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Headscratchers / Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

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  • I'm not sure if this applies (the main series and M&L series being not the same canon as far as I'm concerned) but why do you need tons of Luiginoids to make Luigi giga if New Super Mario Bros. just has you eat a Mega Mushroom? Is it the Dream World's laws being in effect? Or is Giga Dreamy Luigi bigger than Mega Mario & Luigi in NSMB?
    • It's simply game mechanics in effect. The Luiginoids are one of the main gameplay gimmicks, so nearly everything is gonna revolve around them. It's also a fairly common for a large amount of the same being to merge into a GIANT version of the being. It's also just cool.
    • Maybe it has been a long time since Luigi saw a Mega Mushroom, and thus they aren't available in the Dream World. Additionally, most of the Giant Bosses destroy the area around them after they appear, making items harder to find.
  • After a certain point in the game, you have the opportunity to fight Gold Beanies that drop some very nice rewards. However, they are only found in the Dream World and apparently do not exist outside of it. So what about those Gold Beanies from Superstar Saga?
    • After Superstar Saga, the Gold Beanies went extinct. The ones you see in the Dream World are the imaginations of the normal Beanies.
  • The gravity-based Luiginary Work you use is controlled by spinning around the platform Luigi's sleeping on. The only problem is, how is Luigi's body and subconscious supposed to know what direction you've spun the platform? The platform's as level as it will get because it's floating on the water, and it could be possible Luigi doesn't sleep on it perfectly aligned. It might have something to do with the fact that it's a Dreampoint.
    • I think, since it's a Dreampoint, the platform itself is affecting the Dream World, as opposed to Luigi.
  • Why did the Zeekeeper turn the Dreamstone dust into a giant coin again? Of course his reasoning is that the Pi'illo Kingdom can rebuild on its own and that they don't need the Dream Stone to do so, and it's pretty much implied he's doing it for himself since he loves coins, but what of the Dream Stone's spirit? One imagines he probably cares if the Dream Stone hasn't been restored when it could've been. In fact, what happened to the Dream Stone's Spirit? Was he destroyed? If so, was it during the first breakage or the second one after Dreamy Bowser is beaten? Has he become a golden coin with eyes?
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  • Is it "PAH-ja-MAH-ja" or "Pa-JAH-ma-ja"? Is the pronunciation supposed to emphasize the word "pajama" or is it supposed to make it more subtle?

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