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  • Smoldergeist's constant threats about how you'll never make it past the Tutorial Level, and his constant surprise/annoyed response when you succeed. One piece of dialogue even reveals that Peach, who you're chasing after, is easily getting past them, too!
    Smoldergeist: And right after the pink one won as well... this test stinks.
  • Once obtaining the mysterious treasure in the ruins, it gets referred to as a "rock rectangular-looking thing." Then you get the badges, which are referred to "round-looking things" at first. Trying to leave with the pillow makes the nearby statue guardian admonish the Bros. for taking "things" without permission.
  • During the boss fight against Smoldergeist, Starlow comments that it might get too hot with the purple fireballs against the she casts a random gust of wind out of nowhere. The Bros. just stare at her, possibly wondering how she could do that.
    • And possibly why she never did that before.
      • It's even better in the Japanese version: she tries a lame pun that causes a tumbleweed wind strong enough to blow out the fires of Smoldergeist.
  • Dreamy Luigi's introduction. Mario explores the Dream World solo up until reaching a door-puzzle area. Once you make it through that, Mario exits through the last door, but Luigi is now following him. Mario at first barely notices, probably because he's used to Luigi following him already, but remembers that Luigi is asleep, and is surprised.
  • If you go upstairs to the hotel part of Pi'illo Castle in the beginning, there are 2 Toads hanging out and trying to figure out where they should go, with the left Toad slowly lowering his standards due to the right Toad talking about all the dangers involved in each place.
    • First conversation:
      Left Toad: Sooooooooo... Where to? The mountains?
      Right Toad: The mountains are no joke! The weather up there can change in a SNAP, I tell you. You go up there in a light jacket, and BAM! Frozen.
      Left Toad: ...
    • Second conversation:
      Left Toad: Soooooo... the ocean?
      Right Toad: The ocean?! Another menace! This season is famed for its rogue ebb tides, I tell you. You're frolicking in the surf, and then BAM! Out to sea.
      Left Toad:...
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    • Third conversation:
      Left Toad: Soooooooo... Town, I guess?
      Right Toad: Into town?! Are you kidding me?! The flash crowds there simply swallow folks up, I tell you. You're shopping and then BAM! Never see your friends again.
      Left Toad: Well, this is going nowhere...
  • After Brickle gets stuck in the fountain machine, the nearby tourists are unimpressed that the machine is broken with his presence. The tour guides then make up some incredible facts to amaze them. It works.
  • Nearby, there's a Yoshi who wants to taste a fruit, but he can't do it because there's a Brock staring him from afar.
  • Boss Brickle trying to catch the rabbit in Dreamy Mushrise Park:
    Brickle (In carrot suit): Mm-MMM! Nummers! Ain't DAT tasty!
    Brickle (Performing slow body dance): You know you wanna! Have a nibble!
    Brickle (Beat): Just... try not to bite my face.
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  • At one point, the Bros. come across a badge shop, and the shopkeeper offers two badges for 1000 coins, but they seem to refuse the "deal". The Brock then starts to reduce the price, only for each of them to reply with "oh" and "hmm" as if thinking that the price is too damn high. It gets more and more ridiculous once the Brock desperately reduces the price to single digits until he gives up and gives them the badges for free.
    Brock Shopkeeper: I'll cut you a deal. Just 1,000 coins for a new pair of badges.
    Mario: Hmm...
    Brock Shopkeeper: Playin' hardball, are ya? OK, how about 500 coins?
    Luigi: Honh...
    Brock Shopkeeper: You're really twisting my arm here! 200 coins.
    Mario: Hmm...
    Brock Shopkeeper: 100 coins. Final offer!
    Luigi: Honh...
    Brock Shopkeeper: 80 coins?!
    Mario: Hmm...
    Brock Shopkeeper: 50!
    Luigi: Honh...
    Brock Shopkeeper: 30!
    Mario: Hmm...
    Brock Shopkeeper: 10!
    Luigi: Honh...
    Brock Shopkeeper: 5!
    Mario: Hmm...
    Brock Shopkeeper: FINE! ONE COIN!
    Mario and Luigi: Hmm.../Honh...
    Brock Shopkeeper: Going once... Going twice...
    Brock Shopkeeper: ...
    Brock Shopkeeper: Oh, what the heck... It's on the house.
    Mario and Luigi: ! *look at each other, then the shopkeeper, and jump* Yahoo!
    Brock Shopkeeper: I really gotta work on my haggling skills...
  • The first time Luigi uses a Luiginoid Generator, Mario and Dreambert tries with anticipation to watch it work. After a bit, a single Luiginoid pops out, causing both Mario and Dreambert to Face Fault (before more Luiginoids pop out, of course).
  • During their quest to find Big Massif, the tour guide inside the dream world suggests the brothers to take the "Mushroom Deep Dive" tour. Luigi looks giddy and wants to try it out until Mario stares back at him and makes him say no.
  • Luigi trying to cheer up Sorrow Fist to do better. Only at the end then Luigi realizes he's agreeing to his opponent saying that he will crush them.
    Sorrow Fist: It's pointless... I'll just lose...I stink at stuff... [begins crying] Bwaaaah...
    * Dreamy Luigi walks forward and Mario and the tour guide step back*
    * Dreamy Luigi says something to Sorrow Fist*
    Sorrow Fist: ...Believe in myself! You say?
    Dreamy Luigi: Oh, yeah!
    Sorrow Fist: Huh? Even someone like me can get huge?
    Dreamy Luigi: Oh, yeah!
    Sorrow Fist: I can rise to a challenge just like the other guys?
    Dreamy Luigi: Oh, yeah!
    Sorrow Fist: If I put my mind to it, I can totally beat you guys?
    Dreamy Luigi: Oh, yeah! ...
    * Mario and the tour guide step back step back into view*
    Tour Guide: Let battle number 2... BEGIN!
    Sorrow Fist: If I defeat you guys, I'll totally get buffer!
  • When the Bros. find Big Massif, his disciples try to show the brothers how strong he is. After some rock-breaking, they toss a huge boulder his way that is completely out of his league. He tries to destroy it with his head but he gets squashed underneath...then he pops back up behind the brothers. The disciples take this as a surprise opening attack from him, which he clearly didn't think about doing.
  • When you encounter Dreamy Li'l Massif, he'll explain the technique of pressing a switch to drop bombs then using the momentum of the Luiginoid stack coming back up to launch the bombs where you need them to be. It's possible to also accidentally (or deliberately) hit him using these bombs as well, causing him to do a Death Throw.
  • After the Mount Pajamaja episode, Dreambert remembers he had a Warp Pipe block that scatters golden pipes across the island for fast-travel purposes. Starlow is furious that he hadn't brought it up before, arguing with him and then ignoring him and casually referring to the prince as "Forgetbert" when talking to Mario and Luigi. It all plays like Belligerent Sexual Tension, and it's hilarious.
  • The Massif Bros. Just...the Massif Bros.
    • Taken quite literally with some of their "meatier" lines.
      Big Massif: BEEF
      Lil' Massif: STEAK!
      Big Massif: HUGE
      Massif Bros.: HAMS!
      Starlow: ...We've made a massive mistake.
      Nearby Hooski: Awesooooome...
    • Later on, the group opens the last gate on Mount Pajamaja, right before Mammoshka's area. The entire exchange is amazing.
      Big Massif: BEEF!
      Lil' Massif: FOR!
      Big Massif: TWO!
      Both Massifs: BEEF STEW!
      Starlow: What.
    • Waking up Big Massif from his nap provides us a humorous reaction when he realizes he's delayed the tour.
      Big Massif: *petrifies* OVERSLEEP!!
  • Drinking from the fountain on Mount Pajamaja makes Mario and Luigi fall into a deep (and very trippy) sleep, during which they apparently find a giant pile of mushrooms, consume to their hearts' content, grow huge, and then are unable to return to normal. A GAME OVER screen appears, and after a moment Prince Dreambert wakes them up.
    • There's also a trippy fountain in the Dream World version of Mount Pajamaja though the dream appears to have a happier ending. It's still Fission Mailed, though.
  • When Antasma starts up the Dreambeats, everyone on the island is affected but Dreambert, Antasma, Starlow, Mario and Bowser. While Dreambert, Antasma and Starlow apparently have a natural immunity to the Dreambeats and Mario just powers through the drowsiness, how does Bowser fight them off? He just covers his ears.
  • During their Dream Egg hunts, the Bros. have to talk to these quirky seahorse siblings to get their eggs:
    • The first one is convinced that Mario, Luigi, and Dreambert are part of his favorite anime, and the trio tries to impress him with poses and quotes. At the end of the day, the seahorse exclaims that it's just painful to watch the impostors do poses. He does admire them when they tell him of their mission to save a Damsel in Distress.
    • The second one is a seahorse girl who wants Dreambert to call her beautiful, despite her overuse of makeup. Dreambert gets completely irate every time he says it with dull emphasis.
    • The last one is a comedian specializing in incredibly lame puns, which can cross into So Bad, It's Good territory.
  • Once Mario and Luigi venture deep into the Dream World version of Driftwood Shore expanded by Dream Eggs, Peach is revealed to actually be Kamek in disguise. Apparently, Kamek likes dressing up as Peach.
    Kamek: What? You think I just wanted to wear this? Actually... Yeah, you know, this frilly pink thing is pretty darn cute, I must say. I mean, those blue robes are so DRAB. Sometimes I open the closet and just gag. ...Wait. HEY!"
  • The Zeekeeper has just brought Neo Bowser Castle crashing to the ground, and the first thing a Shelltop does is set up shop right in front of it.
    Shelltop: COMMERCE!
  • After Neo Bowser Castle rises up/falls down causes panic in the island, a quick talk with every citizen reveals that everyone you can talk to never left their spots for several reasons:
    • The Toads at the park ignore the Brock tours guide's warning to evacuate because they think it's an obvious marketing ploy of the island's attractions.
    • The Brickles at the park are quite confused as to what to do, but they're pretty indignant that their boss told them to just ignore the floating castle of doom in the sky.
    • The yellow Yoshi at the park laments that the trees didn't have any food on them after the earthquake took place.
    • A Toad exclaims that the fall of the castle was caused by him and congratulates himself for it, then adds that the brothers had some input in it.
    • In addition, one Beanish has this to say in regards to the castle falling. "At least that evil castle is on the ground now. Never thought I'd say THAT on my vacation."
  • Bedsmith's unsettling advances to nap on the Bros. and especially Dreambert.
    • Speaking of him, the avid Pi'illo collector has several nerdgasms any time the Bros. show him a new Pi'illo trinket.
  • In the ending, Dreambert was able to gather all of the fragments of the shattered Dream Stone, and asks the Zeekeeper to restore it. The Zeekeeper then turns the dust into an enormous floating coin. Dreambert's reaction is hilarious... and then the Zeekeeper breaks the coin into millions of regular coins. Dreambert staggers around afterwards in shock that the last treasure of the Pi'illo kingdom is gone, then begrudgingly admits that it's for the best.
  • At the Bonus Boss, once Bowser Jr. jumps out of the Clown Car, jump into it yourself. Laugh as you initiate a chase sequence where the Bros. are on the offensive, chasing Bowser Jr. down using his Clown Car and throwing junk at him.
  • After Grobot begins to hurt Brickle, his employees rush to the rescue and say this:
    Employee #1: Boss Brickle!
    Employee #2: Don't give up!
    Employee #3: I need a raise!
    • And then after Brickle gets thrown:
      Employee #4: You OK?
      Employee #1: Boss Brickle!
      Employee #2: LIVE, dangit!
  • Luigi's reaction upon Bowser Jr. entering the Battle Ring.
  • When Bowser enters Dream's Deep:
    Bowser: Time to fight, Mario! It's MY turn to kidnap her! It's Kidnapping Peach II... The Bowsering! TIME TO LOSE!
  • After the Bowser battle.
    Bowser: Mario! I'll be back for Peach! Don't let anyone else kidnap her until I get back!
  • The Law of Pajamaja manages to be a funny song. This song, combined with the BEEFY Massif Bros. and the absurd stories of the Muscle Lords, creates an unbelievably hilarious mood for Mt. Pajamaja.
  • Luigi's thoughts generally contain thoughts about how he wants to help Mario and be a hero... and the occasional "I fight ghosts!"
  • After you defeat Torkscrew, the beast finally spits up Britta. Several workers come over and start lamenting as the screen fades to black and ridiculously dramatic music begins to play. Then suddenly she says "I ain't dead!!" before getting back up and yelling at her workers.
    • Also of note is that Britta's "last" words are "Take over for me... Fire everyon-".
  • One of Big Massif's disciples, Beef Cloud, fights the Mario Bros., by sleeping through the entire battle (while healing his health).
  • The Bros. encounter Mammoshka on Mount Pajamaja and try to avoid awakening him by tiptoeing. They do well at first... until Luigi sneezes and wakes up the beast.
  • The Elite Trio's conversation before their boss battle:
    Private Goomp: Hoo boy! It's our big chance!
    Corporal Paraplonk: For real, guys, if we can finish them here... I don't wanna jinx it, but PROMOTION CITY!
    Private Goomp: Wait, what? I thought you said our career paths were already solid!
    Corporal Paraplonk: Yeah, listen, about that... ... Time out! Strategy meeting! Mario, we need a second!
    Private Goomp: Stay RIGHT there!
    Corporal Paraplonk: Look, we're already honor guards. Right? But if we nail this fight... We are talking about sitting at the big table! In head-honcho chairs!
    Private Goomp: H-head honchos?! You mean we might even be Kamek's superiors?!
    Corporal Paraplonk: YES, man! We could even be BOWSER'S superiors!
    Private Goomp: Oh, wow! Let's go stomp those guys! I would LOVE to boss around Bowser! *all three race back to the Mario Bros.* Mario! We're back! Thanks for waiting! Hey... Is he DOODLING? Don't doodle at us! ... HONCHO TIME!
  • Pi'illodium counts as this:
    Pi'illodium: Analysing foe potential... Chance of my victory: 120%
    Pi'illodium: Boot: Self destruct.
    Pi'illodium: Close call.
    Pi'illodium: Uncertainly rising.
    Pi'illodium: Cue beg mode.
    Pi'illodium: Activate: regret.
    Pi'illodium: Query: self-worth.
    Pi'illodium: Return in: 1,000 years!
    Pi'iilodium: Chance of my victory: slim
    Pi'illodium: Query?
    Pi'illodium: Laugh! Victory!
  • One of the Pi'illos claims to be a superhero and that the world would be safe again now that he's been revived by the Mario Brothers. Cue the Mario Brothers staring at him speechlessly.
  • The last time you talk to Bedsmith in Dreamy Somnom Woods, he'll try to chase Dreambert until Dreambert eventually decides to disappear from the dream world just because Bedsmith wants to sleep on him. Needless to say, Dreambert's not happy with that turn of events.
  • Walker Guys. They're tiny Shy Guys walking a huge Chain Chomp... except that in battle, it's less "walking" them than "hanging onto the chain for dear life as the Chomp throws him around". The Chain Chomps will even fling them off the chain into the Bros.!
  • The reveal on what the Zeekeeper's personality is really like. Especially when he starts totaling up the amount he wants to break the barrier around Neo Bowser Castle, surprising Mario with his final bill of 80,000,000 coins.
    Zeekeeper: Oh, DUDE! What is UP! It's been forever!
    • Also Mario's expression and response when Prince Dreambert says that Mario will give the Zeekeeper all of his coins in exchange for his help.
      Mario (nervously shaking his head back and forth): Noooooooo. (Prince Dreambert asks him again) Noooooooooooooooooo.
  • The third time Kamek tries to mess with the rooms you catch him by surprise, the normally calm and composed Kamek grumbles about how you borked his magic. It's especially funny because the first couple times he messes up the rooms before you even arrive.
  • Bowser's betrayal; slamming Antasma's face on the floor.


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