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    Pre-release theories 
The RE3 Remake will give Nikolai a fake Adaptational Heroism.

Either by changing his cover story ala Ada, or by having him pull a Face–Heel Turn. Like Umbrella offering him more money for taking out survivors or something.

Jill will be infected with the T-Virus far earlier this time.

This is why she talks about not feeling well in the bathroom and we get the brief zombie Jill flash.

  • Confirmed, Nemesis, when defeated in one of his later forms, puts a needle in one of Jill's arms, and Carlos comes to save her by finding and administering the vaccine for the T-Virus.

Related to the above, Jill will be infected by drinking the contaminated tap water instead of Nemesis
The Raccoon reservoir is canonically contaminated by infected rats during the Raccoon Incident, so Jill washing with tap water in the trailer seems very suspicious.

  • Jossed, since she wakes up to assess the situation, but the water does nothing and Nemesis shows up right after at her apartment.

The scene in the trailer of Jill pushing over a bookshelf to block the path of Nemesis will be a gameplay mechanic.

Since Jill is an experienced cop unlike Leon or Claire, as well as having been in a similar situation before. She'll have the idea of trying to impede Nemesis. This will provide players the option to either run, fight or barricade the room you're in so you can stall Nemy while you search for items. Being that this is Nemesis we're talking about, it won't stop him for long, so you'd better get what you can while you can.

  • Also there may be more gameplay mechanics other than that. As seen in the Gameplay Features trailer, Jill dodges an approaching zombie.
    • While sorta confirmed, Nemesis appears in the beginning of the game, and you do drop the bookshelf (in a cutscene rather), however, the whole beginning section is mostly a chase scene.

Nemesis is wearing part of the container it was in.
  • Seems like a logical conclusion to make with all the caution stickers around his upper torso. Perhaps it has been released prematurely this time.

Jill will have no weapon at the start of the game and have to get some at the RPD station
Her new backstory has her being under house arrest by presumably Chief Irons. It's highly likely that he also has her weapons taken away to make her more vulnerable should Umbrella ever decides to silence her. Jill will have to make her way to the RPD station this time around to get some weapons from the STARS office. The RPD is probably too battered about the zombie apocalypse to care much about Jill getting inside and taking stuff.
  • Jossed, Jill doesn't go to the RPD, and instead, its Carlos that goes. While Jill techincally doesn't have a weapon from the start, she does grab a handgun from a officier's coprse right after the beginning chase scene.

Rita's fate will be revealed in this game
Rita is basically given the Uncertain Doom status in the RE2 remake by virtue of her escape tunnel still being locked before Leon/Claire gets there. RE3 remake will show us why Rita hasn't used the tunnel like she does in the original Canon. Either she dies before getting the chance to use it, or she escapes through another way and thus no longer needs it.
  • Jossed, Rita doesn't appear in the remake at all.

Mikhail's name will be corrected
Anyone familiar with Russian Naming Convention will know how silly Mikhail Victor sounds. Nikolai used to suffer the same thing with "Nicholai Ginovaef", but his name has since been changed in subsequent games to the more accurate "Nikolai Zinoviev". The remake will probably do the same by changing Mikhail's name to "Mikhail Viktorov". If Sergei Vladimir ever gets a mention, his name will probably be changed as well.
  • Jossed. He introduces himself to Jill as "Mikail Victor" in the demo.

Nemesis will be playable in a bonus mode
Between the fact that the trailer focuses a lot on the origins of Nemesis (which Jill wasn't around for), and the fact its releasing with a "play as the monsters" multiplayer mode, Capcom or the team they have working on the game has probably put a lot of thought in making a playable Nemesis.

Brad likely has a lot of guilt eating him for getting two of his teammates killed because of his cowardice at the beginning of The Mansion Incident. When Nemesis comes knocking and goes after Jill, he decides it's time to pay up, and distract the Nemesis from attacking Jill and lure it away from her, knowing full well he won't be able to fight it, and then go down swinging.
  • Sorta confirmed, but the way its handled in the remake is changed significantly. Brad tells Jill to go to safety without him, however, he gets bitten by a zombie in the proccess while holding out the doors from an empty bar and slowly turns later. Nemesis does not appear here, nor does he die from it.

Carlos will have more playable sections
Unlike the original game, where he is playable for one extended section, Carlos will have multiple playable parts in this remake. The hospital section will still be present, but even based off the trailer, he'll also be playable for a section of the RPD. These moments will expand on his character, his comrades, and the UBCS in general.
  • Confimred, Carlos does get a bit more playtime in the remake than in the original. However, its exactly those two sections that Carlos is in. Both the RPD and the Hospital.

It will be revealed here that the zombie that caused Marvin to become a zombie was someone he knew and trusted.

In Resident Evil 2 (Remake) due to his expanded role, Marvin has a few more lines. In his first conversation with Leon/Claire, he tells them "If you see one of those things, no matter if they're wearing a uniform or not, don't hesitate." This seems to imply that unlike in Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 the zombie that bit him was a fellow officer. Now why would he tell them "no matter who they were"? It seems like our friend Marvin fell for the classic "friend turns into a zombie and the person tries to reason with them" cliche that befalls many zombie media. Maybe in this game we'll discover who it was. If it's someone we know, maybe Rita. If not, one of the zombies from the west office.

  • Perhaps we will see a return of Zombie!Brad, as in the original RE3, Brad canonically got killed by Nemesis at the front doors of the RPD, and he ambushed Marvin as Marvin tried to get into the RPD.
    • Both of these are confirmed, but changes directions for the remake. For consistency of the RE2 remake story, Marvin is outside the RPD, but sees a zombified Brad note  who spoke in mere moments of turning, but also bites Marvin in the exact spot where he's bleeding from. However, Nemesis does not appear here and both Carlos and Tyrell appear here instead.

Robert Kendo will be retconned into escaping with Jill and Carlos when Barry saves them.

Given the very positive reception Kendo got in RE 2 Remake, Capcom might just decide to make Kendo's Ghost Survivors scenario canon.

  • Slightly Jossed, while Kendo is in the remake, its to tie the story progression from the RE2 remake. He only tells Jill where the keys are to open the gate next to his shop, but goes back into the room where his infected daughter is at.

According to the trailer, one clip shows that Jill blames Mikhail for causing outbreak of Raccoon City. Not to mention, Mikhail is one of the captains of a platoon in UBCS, meaning he may know some details of Umbrella's plan which is relevant with experiment of virus. It is possible to make a change that a captain of a platoon shares the same rights with learn about the details of Umbrella like virus experiment and bioweapons prior to Raccoon City Outbreak like the supervisors in the remake, considering the importance of a leader which means they need more details of a tasks as a responsibility. On the other hand, Carlos is only a corporal which is much lower rank than Mikhail and he feels questioned about Umbrella in one scene of the trailer which indicate Carlos still not aware of the details of umbrella before the outbreak like the original work. So Mikhail is possible to know Umbrella's virus research and bioweapon before the outbreak in RE3 remake, meaning he may be no better than the researchers and authority of Umbrella.
  • Jossed, considering Nikolai ends up being more of an antagonist instead of Mikhail. That, and he sacrifices himself with a detonator on him to kill Nemesis, though, it doesn't work.

Nemesis will have brand new forms instead of his original two extra forms.

Both Birkin and Mr. X had entirely different monster forms for at least one boss fight. Birkin's fourth form and Mr. X's final form were both completely redesigned from the older games. Nemesis might be different as well.

  • Jesus christ, Confirmed with a vengence.

Possible ties to the Resident Evil 2 (Remake)
  • Nemesis will break through the 2F Shower Room while pursuing the player, or in a cutscene.
    • Jossed. The hole in the wall is caused by Carlos using explosives to reach the S.T.A.R.S. office.
  • A rescue or police chopper will be shot down by Nemesis, and crashes into the RPD.
    • Kind of jossed. Nemesis does shoot down a chopper, but at a different location.
  • The player character at some point will shut the electronic locks to the West Wing's Reception Area with duct tapes
    • Jossed. It doesn't occur.
  • The playthrough will briefly touch or revisit a key moment in RE2R from a different angle, such as the underground explosion caused by Leon blowing up the Sewer Gator
    • Jossed, that avenue is never explored.
  • Related to the above, there may even be a segment in the playthrough where the player spots either Leon or Claire in/around the RPD area and tries to reach or chase them before abruptly interrupted by Nemesis, after which the player has to hightail it and never make contact with them. Retroactively, this could also be used by Capcom to clear the mess left behind by RE2R's handling of the storylines by making one of the 4 scenarios canon.
    • Jossed. The game takes place before the events of RE 2.

There will be Ghost Survivors style episodes centered around the members of the UBCS
  • And going off of that, other characters will get there own Ghost Survivors Storylines, like Brad Vickers.

There will be a section where Carlos becomes an AI-Controlled partner to Jill.
  • Nemesis may or may not appear in this section as well, considering that he would be easier to fend off with a friendly NPC on your side.

You will have the option to change Nemesis's appearance to his classic one.
  • Maybe not on release, but as a free DLC in the future.

Nemesis will change his weapon in response to your play style
  • He's been shown to be wielding some sort of flamethrower in one of the pictures of him, and the weapons he wields will actively counteract the play-styles you are using, as well as the conditions he appears in.
    • If you focus on running away from him, he will wield a BFG sniper rifle, that he will snipe you with, and if there are plenty of zombies or other enemies around, he will be wielding his classic rocket launcher instead.
      • Jossed, he never uses a sniper rifle and his rocket launcher only shows up for a scripted event.
    • If you fight him every time he shows up, he will be wielding a minigun, that he can use both for it's intended purpose, and use it both as a melee and a ranged weapon, or a melee weapon like a Sledgehammer, that he can swing surprisingly fast.
      • Jossed, he never uses one.
    • If you focus on hiding until he goes away, he will wield the flamethrower, that he uses to create blazes to corner you with.
      • Confirmed sorta. One of his forced boss fights has him blasting his flamethrower in the air to create a rain of fire that falls within your vicinity. There's no "hide until he leaves" mechanic however.
You will be able to steal one of Nemesis' weapons, like how you can steal Pyramid Head's Great Knife in Silent Hill 2.
  • Albeit not necessarily under the same conditions.
There will be Clock Tower style hiding spots in the game.
  • Like underneath a bench, or inside a locker, and if you use them too much Nemesis will wise up to your hiding spots.
The scene from the Nemesis trailer is now where he infects Jill
  • The scene seems to hint this will be the case. Jill ramming into Nemesis and both entering free fall. Nemesis getting up while Jill is trapped in the car with Carlos frantically calling to her over the radio. It seems likely this is the scene where Jill gets infected in the remake. If this is the case, It's even more terrifying than the original. If not What the hell happens next?
    • Jossed. The car-fu moment is from an early encounter between the two. Jill doesn't get infected until later when Nemesis sucker punches her in a cutscene after a boss fight with its second form.
Nemesis will massacre the civilian survivors.
  • In the Nemesis trailer we see a train car full of new civilian npc's. In this version Nemesis will kill all of them when he attacks the train to get to Jill, which will have a huge effect on her.
    • Confirmed.
One of Jill's costumes will be Olivia from God Hand.
  • And if there's the option for different costumes for Nemesis, he will get an Azel costume.
Nemesis doesn't have an exposed heart.
Considering that Nemesis is just Mr. X infected with the Nemesis Parasite, it doesn't make sense to randomly add an external heart, considering the base creature didn't need it. Instead, the armored mass on Nemesis's chest might actually be a chemical shunt which is keeping him pumped full of chemicals that keep the parasite's growth in check, preventing it from consuming its Tyrant host and bursting out of it like in his final form in the original RE3.
Marvin will get a Ghost Survivors scenario.
  • Come on, everyone wants to see it. I'm surprised it wasn't in 2.

    Post-Release theories 

Which pre-RE7 game will be next to get a remake?
While Resident Evil – Code: Veronica is next in chronological order, one game people would like to see be remade is Resident Evil 4, especially if Matthew Mercer is called back to voice Leon Kennedy. Bonus points if he gets to do some allusions to some of his more memetic roles like McCree or Jotaro Kujo.
  • Resi 4 doesn't "need" remade like 1, 2, 3 and Veronica would, Remastered in the vein of the way Crash was remastered? Sure. Veronica is the last of the "tank" generation of the series, I figure if we get another remake Veronica is the sure bet, due to 1) chronolgy, and 2) the original was kind of the black sheep of the tank gen, while people liked it, the pacing was off, and backtracking was an annoyance, that people would love to see trimmed to make a smoother game.
    • Honestly, yes. Rebuild the graphics in the RE Engine and, maybe, rerecord the voice acting, but keep the general gameplay and plot intact.
Carlos, Tyrell, Murphy and maybe Mikhail and Nicholai will all get DLC as well as Brad
There is alot of background content for the U.B.C.S characters and Brad that is clearly foreshadowed, but never actively explained, I figure several DLCs will come out explaining what they were doing with their time:
  • Even though you play as Carlos a few times in game, he does dissapear for long stretches of the game, including vanishing directly after he defends the hospital, only reappearing to help fight Nemesis.
  • Tyrell also does the same, with him turning up at the hospital with a Hand Wave of "I handled it"
  • On the note of those two, they are also said to have been clearing the subway tracks during Jill going to restart the power and the subway systems, another possible side story.
  • Both Mikhail and Murphy are both heavily injured when you first meet them, With Mikhail mentioning a battle in which he and his squad were almost wiped out by being locked in an area with several infected creatures, along with a note later on mentioning this event, Murphy however makes no allusions to what he was doing before Jill met him in the garage, again he is heavily injured and seems to have had quite a side adventure, along with getting some character development with a note found next to him.
  • Nicholai seems several steps ahead of Jill throughout the entire game, and apparently does so with nothing but a handgun and arrogant attitude.
  • Brad himself seems to have been through the wars, being somehow able to warn Jill of Nemesis as it is approaching her, and how he somehow managed to get from Bar Jack to the RPD before turning and before Jill.
  • Jossed, in an interview with Siliconera, Peter Fabiano confirmed that the game is "complete" with no new updates or additions incoming.

The person in The Stinger wasn't Jill
It was Chris. Maybe it was just me but the hand and form we see in the post credits scene didn't look feminine. Nor did it look like Jill from the game. Maybe Capcom's hinting at a CVX remake? Or since Jill mentioned taking down Umbrella, we're getting SOME version of a full game Umbrella's Downfall?

Nikolai was hired to destroy Umbrella by Derek Simmons and the Family
Okay, okay, hear me out.

Now, with all the clues in Nikolai's dialogue, we're led to believe that his client is Wesker, right? Except... last time I checked, Resident Evil 3 takes place 24 hours prior to Resident Evil 2, which in turn takes place two months after the original Resident Evil. And the original Resident Evil was where Wesker first broke off from Umbrella in the Mansion Incident.

...Two months? Now, I know he's The Chessmaster and all that, but Wesker managing to gain enough money to outdo the company who could design multiple bio-weapons and zombie viruses all at the same time and still stay billionaires at the same time in two months while he was still living under everybody's radars?

Thus, I've come up with the idea that Nikolai could have been given the mission to destroy Umbrella by Derek Simmons instead, for various reasons:

  • Through the Family and his other connections, Simmons would reasonably have enough money to outdo what Umbrella was paying Nikolai.
  • Simmons would have very good reasons to do so. (he has been locked in an espionage war with Umbrella for their biotechnology and Umbrella not being able to save face could lead to them being bankrupted and their biotechnology falling into his hands)
  • It'd give even more reasoning for Ada leaving his employ and some extra Fridge Brilliance for his death symbolizing that his actions were just as bad as Umbrella's. (as well as possibly make him even more of a personal foe for Leon than just assassinating his friend the President)
  • He's no stranger to using bioterrorism and performing (or using other people to perform) inhumane acts to get what he wants. Just ask Helena Harper and Tall Oaks, for crying out loud.