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Episode 1

  • Being a noir detective, Bigby Wolf is a Deadpan Snarker extraordinaire. His dialogue is filled with gems of snark depending on your choices.
  • "What you see is complete. The Woodsman stumbles down a street." Bigby's comment on that seals it.
  • The second time Bigby uses the mirror, he just Blah Blah Blahs it.
  • Colin mentions that Bigby obviously has a thing for Snow. Bigby immediately tells him to shut up.
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  • The Woodsman trying to talk with a broken jaw.
  • Colin bumming for smokes and drinks from Bigby by constantly reminding him that someone destroyed someone else's house.
  • This exchange as Bigby and Bufkin are looking through the Book of Symbols:
    Bigby: What's this?
    Bufkin: It says, "Bricklebit" in an old Elvish hand.
    Bigby: What's Bricklebit?
    Bufkin: A magic word.
    Bigby: What's it do?
    Bufkin: Makes animals shit gold.
    • Which is actually a bit of a Genius Bonus for those who know the Donkeyskin fable. The Donkey that could shit gold was the creature that Faith's father had skinned and she eventually wore as a cloak, disguising herself and enabling her to flee.
    • It also obviously strongly relates to the (at least in Europe) well-known fairytale "The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack".
    • It can also be seen as a Shout-Out to a joke regarding Tywin Lannister.
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  • After Bigby visits Prince Lawrence's apartment and chases down Tweedle Dee, the latter claims to be a private investigator and offers Bigby a business card as proof. Said business card turns out to be from a sandwich shop.
  • When Snow finds Bigby lying unconscious in an alleyway after getting hit around the back of the head, one of his dialogue options is a miserable "Just leave me here."
  • One possible dialogue option while talking to the Woodsman at the Trip Trap is "You play the hand you're dealt."
    Bigby: I'm not exactly comfortable with it either. But you play the hand you're dealt.
    Woodsman: Well, some folks are forced to play with shit...
    Bigby: That's a lovely image.
  • The look of Oh, Crap! on Tweedle's face when he arrogantly walks into the bar and notices Grendel beaten to shit and possibly mutilated in the corner and Bigby finishing his drink.
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  • In kind of a dark way, Bigby's comment upon tearing off Grendel's arm and then tossing it across the room if the player chose to do so.
    Bigby: I'm the lap dog, huh? Here, fetch.
  • Bufkin is bound to get a few chuckles from his mischief involving his theft of Crane's wine, and his chipper and friendly nature in contrast to Bigby's Hardboiled Detective demeanour.
    • As well as being able to peek on him using the magic mirror, revealing that he's drinking on the job rather than finding the books.
      • And then when Bufkin returns with the books, he drops the three of them before plummeting to the floor himself. Snow's exasperated look implies this isn't the first time it's happened.
  • The pan reveal of Toad's aghast expression after finding Bigby having landed on and totaled his car.
    Toad: My car...
  • An optional dialogue choice Bigby has after catching the Woodsman walking out of the can.
    Number one or number two? For your sake, uh...heh, I hope it was two, otherwise you're probably shitting your pants right now.
  • When Gren calls Snow a bitch, you have the option to tell him not to call her that. He says Bigby is "the bitch of the bitch" and your only "dialogue" option is to hit him.

Episode 2

  • At the very start while you are being interrogated you can choose to remain silent, and smoke your cigarette.
    Cop: That's very helpful, thank you.
  • At the Open Arms Hotel, Bigby can look at a soda machine and comment "This shit'll kill you"... and then take a puff of his cigarette.
  • The crime scene investigation at the end of Episode 2 can be this. The proper way to figure things out is to connect the bitten apple and the torn dress to the killer's Snow White murder fantasy but if you play your cards wrong you could end up "deducing" that the killer is a kinky cross-dresser who gets hungry when he murders people.
  • When you properly piece together the evidence in Room 207, you get this from Beauty.
  • Jack's brief appearance in the Trip Trap, where he continually gets on the nerves of Bigby and everyone else in the bar until he's thrown out.
  • Bigby's visit to the Trip Trap in Episode 1 ended with the bar trashed and Grendel scratched up and possibly dismembered. When Bigby walks in again to speak to Holly, she and Grendel exchange Oh, Crap! looks before Holly starts putting all of her glasses away under the counter.
    • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. Bigby is so badass that he made a troll and Grendel nervous just by walking into a room.
  • If Bigby makes an "appointment" with Nerissa but doesn't have the money for it, the look she gives him is hilarious.
  • Upon going to talk to TJ, Snow offers some advice.
    Snow: Try to be less...
    Bigby: (wearily) ...Myself?
  • If you smash the DJ booth in Georgie's club, he'll say this:
    Georgie: Aw for—! This is a dance club! What the hell am I supposed to do tonight while the girls are on stage? Harmonica? Kazoo? Whistle a happy tune? Fucking unbelievable!
  • If you beat up Georgie and smash up his club, he angrily swears that he’s going to file a complaint with your bosses and spends the interrogation with Nerissa doing so. You never get in trouble for it, indicating that the Office just doesn’t give a shit about Bigby abusing Georgie. Even later on, when Snow starts insisting everything be done by-the-book, she never complains about you assaulting Georgie.
  • Bigby can get Beauty to open up room 203 at the Open Arms and then walk in on the couple having loud sex. This silences them for the rest of the scene.
    [Bigby peeks into room 203]
    Man: Hey, hey! What the fuck?!
    Bigby: [immediately backs out, shocked and embarassed] Sorry.
    Beauty: Jesus Christ! You're going to get me fired! I need this job!
    • Bigby can also convince Beauty to open up rooms 205 and 206, despite her protests and not furthering the plot in any way. Each time he does, she shoots an annoyed look at him before she unlocks the door.

Episode 3

  • After the full first season of The Walking Dead, two episodes of the second season, and two episodes of this, Telltale's famous line that's appeared in all of those episodes finally sees an unusual twist:
    "Gren won't remember this."
    • To note, he was high on Barmecidal ambrosia, which he then - unwisely and against recommendation - combined with malt scotch (despite the Woodsman's and potentially Bigby's protests) - so, no. He really won't.
  • As terrifying as Bloody Mary is, there's a fair amount of Black Comedy in what she says, since she's a Card-Carrying Villain. Particularly her little "arf!" after mentioning feeding her victims' lungs to the family dog.
  • Most of the Jack Horner scene in Crane's apartment. It includes Jack asking Bigby if he gets that "wet dog smell" when it rains and the former's reactions to potentially failing repeatedly to hustle the latter.
  • Georgie Porgie's "I tried" shrug after failing to cover for a desperate Ichabod Crane.
  • Someone has found the most hilarious bug for the game.
  • If Bigby asks Snow to talk to Rachel for him at the witch's door.
    Bigby: Snow, can you just... do something here? I never have any idea what to say to these people.
    Snow: You mean, children?
    • Even better if you had not just successfully, but kindly and understandingly gotten TJ's knowledge on the murders.
  • If Bigby tries to intimidate Rachel by introducing himself as the Big Bad Wolf, she excitedly tells him she's heard all about him! And how he got defeated by the Woodsman, filled with rocks, and thrown into the ocean.
  • Bufkin's flashback in the comic adaptation. In the hungover winged monkey's mind, Crane is apparently a proboscis monkey.
    • Also in the comic adaptation, later in the same scene, there's a Funny Background Event in which Bufkin gets bored while Bigby and Snow are speculating on the identity of "the witch," and promptly falls asleep leaning against the broken Mirror.

Episode 4

  • During the fight scene in the pawn shop, one of the items you can make Bigby use is an Anvil.
  • Giving Toad Crane's money to pay for a Glamour will cause him to grin widely, skip as he walks, and whistle a happy tune, the only time in the entire game you see a character out and out squee.
  • The heated argument in Beauty & Beast's apartment suddenly interrupted by the phone ringing. Their answering machine message is delivered in a very, very upbeat tone that screams "we are nowhere near this happy in our day-to-day life." Special mention goes to them saying that they'll get back to you as soon as (both force laughter) humanly possible.
  • Easy to miss but similar to the "Gren won't remember this" in the previous chapter: if Bigby doesn't interrupt the Jersey Devil's attempted Hannibal Lecture over the events of the previous night, Jersey ends with "The Crooked Man appreciates that!"

Episode 5

  • If the Crooked Man is put on trial, while scapegoating Georgie for full responsibility in the murders, he regales the crowd with how he never trusted Georgie, and only hired him in the first place as "a promise to a dying mother". Cut to Holly and Gren scoffing.
  • If the player chooses to spare the Crooked Man and keep him in a magical prison, they probably expected to see him in a cage covered in magical runes or something. Instead he gets turned into a bird and kept in a small bird cage. To see such a serious and menacing character suffer such a silly yet well-deserved fate is hilarious.
  • At the beginning of the final showdown with Bloody Mary, the player has the option of throwing a sucker punch at her while her back is turned. She promptly ducks it. There's just something hilarious about her expecting a cheap shot from Bigby.
  • During Jersey’s Hannibal Lecture in the previous episode, he tries to intimidate Bigby by all but saying the prostitutes only died because Crooked Man allowed it. During the confrontation with Crooked Man, you can accuse him of arranging the deaths and he asks what proof you have... to which Bigby can bluntly respond that Jersey told him what happened. Crooked Man just says “DID HE NOW?”, while Jersey practically shits his pants and desperately tries to backpedal.
    • Similarly, if you say you know who committed the murders, Crooked Man is skeptical and asks who you think did it. If you correctly peg Georgie as the killer, Crooked Man is taken aback for a moment; evidently, like Beauty, he didn’t actually think you were a very good detective. Conversely, he makes fun of you if you name the wrong suspect.

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