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Nightmare Fuel / The Wolf Among Us

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"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary..."
  • Lawrence's body after Bigby and Snow White walk into his apartment. Especially when you investigate him- you get a lovely close up of his Nightmare Face.
  • The Jump Scare in the same area.
  • Faith and "Snow White's" heads.
  • If the player chooses to have Bigby take one of Grendel's arms off, he will do so slowly and you can see and hear tendons snap as it is separated from the monster, who cries in pain.
  • The scene of the murder in Episode 2. The bed is absolutely covered in blood, not to mention the reveal of Ichabod Crane and his creepy fixation on Snow.
  • Bloody Mary is pretty damn terrifying. She considers being summoned to slumber parties to be a fun hobby. Fun for the mundies who summon her too, until Mary feeds their lungs to their pets. She also gets to have a lot of 'fun' at work too.
  • If the player chooses to kill Tweedle Dum, then Bigby does so by tearing his throat out.
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  • The Jersey Devil's true form.
  • In the final episode's video trailer, there a scene where Bigby Wolf is ambushed by what appears to be a zombie with glass shards embedded all over its body. Looking closer at its face shows that this could very well be the unglamoured form of Bloody Mary.
    • It is...and she's not alone as well. There's an army of the things.
    • The sound whenever Bloody Mary's true form moves: cracking, splintering glass, and those unholy hisses.
  • If it wasn't for the fact he's the player character, Bigby could be considered this. Most notably, after returning to human after going full Big Bad Wolf in Episode 5. His eyes remain golden, rather then the orangish hue they normally go when he's angry, and combined with the red lighting of the scene they create an almost demonic appearance for Bigby.
  • Bigby himself when he finally decides to go all out. It's easy to see why all the other Fables are scared of him as he is easily the strongest of them in terms of raw power and durability. Knowing he was roaming the countryside in the Homelands must have made every trip into the wild sheer terror.
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  • The sheer amount of punishment that Fables can take before dying is often horrifying. Their durability allows them to survive far longer from injuries that would kill humans several times over. While this is often to their advantage, sometimes even they take wounds that cannot be survived. That said, it still takes them a very, very long time to succumb to the injuries, leaving them to suffer.
  • The trial of the Crooked Man can become this rather quickly, if you think about it. It becomes really horrifying to see this man use words and thin-veiled accusations to prove his so-called innocence. And the citizens listen! He manages to make them doubt, or even side against you, depending on your actions! The guy caused the death of two innocent girls, and could have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for Nerissa's testimony. To make matters worse, think about the countless times it happened in real life.

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