missing for weeks. If Lily and Faith were both killed at the same time, as Nerissa stated at the end when she told Bigby she'd lied about the Crooked Man being the killer, then it would be impossible for Faith to have been working weeks after her death.
    • In addition, it's established that Fables come back if people remember their story. The Little Mermaid is one of the more well-known fairy tales. Donkeyskin is not. So Nerissa, the titular Little Mermaid, would have essentially respawned almost immediately.

Contrary to the above, The woman in Episode one is Faith, but it's Nerissa's head that is found on the Fabletown doorstep, and the "Nerissa" Bigby speaks to throughout the season is actually a glamoured Faith.
  • The other popular theory about the game's Twist Ending. The evidence? Firstly, it would make much more sense as the dramatic reveal at the ultimate climax of five full-length episodes. Secondly, various lines of dialogue from the flashbacks seem to imply this, i.e. the line from Swinehart about Faith's head. Why would that be shown if this wasn't the twist?

Dee died of the stab wound and Jersey was sent to jail.
  • The Tweedles are not in the comics, so I assume that Dee's wound went untreated and he bled out. In the comics, Jersey is said to have been sent to the Golden Boughs Retirement Village, which is essentially the Fables' version of prison.

Certain characters will be Back from the Dead if there's a Season Two.
  • It's established that Fables can only suffer Final Death if their stories are forgotten (or if they're thrown down the Witching Well). Georgie is from a well-known nursery rhyme, Bloody Mary is a notorious Urban Legend, and the Tweedles come from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a very famous work of literature. They'll be hard to keep down. If you believe that Faith switched places with Nerissa with the use of glamours, as the ending seems to imply, then Nerissa counts as well, as The Little Mermaid is also a very well-known story.
    • That last part might get a bit...Fridge Horror-y when you remember this is set in 1986. The movie that would have brought the tale to the masses' attention didn't come out until 1989.

Bloody Mary faked her death.
  • Mary’s a nigh indestructible, batshit psycho, but she’s not an idiot. During her fight with the Big Bad Wolf, she realized it was time to fold, so she ran off while one of her clones distracted the wolf.
    • Seconded. I seem to recall a bunch of the clones bolting out the door, presumably to find higher ground, as soon as Bigby goes full One-Winged Angel.
    • Even if Bigby did kill her, she's a popular fable and there's no mention of scooping up whats left of her and throwing her into the witching well. It might take her a while, but regeneration is certainly not out of the question (especially if one of her allies gathered her pieces together).

The Crooked Man did not order the deaths of Lily and Faith.
  • As suspicious as he is, the only actual evidence that he did it was the word of Georgie, who has both a history of lying and reason to lie about it.
    • Jossed, then unconfirmed. In the trial scene of Episode 5, Nerissa states that she and several other girls heard the Crooked Man order Lily and Faith's deaths. However, in the epilogue, she states that Georgie was the one who told her about the deaths, not the Crooked Man. Whether or not he ordered them is unknown.

Beast is paranoid about Beauty leaving him.
  • Bigby isn't terribly sympathetic towards Beast and Beauty's irresponsible insistence on trying to sustain the "life they're accustomed to" when they're living in the mundie world now, especially with some fables living on the poverty line or worse. But it's not just that they're both irresponsible and shallow, but a sad case of Poor Communication Kills. From what Beast says about giving Beauty "the kind of life she deserves" and how quick he is to believe that she's cheating on him with Bigby in episode 2, he's probably mortally afraid of Beauty leaving him if he can't keep her living the kind of life he provided for her back in the homeland, not grasping that it's him she truly loves (he seems to be insecure about his own worth, possibly still finding it hard to believe that she could really love "a beast"). Meanwhile, Beauty doesn't disabuse him of this notion because she thinks it's the way HE wants to live, knowing him to be a proud individual and loving him too much to want to upset him. So with both of them thinking they need to live extravagantly to keep the other one happy, they obliviously get themselves in hock to the Crooked Man and unfortunately drive a rift between them when Beauty secretly finds work to help pay him back. A pair of fools in love...

"Rachel" is based off someone.
  • Aunty Greenleaf admits that she prefers a child disguise because "it works," and she keeps a picture of her and Rachel, presumably for the sake of appearances. But an angry Greenleaf does rant on how much she hates being the old woman who has to "watch everyone she loves die." Perhaps, in the Homelands, there was a Rachel in Greenleaf's life who she cared for, but tragically lost.
    • According to Aunty Greenleaf's entry in the Book of Fables, there is a rumour that Greenleaf had a daughter she lost in the Homelands.

Gren was in love with either Lily or Holly
Something that gives me pause is his protective behaviour towards Holly in the game, especially whenever Bigby is around or when it's revealed that the Woodsman was sleeping with Holly's prostitute sister, Lily.

Now, during the funeral for Lily, he writes a message on a card saying how much he'll miss her. And when he confronts Woodsman about his affair with Lily, he is absolutely furious with him. Did he view it one of his few friends betraying another friend, or was it a lover's jealousy?

Did his feelings emerge after an initial platonic relationship with one of the sisters? Was he just waiting for the right moment to confess his feelings to one of them?

Bigby and Beast will team up in season two.

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