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Headscratchers / Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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  • What if Bowser tried going into one of the pipes that lead into his body?
    • Fool can't jump like that anyway. And besides, he wouldn't fit.
      • Let's just say he could, then what?
      • Then he couldn't go down the pipe anyway. See the logo on it? No shoes, no service.
    • Malkovich? Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich!
    • Decent people shouldn't think too much about that.
    • Once again, this boils down the problem of bringing Portal A (Pipe inside Bowser) through Portal B (Outside pipe).
    • Bowser X of course
      • That's just a clone, that's not the real Bowser.
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    • It would lead to Bowser being trapped inside himself (possibly permanently, completely seperated from the rest of reality. Kind of like how the universe box would work, except replace "box" with Bowser's outer body and "universe" with Bowser's interior. The real question is what would happen if he was killed while inside of himself.
    • Here's my question. Let's say Bowser can do whatever the Bros. can when inside himself. What happens if he uses the Rump command and becomes giant INSIDE HIMSELF?
      • Then everything gets bigger as Bowser gets bigger. Everything looks normal but technically isn't
  • Wait, the Shy Guy Corps Attack (second to unlock) has Bowser roll up into a ball. So why did Mario and Luigi have to fix his back from the inside to let him use it out of battle?
    • Because he couldn't climb vertical surfaces without ruining his back, of course.
      • He would still be able to roll around in the field without climbing.
      • Would he? The whole point of the Shy Guys is that they do the slingshotting necessary to send Bowser at the enemy, most likely because he can't manage it by himself.
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    • The Shy Guys roll him up in a ball, and since he isn't Limber enough at the time, he needs to be slingshotted in order to move. Once he IS able to move as a ball, he doesn't because the slingshot gives more force than rolling into the enemies.

  • Hey, if mushrooms given by enemies (i.e. the Jailgoons and the Trashures) heal Bowser, how come he can't eat normal mushrooms, and has to eat drumsticks to heal?
    • Because he prefers drumsticks, and wouldn't eat mushrooms voluntarily unless they handed it over to him.
      • Yet he'll eat giant mushrooms during his battles as a giant.
      • You tell him where he's gonna find giant drumsticks.
      • Mario And Luigi Dream Team has got you covered ... Bowser eats giant meats to recover himself. It's only in his dreams he can do this though.
      • From a giant chicken, of course!
      • On the subject, there is a DrummiedOut mushroom that the Bros. can use to heal Bowser while they're battling inside him.
    • Also, Bowser claims he hates vegetables, and gets a stomach ache from eating them. Now, technically speaking mushrooms aren't vegetables, but I doubt Bowser knows that. Yet he can still eat the mushrooms, and actually get healed from them, which is the opposite of causing pain. Logic error?
      • Mushrooms in this kingdom are known for their healing qualities. Perhaps the act of eating one also eliminates any ensuing aches and pains?
      • Well, Bowser doesn't look like he needs logic...
      • Gameplay and Story Segregation. The Mushrooms are just there to keep you alive, but in-story, he loves spicy drumsticks. (Who doesn't?)
      • Me. I'll take my Honey BBQ, and no spicy wings, thank you.
  • Why couldn't Mario and Luigi just stay outside of Bowser? Wasn't their main goal to exit him in the first place? Why couldn't they bring along the other Toads who were also stuck inside Bowser? On top of that, why can't they even see or go to Bowser when they exit him? I suppose there's Gameplay and Story Segregation, but still...

  • During the battle against Bowser in the middle of the game, when Bowser first uses his fire breath, Starlow tells the Bros to grab onto her so they can stay safe from Bowser's attack. Why does Bowser not recognize her voice as the voice of Chippy during this battle? He recognizes her as being Chippy after he defeats Dark Bowser, so why not during the battle with the Bros?
    • He did seem pretty focused on that roaring inferno brewing in his mouth at the time...
    • He hears Starlow's voice in the immediately adjacent conversation, and his response is to call her almost as annoying as Chippy. He simply hasn't put the facts together yet, which will become more clear once he sees her (along with Mario, Green Stache and everyone else) popping out of his mouth. (It also helps that Starlow refused his help at the beginning, while Chippy has asked for it to the point of annoyance.)
    • Well, when you're stuck inside of someone, expect your voice to be a bit muffled-sounding and distorted. Or hear it through your bones like your own voice.

  • Why is the Beehoss enemy not weak to fire attacks? It's a beehive crossed with a plant, and both beehives and plants don't take too well to fire. Yet fire attacks do normal damage to these things.
    • The makers probably Didn't Think This Through
      • Not everything have to follow Pokemon strength/weaknesses chart. Also, there's the glaring fact that not too many living organisms wouldn't like to be set on fire in the first place.
      • They're weak to it in the fourth game though.

  • So when you finally receive the Miracle Cure, Dr.Toadley metions that he's sure it will destroy the barriers blocking the path, but he doesnt know if it can defeat the Dark Star. This however ends up irrelevant since the Miracle Cure is never heard from again after you destroy he barriers, odd.
    • When the barriers are smashed, you can see the "core" of the Miracle Cure ejected from the star-shaped shell, suggesting that the energy necessary to break the barriers destroyed it.

  • When you're chasing Wisdurm for the Star Cure,, when you reach the boo barrier it crawls under, Luigi falls into the mucus. and he come back to mario's location that contains pits only crossable by the spin jump, which requires both bros. How?

  • When you first unlock the Pipe Yard area, it's blocked off by a red pipe that's too high to jump over. At some point in the game, the pipe is broken, allowing the Bros. to proceed. The pipe doesn't go anywhere once it's been broken, Mario and Luigi can't reach the top before said pipe is snapped, and there aren't any other red pipes in the overworld. Where would red pipe have gone?
    • Nowhere, just like many of the pipes in regular Super Mario games (if memory serves).
    • Bowser only seemed to inhale important pipes, so I doubt that.
    • Actually, if you look at the ground in the Trash Pit closely (bottom right corner in the screenshot), you can see that the place is littered with green pipes.

  • Why did the Star Sprites not bother to destroy the Dark Star or hide it somewhere safer, or are the ancients stupid to not even think about what happens in the future?
    • Maybe it was too powerful for the ancient Star Sprites to destroy, and weakened in the present by its long slumber.
    • Most stories about sealing an ancient evil come mention that outright destroying it wasn't an option through one way or another. In this one, even with a weakened star it was pretty much invulnerable until you started hitting it with pieces of itself. After that you hurt it after it's power is split and it's unleashing it's power which you could hand wave as a trading defense for offense sort of deal. As for the location, really there's just no such thing as a safe place to hide a Sealed Evil in a Can period in any story ever. Fawful was able to turn both the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom upside down on his own, there's aren't really many more places you could put the thing any safer.


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