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  • Bigby establishes himself as the game's resident badass by delivering an epic beatdown to the Woodsman, which for bonus points makes up for the one that the Woodsman gave him centuries ago.
  • Faith burying the axe in the Woodsman's head. She wasn't around for much, but damn if she didn't make an impact.
  • The chase sequence between Bigby and Tweedle Dee is doubly impressive because you wouldn't think the latter could move that fast.
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  • [Glass him.] Often misinterpreted as something nicer, selecting this while talking with the Woodsman at the bar means Bigby slams his shot glass into his FACE.
  • The fight with Grendel. At first, Bigby is getting his ass kicked. Then the wolf comes out.
  • Bigby: "Whiskey, DOUBLE."
    • Even more awesome if you then pay for the drink, slamming the money on the bar.
  • Despite being a Kick the Dog moment, watching Bigby tear Grendel's arm off was deliciously satisfying considering what an asshole he was being. Doubly so for the Mythology Gag. Seeing a monster who was previously wiping the floor with you reduced to a crying wreck in the corner is the icing on the cake.
    Bigby: I'm the lapdog, huh? Here. Fetch.
  • The investigation of Toad's apartment can be this if you're on the ball, as Bigby effortlessly tears apart Toad's lies.
  • Bigby utterly dominating his fight with Beast in episode two - clawing his eyes as an opening move.
    • Dominating and dominated... He spent large parts of it being strangled.
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    • Not that it slows him down.
    • Also an awesome moment for Beast, seeing as Bigby waited about three seconds into hostilities to shift into his halfwolf form. This implies that Beast was capable of doing more damage more quickly than a fully-transformed Grendel, whom Bigby tried to fight in his human form even when Holly made it clear she was only too happy to make it a two-on-one. And like Bigby, he was only in a transitional state.
  • Bigby eighty-sixing Jack Horner from the Trip-Trap, after he gets too obnoxious. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Bigby intimidating Georgie into giving him the key to his safe, optionally by smashing multiple things in his club.
    • Arguably not smashing anything at all is even more awesome, showing how Bigby was able to get information by just walking around with a bat and shouting out threats without actually tearing the place up.
    • He can also do the same without smashing or saying anything.
    • Episode 3 gives the player the option to punch Georgie himself because he took one look at Snow and smiled at Bigby, remarking that he'd "come to audition [his] bitch". Definitely Worth It.
  • Snow spends the majority of the series as the voice of reason, patience and moderation, but when Aunty Greenleaf is identified as the one who glamoured Lily to look like her and refuses to cooperate with the investigation, Snow is the first to demand that her tree (the source of her entire livelihood) be burned in "A Crooked Mile". Her final words to Greenleaf when she and Bigby leaves to go after Crane made it very evident that she was not through with the matter at hand.
    Snow: "Don't think this is over."
    • She even becomes more physical near the end of the third episode, delivering a cowering Crane a blow to the stomach after telling him to shut up. And later on, she doesn't even back down to Bloody Mary!
  • Bigby going full 'wolf mode' on Tweedle Dee and Dum, and the player is given the choice to rip Dum's throat out. Sure Bigby gets shot in the back by Bloody Mary with a silver bullet, but it's an awesome moment while it lasts.
    • The lead up to this is arguably even more badass! After getting riddled with slugs at close range cortsey of Dum and Dee, Bigby colapses against a wall semmingly killed. Then he opens his eyes.
  • Bigby and the Woodsman whaling on Jersey.
    • Especially Bigby snapping Jersey's own antler off and shanking him through the midsection with it.
    • There's also the closing hit in the fight, with Bigby hitting Jersey in the head. Using either an anvil or a statue of the Headless Horseman from Crane's apartment.
  • At the end of episode 4, Bigby enters the Crooked Man's hideout. He's outnumbered, his doorway back is gone, and he's in a room with Dee and Dum, Georgie and the Jersey Devil, most of whom have taken a swing at him in the past episodes. And they all look like they could crap themselves
    • Room of people who want you dead? Room of the most vicious sort of scum? What can Bigby choose to do? Reach into his pocket, pull out his pack of cigs, and light one. Without hesitation. BADASS.
  • Even if it's during a Kick the Dog moment, Bigby calling Toad out on buying a flash car over Glamours for him and his kid, which can result in Bigby sending Toad to the Farm.
  • Episode 5:
    • Bigby is outnumbered severely by Bloody Mary and her clones. They're practically ripping him to shreds, and then they finally pin him down and begin to rip him apart... until the Big Bad Wolf comes out - Bigby finally cuts the crap with the 80s B-Movie makeup and unveils his true form. And it. Is. Glorious. Mary finds out the hard way just why everyone feared him so much back in the Homelands as he proceeds to utterly wipe the floor with her and her clones.
      • Two words. Huff and Puff.
      • Makes every other fight even more awesome in retrospect. Bigby in his wolf form could have easily ripped open the Tweedles, Grendel, and the Jersey Devil together. In other words, while everyone and their mother has been trying to kill him, Bigby has been holding back.
      • Also make it awesome for the Woodsman, considering he manage to actually defeat this monster and throw his corpse into a river.
      • Bigby wasn't that big at the time of Red Riding Hood. When he tried to blow down the Three Little Pigs' houses for instance, he explains in the comic that he was only an adolescent.
    • If Bigby kills the Crooked Man, he can shut up the entire room during the later argument with a growl.
      • Alternately, after tracking through five episodes of bullshit and subterfudge to get to the bottom of who exactly is corrupting Fabletown, you can drag the Crooked Man before a court and then tear his head off and throw it into the Well in front of the entire community, refreshing their memories a little as to who exactly they put themselves up against when they break the law. And hopefully making it easier to intimidate them into telling the truth in the future. Let's see the next lowlife who wants to lie to the Big Bad Wolf. Though, if one hesitates, gets into a choke-hold and then punches the Crooked Man straight into the face, him gloating in admiration that you are still as bad as ever dampens the pleasure a bit...
    • Nerissa testifying against the Crooked Man, sealing his fate. Later, she reveals to Bigby that she was the one who placed Faith's head on Bigby's doorstep because she knew that Bigby would be able to bring the Crooked Man down. And then it's implied that she was Faith all along.
    • Just five little words: Bluebeard is afraid of you.
    • Bringing the Crooked Man back alive to face justice at the hands of those he's wronged is far more satisfying and epic than merely killing him. Especially if you play the crowd and win the ensuing argument, effectively BEATING HIM AT HIS OWN GAME. Doubly epic if you still spare him after he tries to take you with him.
      • Prior to this, Bigby can listen to The Crooked Man all the way through, then disarm him before putting the cuffs on. The disarm has him looking ready to soil himself.
      • Tossing The Crooked Man down the Witching Well is awesome because to Fables, it's a Fate Worse than Death (and anyone familiar with the comics knows it's not - just sending the person into an underground dimension), so it's Laser-Guided Karma and everyone treats it like execution.

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