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When this series does "The Return of Harmony" (or rather "The Return of Parody"), Discord will turn the Mane Six into their selves from other MLP Abridged series.
  • Since these girls represent the Elements of Parody, it's possible that he'll turn them into parody versions of themselves. Examples would include Pinkie from the Mentally Advanced Series, Rainbow Dash from Ultra Fast Pony, and Twilight Sparkle from Friendship is Witchcraft.
    • Bonus points if they get the people behind these abridged series to lend their voices to this two-parter.

Alternatively, Discord will turn everyone against their Elements of Parody
Whereas Nightmare Moon just hated internet parodies, Discord will be depicted as having been seduced by the dark side of parody, doing the gratuitous cursing and over-the-top pop culture references Twilight stated aren't good for parodies. He'll cause Applejack and Rainbow Dash to act too in-character,
Fluttershy to act too out-of-character, turn Pinkie into a rabid Brony Hater and trick Rarity into giving up her comedic timing in exchange for the "diamond".

When this series does "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", it'll explain how each mare gets herself affiliated with her specific Element of Parody.

Twilight Sparkle will be named the Princess of Parody by the end of the series.

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