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Nightmare Fuel / Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

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  • Antasma. Considering his ability to feed off of nightmares, it's not surprising to be somewhat intimidated by him. Combined with his appearance, and the "SCREEEEEK!!" he does, and you'll be wondering if you can sleep on that pillow of yours.
  • The first time we visit Bowser's Dream, we're treated to this piece.
    • Not to mention there are dark colored faces of floating Bowser heads that randomly appear laughing demonically in there.
    • What makes this even worse are the implications. This isn't your goofy, comic relief Bowser. Outwardly, he just seems a bumbling powerhouse, but now that you're in his psyche, where all is lain bare? Bowser is genuinely as twisted and malicious as he claims to be. His mindscape is warped with visions of flowing magma, cannons laying waste to the landscape, iron chains wrapped over the very ether of the plane, cracked and decrepit brick walls locking everything in, sharp and dangerous protrusions everywhere. In hindsight, the Zeekeeper was dead-on before.
      Zeekeeper: This Bowser guy sounds like another nutjob.
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    • It also make the implications of this earlier scene worse. After summoning Neo Bowser Castle, Bowser and Antasma test its power by firing on nearby islands. Now if we assume that the islands were inhabited, and that Bowser is as genuinely malevolent as his dream makes him out to be, then we've just seen everyone's favorite Koopa King possibly murder god knows how many people onscreen. In one fell swoop, Bowser managed to reverse years of Villain Decay and remind players that underneath the ham, constant failures, and Villainous Crush is a villain who earned his title of "Great Demon King" for a reason.
    • About Neo Bowser Castle. Those "vines" running all over the place transmitting dream energy from Bowser to power the castle look a little too much like purple veins to be comfortable, especially when you get to Bowser's bedroom where they all converge like a heart.
  • Dream's Deep. It's like Bowser's Dream above, but different. The entire place is a bizarre garble of purple and green with neon Luigi faces floating in the background. Spinning and running Luigi holograms run all over the screen. And it's all accompanied with an eerie piece with tribal-sounding percussion.
    • The first time through, you're briefly separated from Luigi. There are quotes floating around the screen and in one segment there are multiple Luigi holograms that follow you, only to vanish when you turn around. To make things creepier, this is the deepest part of Luigi's subconscious. Some of the quotes are profoundly thought-provoking and give a lot of character to Luigi.
    "Don't leave me behind, bro!"
    "I'm not clumsy!"
    "Big Bro! Big Bro!"
  • Two words: Dreamy Bowser. Bowser inhales the fragments of the Dream Stone and becomes a Reality Warper. Now, Bowser is already powerful on his own, and is implied to be far more evil than we thought (see above). Who knows what would have happened if the Mario Bros. lost against Dreamy Bowser?
  • The Boss battle with Antasma is unsettling enough, but he takes it Up to Eleven in That One Attack. Once Mario gets damaged by him too much, he'll fall asleep by a certain chance. The screen fades black, and Antasma starts to attack Mario inside his nightmares. Antasma will chase and breathe purple fire at you in the creepily reddish nightmare world, with black warp holes all over the place which will make you fall into a pit full of sawblades you have to dodge. Unless you realize only one of them will lead you out to the real world, it'll loop all over again without stopping.


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