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Trivia / The Wolf Among Us

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  • Acclaimed Flop: The game didn't do well in sales but the story was extremely popular with players and critics.
  • Follow the Leader: While glamour plays a central role in the game's plot, it was never a prominent part of the comic book. However, around the same time that Season 1's final episode was released, Fairest, one of Fables spin off comics, began a story arc that was centered around glamour.
  • Playing Against Type: Yes, that's Dee-Dee playing Bloody Mary. And Mojo Jojo playing Ichabod Crane.
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  • Recursive Adaptation: The game is slated to be released as a comic called "Fables: The Wolf Among Us", with a few added scenes.
  • Screwed by the Network: The production team for Season 2 was given a "shoestring budget" that was repeatedly cut during production. Also, TellTale only greenlit the sequel to have three episodes instead of the standard five that all the company's other games had. Almost everyone in the game's production correctly doubted that Season 2 would be released, even as TellTale released an announcement trailer in 2017, and the game was cancelled a year later during TellTale's closure with only the script and concept art for the first episode completed.
  • Talking to Himself: Adam Harrington voices both Bigby and the Woodsman, making several scenes in the first episode this trope in spades. At one point, Harrington has a fight with himself to put Fight Club to shame.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Episode 3's original thumbnail before it was changed to Bigby chasing a car featured a cop named Kelsey Brannigan tailing Bigby, who grilled Bigby for questions in Episode 2's beginning, which might have been a Red Herring intended to throw off the fact that the episode is primarily about chasing Ichabod Crane, suspected to have killed Lily. Although Episode 3 itself, if you decide to explore the Tweedles' place, shows that the Tweedles were given specific instructions to watch Kelsey if you observe a newspaper (she never appears nor is mentioned again for the rest of the series), giving the impression that she was intended to be a far more important character.
    • The recurring, red-headed background character was originally planned to be The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and was Bigby's deputy. It was scrapped because his character worked better as a lone wolf.
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    • After a long hiatus and fan demand, the game was slated to finally gain a season 2 in 2019. Only for that to be cancelled in 2018 mid-production when TellTale suddenly shut down.

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