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Buwaro and Kieri are going to eventually become a Battle Couple
  • Buwaro is trying to become stronger to protect Kieri, so he is probably going to start learning to fight soon. With any luck, Cliff will either keep teaching him magic or get one of the guardians to teach him magic. The end result? Back-to-Back Badasses
Kieri has become stronger than her brother, even though she still thinks he is the better fighter
  • Kieri's love for Buwaro has given her a reason to fight, and this has given her strength
Buwaro is going to get Iratu's pendant, and then he will give it to Kieri
  • Given that Kieri left Buwaro in St. Curtis, his giving the pendant to Kieri seems unlikely.

Moonshade is Rhea and Ramirez' father
  • His heterochromia match their eyes and he has Rhea's long tail. The death and why got foreshadowed so early! The two are siblings, which is why they were so close. Moonshade may not be dead and Ramirez might be.
    • Yeah, sucky theory, but still.
    • Rhea and Ramirez aren't biologically related. Due to Jakkai social structure, each entire generation will grow up considering each other as siblings.
    • They may be directly related, but they are at least distantly related through whatever guardian (probably Moku) that they are descended from (see below).
  • Jossed, at least for Ramirez. Moonshade had all his relations killed, and Ramirez was still alive after Rhea's attack (as he wrote the letter about being a doctor).
  • Also Jossed because of the characters' ages, since Wordof God states that Moonshade is in his mid- to late-30s while Rhea is 24 in the comic and Ramirez is close to the same age. So either Moonshade started out very young, or the theory is Jossed on every front.
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  • Confirmed for Rhea. After Rhea drinks the yellow potion of the Rainbow Reverie and accidentally taps into the power of her Guardian bloodline, Moonshade not only feels the Guardian magic, but also, after told about the presence of another Jakkai with a really long tail and yellow eyes (Rhea), confirms that Rhea is his daughter.

Was Rhea pregnant?
  • On page 4 of the comic, she jokes about already being late. Did she get murdered while being pregnant? Is this troper missing something?!
    • Two things. First, Jakkai lay eggs, second, "late" is an euphemism for "dead". What does it have to do with pregnancy?
      • Late as in referring to a womens menstrual cycle and how a missed period can in some cases be a sign of pregnancy...that said, the theory is still incorrect because Late in context of what she's saying means, dead.
      • What's more, it's already proven by that point that she's a Deadpan Snarker and it would take some Insane Troll Logic to get that out of context of even the panel, since Death refers to being late in the exact same panel. Is Death "late" too? While it is plausible, it's impossible to use that specific line as evidence.

Darius is Death
  • Darius became the next Death after he died in hell. Darius uses a scythe like Death and Death also spends a lot of time looking after Buwaro.
    • Not to mention Death and Darius appear to be missing the same eye...
      • Confirmed.

The "General" is Iratu

Rhea and the Jakkai in the egg (and possibly Mr. Moonshade) are descendants of either Moku, the snake earth guardian, or Rynn, the dragon fire guardian.
  • It has already been confirmed that the guardians can disguise themselves as medians. See this page. Toski was able to make herself look human, so it would make sense that any of the guardians could make themselves look jakkai. And then...well, you can guess what the next logical step is. If true, it would explain why Rhea was killed for being related to someone, as there would probably be something important about a guardian's descendants.
    • and here its remarked again the fact of the guardians having median forms in this page.
      • Or it could be that Moku the snake guardian and Rynn the dragon fire guardian either had kids or one mated with a jakkai and somewhere down the road, the other mated with the jakkai's descendant.
  • Moonshade confirms himself as a descendant of a Guardian here. The previous page shows him nauseated due to the death of a Guardian. Rhea has a similar reaction, basically confirming that she is the descendant of a guardian.
    • Cliff too.
      • 600 has Meeros implying Cliff is recently descended from Siara, and 492 has Duster implying the same, and 679 has Cliff turning into a Lynx, all but confirming it.
  • Considering Rhea's "Snake tail" and that with a cobra's hood, Moku likely disguised as a Jakkai, both she and Moonshade are likely descended from Moku.
  • Likely confirmed, since Moonshade had Rhea killed as part of a plan to kill off everyone related to him, and he is descended from Moku.

The archer in Hell that shot Sakido was actually an angel.
  • He was wearing the angelic sun and star pendants, and could handle the holy arrow in order to shoot it. Also, what little we see of his face looks like an angel face.
    • Not only that, but he's got the moon pendant on his wrist and you can juuuuust see some white wing action going on.

If and when Rhea dies (or, more specifically, is killed), she will open up a dark swirling portal that will suck in everyone in proximity and send them all to hell.

Buwaro's wings can be useful
  • When Buwaro got the things, rather than just coming into existence when needed like an Angel, they literally grew out of his back painfully. Perhaps, the wings can do something similar to be an appropriate size for flight. After all, Sakido's wings were repaired and functional because of that same pendant. It can be assumed the capacity is already there, if untapped. Assisting Kieri somehow would be this troper's guess as to why.
    • Buwaro is a fire demon. When he finally learns fire magic, he will learn how to channel it into his wings through his pendant, creating a magic demon jetpack. No, this probably won't happen in-story. BUT IT WOULD BE AWESOME.
  • They could be used as a eans of boosting his fire magic by fanning the flames.

The mysterious egg isn't actually a Jakkai egg, but something else entirely.

Soprano of Time Guessing!!!
  • Character Guesses:
    • Darunia: Physiologically, I would guess Iratu, but Cliff is a better personality match. It's Iratu
    • I'm willing to bet we see Duster as a Dungeon boss! Nope. So far, every boss has been Thadius, Buwaro's pet rock, or else a real Zelda boss)
    • I'm trying to think of a good Princess Ruto, but the only person I can think would fit would be Sammy. Or maybe Eve. Oh God how wrong I was. It's Jake (Rhea's penpal). Wearing a speedo.
    • Ok, at this point, we know (or can guess) who the seven sages are, except Nabooru. Best guess? Cliff, or perhaps Duster.

And that why he has so many connections. He has been meeting them, kind of like the Doctor (I present A Good Man Goes to War as evidence), and amassing favors.
  • More likely, He's descended from Siara, as implied by Duster and Meeros.

Buwaro's pendant will come off again at some point
  • Should this happen, it will inevitably happen right in front of Kieri's brother, Kazai, possibly just after she defends Buwaro's innocence to him.
  • Or worse, Kieri will be hurt by someone, and Buwaro takes it off on purpose to kill the one who did it.
  • Oh, it'll happen. The author wouldn't build up something like that and then never use it in a context where it would matter. Hopefully not the way the first troper described, because that would just be too cruel...
    • Somewhat confirmed Buwaro drinks the red poition and goes berserk but still seems to be at least partially in control

The reason Rhea's file was marked as undetermined in the book of records is that it was known Rhea would come Back from the Dead.

Gaia and Syndel have already appeared in the comic.
...In a way. We know that Death began searching for them fifteen years ago after he had a replacement, but what if they hadn't been gone for long, rather, were only missing for a year or two before then?This WMG proposes that Gaia and Syndel were sick of the endless fighting between their creations and chose to reincarnate in a way which would end the fight...and that they are Buwaru and Kieri.As a bonus, part of the reincarnation would probably involve their old selves being "dead", and given what most people would suspect if they had been missing for that long...

Rhea is paying close attention to Miranda's potion making.

She's smart, clever and very, very sneaky; and the ability to boost the abilities of your only truely battle capable party member will be indispensable for surviving another attack like Denevol's when they split off on their own again. And it's not like they're lacking in ingredients.

  • To Clarify: Though Rhea probably won't want any of the Trio experimenting given their lack of knowledge and experience on the subject of potions, she will probably decide that the recipe for the healing potion alone would be a very good thing to have regardless of how they go about getting more. My money's on Ramirez!

Kieri's curse.

Kieri's curse makes her weaker magically.

  • She isn't likely to go all out during training (or at all really) and Kazai(from what little we've seen) seems more the type to enjoy a physical contest; perhaps the curse and its effects on her abiltities merely "confirmed" what she already believed by preventing her from using much more power in a fight than she had been willing to devote to practice?
    • To Clarify: Even a "weak" curse from a Guardian would likely be too powerful for a Median to resist; it may be that an angel is simply powerful enough to throw off what would otherwise be more than a mere anoyance.
      • This comic suggests the curse wasn't meant for someone so magical powerful, meaning it didn't work quite as intended.

Alternate theory: Kieri can resist Toski's curse due to them being the same element, when Cliff was cursed by Meeros he couldn't change back at all because having power over fire didn't help with a curse made using wind magic. Maybe.

Kieri wil start perfering water to ice magic in combat.

It just seems to fit her character and development(or I think so anyway). Though she was never "cold" exactly, she was rather shy, withdrawn and timid when she first joined the cast, and since then she has "warmed" quite a bit becoming more outspoken, confident and self-assured. It also seems symbolically appropriate that the sad timid girl she was was found in the dead of winter and that as the world around them transitioned to spring she too "thawed" and shed some of the issues that held her back. She'll definitely continue to use ice but I think the change in general preference would be an appropriate way to show of how far she's come; for notes on the practical side of things see the main article for Kill It with Water.

Note: Whether or not the above is true(or even close) she'll likely recieve some tutoring in healing from one or more of the recently met angels.

There will be a crossover with The Order of the Stick some time in the future.

No evidence. I just want to see one.

Kieri and Buwaro will eventually become parents.

And the child will be the key to lasting peace between Heaven and Hell.

Buwaro's biological father was a General

Or at least powerful enough to be the Demonic version of a role model. And this is why Tsavo said he looked familiar.

Buwaro's magic

His attempts at magic seem rather consistent, they fizzle and fail until he gets determined(or frustrated and stubborn) and thinks"I can do this!"/ the pendant comes off/he gets angry. Also the form of the fireball also seems consistent, if anemic, the one time I can do this met fireball it worked perfectly! I think it may not be a lack of capacity that stymies him, but that he doesn't have enough of a handle on it to realise what he's doing wrong and control the "power output"(if that makes sense). It's also quite possible that Cliff assumed Buwaro already knew at least that much and taught him how to form the spell without considering that he might not know how to power it.

  • To Clarify: I think I'll use the Dresden explanation, that the spell is a "matrix" that shapes the power invested in it. For example, the Siara Special is a complex, powerful spell that Cliff is certainly skilled enough to form, but cannot power without a boost from Duster.

On a related note, the "Firebubble" shall return, and other cool combinations shall be made.

Mr. Moonshade

Is a centuries dead resident of Hell's least friendly places who has mastered the aplication of earth magic in combat ('Cause wanting not to be tortured is a good motivator) and possibly worked on Hell's side back when there was still major Median involvment in the war. His plan is to Kill and replace Moku the Snake, bringing a powerful new physical god to the side of Hell. This is based partially on a story in the newspaper Cliff was reading and some other things. It's my guess that he is killing Moku's decendants to be sure he is the only possible successor if the name Snaketail is to be considered forshadowing. Besides, doesn't having Guardians imply that they're guarding something?

  • Partially Jossed, he's already killed Moku, and is only Rhea's father, as opposed to her ancestor.
    • Not to mention, the Guardians could be guarding, oh, say, Medius.


A few ideas on how things work and why they work.

Light & Dark Magic-

  • Are equal but not opposite. Both Gaia and Syndel created Medius; thus, while Angels and Demons typically put them to different uses, both power are actually different expressions of the power of creation.
    • Notes: This would explain how being in Heaven or Hell allows Demons and Angels to live and grow without needing to eat, they are being sustained by the powers that created the world. Also, Demons enhance their night vision not by making their eyes more sensitive to light, but by amplifying the light within them. Which is why they glow.
  • Angels express their Light almost entirely through magic. For Demons on the other hand, darkness (and magic in general) has physiological effects, fueling their strength and other abilities as well.
  • Healing magic may not be so much "fixing" what was damaged as "re-creating" the way it was/should be. What I mean is that Holy "healing" magic may actually be more similar to Creation than anything.
  • Dark is not Unholy, as Dark magic was used in the creation of Medias, as such there is(maybe) nothing preventing Demons (or Buwaro) from learning healing other than it's not really their "thing", and them not bothering to learn.
    • I like to think this means that Buwaro will learn archery and healing if only because it would make him the perfect compliment to his magic knight girlfriend and would completely contradict others' expectations of him. Also, an Angelic warrior with a temper dating a kind Demonic healer seems too funny(Darius would approve too).

Holy Pendants & Other Enchanted Items-

  • Kieri's pendant and sword are unaffected by her curse due to the protection spells on them. That Buwaro's pendants are unprotected means that if Melli cursed him like Toski cursed Kieri they would transform with him like his clothes.
  • Holy Pendants don't do anything to angels that couldn't happen anyway, but instead focus the power of the wearer toward the desired end.
    • Notes: Buwaro's wings are a malfunction due to the pendants not being made with demons or their power in mind at all. Combined with the above, this suggests that Buwaro's wings will "grow" again when his magic becomes powerful enough to fuel the change.

Portals to Medias

  • Not random, the "counter reaction in heaven" draws down a group matching those that went up from Hell.
    • Notes: The Kieri-Kazai-Sanjulo-Random Median group was the counter reaction to the Iratu-Tsavo-Azurai-Moonshade group. No clue who Buwaro Rhea and Sakido dragged down though.
  • Require both Holy and Dark magic to open.
    • Notes: The Great War continued while the portals were under Heaven's control not because the Demons had an Angel to help them, but because they were brought up to Medias as the counter reaction to Heaven's efforts to kill them.
Buwaro will eventually find a way to control his Super-Powered Evil Side.
Sakido was shown going into that state at one point, and nearly attacked Buwaro, but was able to hold herself back. That proves that it can be controlled, to some degree. Granted, Buwaro isn't nearly as strong or disciplined as Sakido was, but he's already maturing and improving himself in other ways; he could learn.
  • Or, alternatively, they could find a way to control it by magical means. Perhaps a stronger, permanent version of the pendant spell?
    • It looked like Sakido was only able to hold herself back because she came into contact with the star pendant while trying to kill Buwaro, and it at least partially restored her clarity of mind. It seems doubtful that any demon could simply learn to control their berserk state through discipline, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of controlling it with spells or potions.
    • Partially-confirmed The red Rainbow Reverie potion caused him to go berserk while still wearing his star pendant and he still had the sense to follow the wagon and even speak but he still doesn't seem to be in the completely right mind.

Heathcliff is Siara the Lynx's son
  • when he tells meeros that his wife had just given birth he say that he isn't the only one that would like to see his kitten and the way he responds sounds like an excuse that he would make to not talk to his mother. Also notice his ears have gotten pointy like a cats?
    • His conversation with Duster here seems to suggest that at one point he referred to Siara as "grandmother" but she isn't actually his grandparent, which probably means he's her great-great-great-great-grandson or something.

Siara gave Cliff the fire-lynx spell to protect him from harm
  • The evidence in the WM Gs "When a Guardian dies they are succeeded by their closest Median relative" and Heathcliff being descended from Siara imply that Siara has a vested interest in keeping Cliff alive.

The next arc will be about Snowy's curse or about Rhea
  • We already know Snowy's brother is nowhere to be seen and his trail has gone cold, but we have been getting hints about not only Snowy's curse and how to fix it but also Rhea's past, her mysterious murderer, Meero's not-so-subtle comment about Rhea being a bit more than she seems, and even that above theory of Rhea's ancestor being Moku the snake or Rynn the Dragon or Korvunu the bat or even ALL OF THE ABOVE might be tested. That's if however the events of the festival doesn't go up in flames.
    • Jossed. It's more about Kieri & Buwaro's relationship, finding Kazai, and the demon invasion.

Gaia, Syndel, and Death are looking for a way to give Angels and Demons an Afterlife.
  • Hey, it's as good an idea as any when it comes to explaining why they're missing.

If Kieri and Buwaro DO become parents, the child will be a Nephalem.
  • Or something like it. Wouldn't THAT be something?

Moonshade is a guardian
  • Possibly Broxis the wolf, due to his association with the moons along with the fact that as of this recent strip he wants Melli the Fire Bee dead and is even able to hurt her (they were/are on opposite sides of the war). Alternatively (and I just noticed this during an Archive Binge), he could be Moku the Snake, judging by his speech patterns and choice of words in this comic. As for why he would want Melli dead, that's anyone's guess for now.
    • Another hint that he could be Moku the Snake is the fact that he's related to Rhea Snaketail. The fact that the recent strip mentioned that the Guardians can have descendants and Rhea and Moonshade's long, snake-like tails have been given great significance over the comics makes this feel like more than just a coincidence and a clever name...
      • Nope, he killed Moku and stole his power.

Ramirez is descended from Melli
They have the same red eyes. And with any luck Ramirez is still alive and Moonshade is wrong about Melli having no relatives so he can't claim that power.

When a Guardian dies they are succeeded by their closest Median relative
And if they don't have any another Guardian can claim their power.
  • Supported by Moonshade killing all his relatives (so he could inherit Moku's power), the fact that no one talked about the same ill-effects following Melli's death happening before, and the fact that Moonshade said it was easier to deal with Melli because she had no living relatives

Rhea is the new Fire Bee Guardian after Melli's death.

We all know that Moonshade was rather keen on killing Rhea for some reason. And he's proven he can take a Guardian's powers after killing them. Theory posited: Rhea has the same Mega Manning powers as Moonshade, and somehow obtained Melli's powers instead of Moonshade. She was feeling rather strange after Melli died. Coincidence? We shall see...

  • Likely jossed, since Rhea was related to Moonshade, who inherited Moku's powers, and Melli had no relatives.

Rhea is connected to Gaia in some way
Rhea's name refers to the daughter of Gaia, The Earth Goddess in Greek Mythology, so eventually, there will be something that would link the two. Also, Rhea uses Earth magic, which is the same Element that Gaia has.

Buwaro's necklace and the demons attacking St. Curtis
  • When the demons under Iratu start attacking the city, all of the demons, even the ones not in league with Mr. Moonshade, go into their angry state and join in attacking. All except Buwaro. How could it be, though. Well, the original purpose of his star necklace was to keep him out of his normal, berserk state he was in when he was born. However, in the entire run of the comic, you also never see him enter his angry state either. Putting two and two together, the reason Buwaro is still normal during the attack is because of the necklace. After all, it is supposed to give those who wear it increased concentration.

Rhea is a relative of both Moonshade and Jaspin the Mole or Vidane the Stag, while Cliff is a relative of Siara
  • Rhea evidence: Moonshade had her killed, Death hints that her being 'related to someone' caused her death, Meeros commented that there was something 'different' about Rhea's magic (different in a way similar to Cliff, who makes several hints that he's related to Siara), AND she felt urpy after Melli died, on the page directly after Moonshade mentioned that all Guardians and their descendants could sense the imbalance. The hints are piling up.
    • Yeah, Rhea is basically confirmed related to Moonshade at this point.
  • Cliff is heavily implied to be descended from Siara by both Duster and Meeros, and can turn into a Lynx (see posts above this one)

Rhea will become the snake guardian after Moonshade dies. But everyone else (except Buwaro and Kieri) will be dead.
Rhea is related to Moonshade, relatives are stated to be important to guardians, Moonshade said his job was easier killing Melli since she had no relatives, and Moonshade killed off all his relatives. One reason is that he wanted to make sure he inherited Moku's power after killing him, and killing Moonshade will make the snake power go to Rhea. Also, no one mentioned feeling ill after Moku's death, and it was stated the Guardians would know if one died, so it only matters if one dies without a relative to inherit their powerSecond claim is because this comic seems to be a tragedy.

Gaia And Syndel are shirking their duties.
The reason they're missing is because they grew tired of the constant conflict of heaven and hell and grew ambivalent with regards to medians. Following this they both fecked of, either together or apart, and have been living in secret in median. The reason death is missing is because he is either shirking as well or has simply been searching for his associates all this time and being the neutral aspect of the trinity has been maintaining a ow profile to avoid fuss.

Also, the way the plot is going a search for the gods could be a motivator to continue travelling around the median (justifying a change in scenery).

Lakritz is Tirol's father.
Considering how Kinako, Sahne, and Lakritz are all in a relationship it's possible that Lakritz is actually Tirol's dad. Tirol is visibly crying after Lakritz had been injured, he was holding Lakritz's hand when the demons started attacking, and there's no mention as to who Tirol's father is directly. Pair that with the fact that Tirol is always wearing long clothing and interspecies children ARE possible in the world of Slightly Damned, it's completely plausible.

Plus there's also the fact that it's not mentioned when Kinako, Sahne, and Lakritz met, angels working for Hell were in Angelic clothes before and during the demons' attack of St. Curtis, and Sahne mentions Lakritz when she, Kinako, and Tirol are heading back to where they were staying as if Lakritz and Kinako are very close.

Iratu is a Reverse Mole.
Acting either on his own accord or is part of some kind of demon resistance. He is trying to dismantle the operation from the inside. He does take part in the attacks of Weyville and St.Curtis but only to keep suspicion off hin and him mocking Buwaro is only to prevent the other demons from discovering his past.

Median disguises for the remaining guardians
  • Rynn-Khamega
  • Broxis-Jakkai
  • Aquilos-Fairy
  • Moku-Jakkai
  • Siara-Human
  • Fuzen'ro-Jakkai
  • Vidane-Human
  • Jaspin-Fariy

The Moon Emblem Pendant will trigger a growth spurt in Buwaro
Just as the Sun Emblem pendant repaired Sakido's wings the Moon Emblem will undo the damage caused by Buwaro's stunted growth, possibly this effect would only work in combination with the other emblems as his brothers stunted growth was not healed.

Sahne and Lakritz killed their third teammate
All the other demons traveled in teams of three but Sahne and Lakritz are the only two demons in their group, it would stand to reason they also traveled in a trio but they killed them in order to protect Kinako and Tirol.

Buwaro is directly related to Father Syndel, whether he's a descendant or reincarnation
With the release of the most recent page, we finally see a representation of Father Syndel in statue form, in an old Jakkai temple. Given that this is a world where angels, demons, and guardians (basically pillars of existence) all can be encountered, it wouldn't be too outlandish that accurate representations of the gods exist. Father Syndel's statue is almost identical to how Buwaro appeared in his berserk state, with minor cosmetic differences such as fur color.

A child of Buwaro and Kieri won't be the first Angel-Demon Mixling.
  • Instead, it might be Lakritz and Kinako?

The demons have found a way to remove holy protection spells from the pendants.
  • This could be the reason they are so keen on collecting the pendants and weapons from the angels they capture as Iratu would know better than most demons about how powerful they are, either the rogue angel in hell know the spell to remove the charm or the have figured out another means.

Buwaro is slowly becoming more intelligent
  • Perhaps it being around people after being left alone for so long, perhaps its the effects of long term use of the star pendant, perhaps its the various healing potions and magic restoring his damaged mind. Perhaps its all off them.
    • Perhaps it's because he wants to better himself for Kieri?

Mokurynn is Rynn's descendant and possibly, Rhea's mother.
  • Mokurynn's egg is of guardian descent meaning clearly she is of guardian descent too. It'd be weird if Rhea had a dream about how she died involving a descendant of Rynn when she's Moku's grandkid. Since the 2 aren't connected in any way other than they're guardians and Jakkai. Take it a step further and we could have Mokurynn being Moonshade's mate. Would explain why she cried and apologized all while telling Rhea to seek the egg. He might've died a while before Rhea was born, but Mokurynn was still alive. Moonshade revives years later, when Mokurynn had her egg, Moonshade takes it and strongarms her with an ultimatum: kill their daughter, or he destroys the egg. Reason being is that Moonshade's dead to the village and would attract too much attention. Mokurynn was still alive and could. Plus, she's a guardian's descendant as well, so as soon as she's killed Rhea, he kills her and destroys the egg. She doesn't know he's planning on offing all guardian who don't support hell and their descendants, so she buys into his ultimatum. Second she kills Rhea, Moonshade starts to destroy the egg anyway, revealing he had no intention of giving it back. She steals the egg from him, starts going on the run from Moonshade up to Weyville, where she gives it to Trader Moes in the hopes it'll be sold and be far away from Moonshade. As for her fate, it's likely Moonshade caught up with Mokurynn and killed her.
    • As for why Rhea didn't get a dragon form as well, I think guardian forms are linked a descendants core elemental affinity. Like, you can't have a Rynn's dragon form while having an earth affinity in Rhea's case. Mokurynn's elemental affinity obviously must've been fire. And since the egg was likely fathered by someone other than Moonshade considering the timing, the egg had a 100% chance of being an inheritor of Rynn's guardian power. The Moku bloodline ends with Moonshade and Rhea, not the egg.
      • Personally I believe Rynn's mortal disguise is a khamega, not a jakkai as that's what other fire guardian Melli could turn into.

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