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Mario is a Dreamwalker.
He can enter and alter dreams. Sound familiar?

Luigi will literally have to fight his fears.
Luigi will have to go head to head with his fears in the dream world. A ghost will be one of the bosses, and the final boss will be his nightmare.

Luigi's dreams will involve characters and situations from past Mario & Luigi games, perhaps mixed up or misremembered.
Look at these characters. Don't they look like Hoohooligans?
  • Problem. Luigi's dreams are entirely 2D and only has Mario playable. That picture shows Mario AND Luigi in the usual 3/4 Overworld of Mario & Luigi games.
  • Possibly Mario and Luigi will visit previous locations like the Beanbean Kingdom, or some residents of Beanbean have migrated to the Mushroom Kingdom.
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  • It seems the Big Bad is a nightmare with elements of previous Mario RPG villains.

This game will actually tap into the darkness in Luigi's heart.
Think about it. For three games (Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, Super Paper Mario and Super Smash Brothers Brawl), Luigi's stated to have a dark side and/or a dark secret that he doesn't want Mario to know about. With Mario in Luigi's dream, we'll tap into this darkness that will be scene as a nightmare sequence with actual Nightmare Fuel and actually get the full details of what Luigi's been hiding.
  • Not to mention that Luigi's supposed "dark secret" plays a major role for all of three seconds in Partners in Time (when Luigi is deemed unworthy to hit the Aurora Block), then disappears without a trace. Given the Mario & Luigi series's track record of foreshadowing in this way (think Fawful's speech in PiT), I wouldn't be surprised at all if this sort of game took the opportunity to resolve this plot thread.
  • Luigi's vaguely defined dark side also seemed to play a part in Super Paper Mario, Where Luigi spent some time as a villain, and was a danger to the entire universe... Lots of interesting things to do with it.
  • Unfortunately Jossed.

There will be a sewer area in Luigi's dream world...
...and you change the water levels by putting Luigi's hand in warm water.
  • Jossed. There is no sewer area in the game.
  • Why did this have to be jossed? That idea is genius!

The Zeekeeper is Empyrea's mate...
  • They have a lot of similarities...and Empyrea couldn't have had offspring on her own...

Much like Inside Story, Mario will trigger many of Luigi learning new and old abilities.
Here's to hoping they bring back Luigi's thunder-hand powers by Mario helping him remember from his subconscious.

A form of Bowser is going to be the final boss
  • Bowletta. Shrowser. Dark Bowser. Enough said. I think the Bowser might be mind controlled though. Seeing how goofy Bowser is in this series, I think it'll be unwillingly.
    • Better than that, it will be Luigi's nightmares manifesting as Bowser.
      • Wouldn't it make more sense for Luigi's nightmares to manifest as his own Arch-Enemy and worst fear, King Boo?
      • Confirmed. The last boss battle consists of Giant Bowser vs Giant Luigi, then a battle against Antasma and finally a combination of Bowser and the Dream Stone,which he absorbs. Jossed however on Bowser being mind-controlled, as he had previously usurped the Big Bad role from Antasma, his transformation into Dreamy Bowser was voluntary last-ditch-effort on his part, and most importantly: He is still in control of his actions!

There will be an alternate universe
  • And Luigi's dreams are the portal to the universe. Mario will travel in the dreams and then "Mario" will come back out, who will demand Peach to come with him and take her prisoner.
    • Partially confirmed. The Dream World is a separate place, with Luigi's dreams acting as a portal. Dreamy Mario was created by the Big Bad, but it only happened after the princess was kidnapped, and he was defeated by the real Mario before having any chance to leave.

There will be a handful of references to Super Mario Bros. 2
The theme of this game centers around dreams, does it not? Now then, what was the premise of Super Mario Bros. 2? Perhaps at some point, Mario will have to travel to Subcon via Luigi's dreams? Who knows, maybe Wart will make an appearance.

Fawful will be a Bonus Boss
In Luigi's dreams. But it will only be a figment of Luigi's mind, not the real Fawful. This would be a loophole to keep him around for his popularity and still comply with his death in the previous game.
  • Jossed: There is a Bonus Boss but it is not Fawful. It's Bowser Jr.
    • In fact, Fawful makes no appearance at all.

Bowser will once again be the tutorial boss, somehow.
In all previous games, Bowser had served as a tutorial boss (Partners in Time technically counts, since there were two of them — each for the baby and adult Marios — and the first one was Baby Bowser). Since each one had Luigi at the sidelines, maybe it could take place when Mario jumps into the dream world to save Peach, only to encounter a dream world version of Bowser. This saves the game's plot from having to bring the real Bowser to Pi'illo Island until later on, much like how Partners in Time handled the adult Bowser.
  • Jossed. The very first fight in the game is against Antasma, the game's Big Bad

Tatanga will be the Big Bad of this game.

The final Giant Luigi boss will be Giant Bowser.
It would be the perfect throwback to the prior game and a definite crowning moment of awesome for Luigi, taking out Bowser with minimal help from Mario.
  • Confirmed.

The game will be Hijacked By Wart.
Wart will be revealed as the one pulling the strings the whole time, using Antasma as a proxy minion in order to enact revenge against the Mario Bros.
  • The part about Wart pulling the strings is jossed. Someone does hijack the Big Bad role from Antasma however: Bowser!

Antasma will have some past connection with Cackletta.
At least, from before the Pi'llows banished him, of course.

The Kylie Koopa seen in this game is a descendant of the one seen in Partners In Time.
This explains two things: One, why she doesn't remember meeting the Mario Bros.; and two, why she doesn't look like she's aged a bit. Mario and Luigi actually met her ancestor (possibly her mother or grandmother) in Partners In Time; they did meet in the Mushroom Kingdom of the past, after all.

Version 1.2 of the game will fix the gyro controls.
Version 1.1 came out on September 5th, but it only fixed the freezing issues of the game. The next version, Version 1.2, will fix the gyro control issues that prevent it from registering.

Pi'illo Island is not a tropical island, but has a temperate maritime climate like Seattle or Cape Cod
For starters, you don't have to climb all THAT high on Mount Pajamaja to reach the snow line and apparently the tree line isn't that far up, either. If it were a tropical island, the entire mountain would be snow-free given that it's not all that tall (likely 10,000-15,000 feet). Also, there is very little tropical vegetation, even in Wakeport and Driftwood Shore. Given that Pi'illo Island was developed for tourism, the palm trees we see are likely hardly palms imported to give a more "tropical" look to an island that would fall into growing zone 7, which is not even considered subtropical (that would be zones 8-10). Plus, the only ones commenting on the heat are the mountain-loving Hooskis, still maritime and humid continental climate islands can get fairly hot, and to most people, 90 degrees is a hot day at the beach. Also, a quick look at Somnom Woods (entirely untouched by tourism) gives a picture of the native vegetation, which is like what you would see in a continental climate. The feverish way Brickle and Britta work their crew in their respective areas also implies that they have a limited time each year and that other than skiiers on Mount Pajamaja, there wouldn't be much call for tourism between November and April.

Antasma will return as the Big Bad in a future M&L.
  • Jossed. Antasma's a goner.
    • And? Fawful allegedly exploded after being hit out of Bowser's Castle in the original game. Even if the explosion was an exaggeration, he still had a long way to go down. You never know, Nintendo might pull him out of nowhere.

Kamek is a secret cross-dresser.
Kamek has disguised himself as Peach several times now. When his disguise is unveiled again and Mario asks him about it, Kamek actually says that the dress is comfortable and that sometimes when he looks in the wardrobe, the blue robes make him gag. He doesn't just disguise as Peach because he has to, but because he wants to.
  • The comments made by Kamek after the reveal (without being prompted) all but confirm that when he asks the Mario Bros if they think he just wore Peach's dress because he wanted to and before they could answer, he affirmed this.

The Zeekeeper battle was a test of the Bros' worthiness
It has often been asked how such a powerful deity could have gotten a whooping from Giant Luigi, but this may have been the Zeekeeper fighting left-handed to make sure the Bros had the fighting spirit, as training/testing battles were a part of Pi'illo culture (remember it was Dreambert who created the battle ring for this purpose). Notice how the battle is entirely fought as a chase and the Zeekeeper NEVER unleashes the wake beam on Luigi, nor even shows intent to, while providing him with healing mushrooms at points (like how Godhan in The Wind Waker helped replenish your lost ammo). Also notice how he is not KO'ed after the battle like all other bosses were but congratulates Luigi on a good fight. While the Dream Stone Spirit also gained respect for Luigi, remember that his Robo-Drilldigger was destroyed in the battle.

There's nothing "ambiguous" about Bedsmith's Ambiguously Gay status—he IS gay.
There's plenty of evidence to suggest that Bedsmith is a homosexual guy. The Mario series is known for being pretty sexless, though (the most intimate thing Princess Toadstool has ever done is give Mario a kiss on the nose), so they couldn't come right out and say it. Instead, the developers left clues for players to find.
  • Prince Dreambert declares outright when the Bros. prepare to meet Bedsmith that he's "odd." What's a synonym for odd? Queer.
  • He states repeatedly that he wants to "sleep on the face" of Dreambert. This seems like an intimate act among people whose heads look like pillows.
  • All of the other Pi'illos—male and female alike—have horizontally-shaped heads/hats. Bedsmith's is vertical. That is, he has a different sleeping orientation than the others.

Why are there so few Pi'illos, anyway? There's only a bit over fifty.

Broque Monsieur and Broque Madame are still loyal to Bowser
In Broque Monsieur's case, he attacks Mario's party right at the start of the game then is quick to try to play it off as a joke when caught, and there's a scene in the castle of him badmouthing the brothers showing he still has the animosity he had in the last game towards them. Baroque Madame was trusted to guard Peach while Mario and Luigi were away, then it turns out that the princess was really Kamek in disguise. This wouldn't be suspicious for her... until you notice her reaction to the reveal (which was non-nonchalantly calling it "Incroyable"), suggesting she either doesn't care about the news or already knew.

At best, the two of them have no serious wish to see Bowser's scheme foiled with any claims by them otherwise just keeping up appearances. At worst, they're actively working for the Koopa Kingdom and through espionage serve Bowser.

Subcon is the Dream World of the Mushroom Kingdom.
That's why there's no references to it; they aren't in the Mushroom Kingdom at any playable point of the game, so it's an entirely different Dream World.

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