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Wild Mass Guessing for My Hero Abridged.

WMG is for theories about future developments, so all spoilers are unmarked.

Mirio will be All Might's son in this universe.

Related in the Adaptation is pretty common in this series with Nana being All For One's daughter, Kota being Stain's brother, and Momo being related to Shigaraki and Overhaul. The Momo theories were popular in the fandom and became canon here, so JoyRide will canonize the "Mirio is All Might's child" one too.


Someone will think Mirio is All Might's ghost.
Mirio has Intangibility and looks similar to the deceased hero so someone might mistake him for All Might's spirit.

  • Alternatively, Mirio will be All Might's ghost in this series because just when Midoriya thinks he's free of him, All Might comes back.

  • Alternatively to that alternative, Mirio pretends to be All Might's ghost to mess with Midoriya. Considering the series' track record for the attitude of canonically nice characters, it could happen.

BakuDeku will become canon in this series.
Not joking here. The series has tons of Ho Yay for the two along with some subtext that may as well be text. Bakugo outright says he loved Midoriya and not Uraraka during his and Uraraka's fight, and the two boys become each others' reason for living at the end of The Movie. Plus, Uraraka has realized she loves the idea of Bakugo and Deku and not the boys themselves, which might be a torpedo to the IzuOcha and Kacchako ships. That's without getting into how a portion of fans do not ship this version of Uraraka with the boys because she manipulated Bakugo into causing the incident that gave Midoriya cancer out of jealousy and spits on the latter's death.

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