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The Angel Grove seen destroyed in the JLA crossover
Is the Angel Grove of the DC universe destroyed because Zedd is just that petty
  • Issue 2 implies that Zedd struck a deal with Brainiac to shrink down and capture the city, so this is jossed for the time being.

The Justice League will give a What the Hell, Hero? to the Rangers
While they're attempting to subdue the monsters around the world, the Rangers will do their thing and just straight up kill one since that's what they do all the time and don't see why that would be any different here. Some of the JL will side with the Rangers since it was the fastest option available but others will be wary since the Rangers do have a lot of firepower on their side and seem willing to kill, though the Rangers could smooth things over by clarifying that they've only fought monsters that are just clay creations brought to life and didn't realize the one they faced this time was actual flesh and blood.
  • Jossed, the monsters were more to distract both teams and separate the Rangers so Brainiac could steal their communicators and Power Coins.

When the teams try to return to the PR universe
We'll get a brief glimpse of some familiar universes during the process.

Atop the Fourth Wall will review this series at some point
Linkara's a huge Power Rangers fan and such a thing can't be something he can ignore.

The comic will be adapted into an animated film, a la Batman vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The aforementioned film has gotten nothing but positive reactions, so somebody may just consider it. There could be significant changes though:
  • The film will be called Justice League vs. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to emphasize similarities to the TMNT crossover.
  • There won't be any universe hopping; Angel Grove will simply exist as a city on DC's Earth and the Rangers and League will be aware of each other before they fight, which will be for a different reason.
  • A member of the Justice League will be Adapted Out and replaced by another, possibly more obscure hero:
    • Cyborg will be replaced by Doctor Light, Mister Terrific, or the Atom.
    • John Stewart will be replaced by Vixen, Simon Baz, or Hawkgirl.
    • The Flash will be replaced by Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, or Aquaman.
    • There's no way they wouldn't include all three members of the Trinity.
  • More characters from both franchises will make cameos.
    • Any of the Adapted Out Leaguers or the recommended replacements could appear as being captured by Zedd and/or Brainiac.
  • Batman will be the same one from Batman vs The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with Troy Baker reprising his role.
    • Going off the cameo idea, Batgirl (Barbara) and Robin (Damian) appear as well, if ever briefly.
    • He'll allude to the events of the film in an offhand way, but not mention the Turtles or the Foot Clan by name.

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