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In this series, Bakugo will be a Villain with Good Publicity

Along with being a pervert, Mineta will be seen as annoying for another reason
Mineta will be seen as someone who nitpicks anything and will give bad faith criticisms, much like the critics of such shows as Cinema Sins and Nostalgia Critic.

The public will know about Endeavor's abusive behavior, and love him for it
All Might tries to be The Paragon, but isn't very popular with the public. So someone who goes against that would likely be popular and adored by the public. Whereas in canon, Endeavor's actions towards his kids and wife were kept private, here his actions will be known to the public, and people will love him it. He will serve as a Take That! to the '90s Anti-Hero, while the public will be one towards fans who think being dark and gritty automatically makes a work good.

The League of Villains, rather than being explicitly evil, will just be Heels
People naturally admire heroes rather than villains, so the League will work to change that by being public about the conflicts they bring to the table so the public can adore the heroes.

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