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Gray intentionally spells her name with an "a" instead of the British spelling...
  • To create another degree of separation to the Legend of King Arthur.

Gray's name isn't the color at all. It's the first part of "Grave."
  • She refers to it when she unleashes Rhongomyniad.

Hephaestion will make an appearance in the anime.
  • Seeing that the anime will be adapting Volumes 4 and 5 of the novels where Faker, Hephaestion's sister, makes her first appearance.
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  • And seeing that Lord Melloi II is often compared to Eumenes, we might see him as well.

The reason why Ernest Fargo abused his daughter and her maid in the first place
  • Although it wasn’t stated his reason why he abused Mary and her maid, Claire in Episode 2, but it's assuming that he found out his daughter is a lesbian. Which makes senses since he want his bloodline to carry over to the next generation. He fears that if Mary decides to end his legacy with her, then the Fargo bloodline will die out. That explains why Fargo wants to become immortal so that he can continue the bloodline by himself.

The possible English Dub voice cast if the dub ever comes out (with the exceptions of Waver, Flat, Caules, Luvia, Kairi, and Olga)
Waver's voice deepened due to his frequent smoking.
  • In the anime at age 22, his voice is still the same as he was at 19 in Fate/Zero, but after teaching the El-Melloi class for 3 years, his voice becomes deeper, and by age 29, his voice is incredibly deep.
Waver has some Asian heritage
1. His appearance is a bit ethnically ambiguous — not necessarily Asian, but not necessarily white either.
2. In episode 13, he mentions being a "cheap drunk" and develops a bright pink Drunken Glow from drinking. This could be caused by the alcohol flush reaction that's most common in people of East Asian descent.
Related to the above, this possible East Asian genetics may be the very reason why he is the host for Zhuge Liang in Fate/Grand Order.
  • In fact, much like Shirou Emiya's possible direct descent from Muramasa (as implied in Shimosa), Waver's potential distant relation to Zhuge Liang makes him the best compatible host for his Saint Graph.

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