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One representative from each class will survive.
Almost all of the characters given significant screen time are in on the escape attempt. It's been Word Of God'd that there are more major character deaths planned. It stands to reason that several people are going to die escaping or attempting to escape. Predictions for the final team:
  • BLU Spy: Obviously. He's the Narrator, after all.
  • BLU Scout: Because he's the Love Interest, unless he's a goner due to Suicidal Overconfidence.
  • RED Medic
  • RED Sniper: Because BLU's doomed anyway
    • Jossed. Rojo probably killed him out of paranoia.
      • Back on the table, he's among allies and getting treated, though him being alive isn't yet confirmed.
  • RED Pyro: BLU Pyro will make a Heroic Sacrifice, adding lots of angst and forcing Bleu to interact with the the source of his fears.
    • Or RED Pyro will make a Heroic Sacrifice, completely changing Bleu's views about him/her.
    • Jossed. Bleu kills RED Pyro with the RED Scout's pistol.
  • RED Engineer
    • Jossed—both of them survive!
  • BLU Heavy
  • BLU Demoman
  • BLU Soldier
    • Jossed. He was left behind.

They're just hiding.
Red and/or Sniper's deaths are faked. It's part of an alternate escape plan (or maybe the plan all along, if it included gathering witnesses to their deaths to make them "official").
  • Red had the Dead Ringer on him when he was shot (since every other character on the scene was on BLU, they would not be able to see his outline). Sniper's Eye Scream may be another ploy, where Red acted it out disguised as Rojo and BLU Medic was in on it, or it was an unfortunate complication. Not replacing his eyes is a lie, though. Either way, Sniper took a Fake Death Pill, revived, and they both sped away together in the camper van.
  • Red is actually dead, but Sniper is still alive. He's either coincidentally gone from the room when Bleu and Scout come to check up on him in the morning, or he's been moved somewhere else by Rojo, who is disguised as BLU Medic.
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  • Sniper is actually dead, but Red is still alive. He couldn't return right away for whatever reason, and by the time he does, it'll be too late.

Who is Bleu talking to, anyway?
There've been several theories, including:

  • A psychologist, or some other kind of therapist
  • The escapees' would-be captors
  • RED Pyro
    • Jossed.
  • And even Rojo.
    • This one is actually pretty plausible because, upon careful examination, there is NEVER narration when Rojo is on-screen — there's no need for it. That, and he mentioned that he didn't have a choice in talking to whoever-it-is... Bleu even gets to make a jab: "You know, I think I like the previous RED Spy better."

Rojo was specifically sent to demoralize or eliminate the would-be escapees.
Because, come on. The fact that
he replaced Red, the one who came up with the plan to begin with AND blinded Sniper, which led to his doctor-assisted suicide CAN'T be coincidence.
  • Add to that the loss of the BLU Engineer's hand, and the theory seems more and more true...

This implies that the headquarters (obviously different from the canonical administration Valve gave us) ALREADY KNOW ABOUT IT. Which isn't that suprising, given that the BLU computer is a giant video feed of both bases.

This also ties in with the above question of who Bleu's talking to...

The above is what Kytri WANTS you to think.
He's actually the handler for the sleeper agent that will eliminate them all in one go... RED Medic.
  • Confirmed! Okay, not completely, but the spoilered part I nailed.

Rojo is collecting body parts to build a super soldier.
Sniper's eyes, Engie's hand... My guess is he'll go for Scout's legs next.
  • He actually wants to build a super body for himself. He's clearly picking the best parts he can find, which leads me to think he's going to use his own brain. He's surely not the kind of guy who would admit that anyone is smarter than he is (and from what we've seen, he may actually be right on that one). Also he'll have BLU Medic stitch the body together. It has been implied that he is quite good at transplanting organs, and he's surely mad enough to do it. Plus he has a freezer full of bodies, which he can use complete the body with organs Rojo can't find.

Bleu's first and only kill in the entire comic will be Rojo.
And it will be glorious.
  • Oh, almost forgot. Bonus awesome points if the finishing blow lands the bastard in a fire.
  • I'm betting Rojo does something to Scout. If anything could get Bleu angry enough to kill, it's be Scout dying or being irreparably injured.

BLU Scout will be the key to Rojo's plan foiling.
If there's anyone that will realize the 'Bleu' in front of them is not the real Bleu, it'd be Scout.
  • Looking to be Jossed, everyone else is aware of the real Bleu, but Scout is separated from them.

Bleu lied.
Not about everything, of course, since we've seen him fumble before. But think about it: Would he have told Rojo that story, in that much detail, which would in turn put his friends in danger, without slipping in something to throw him off? Bleu may be a bad Spy by 2Fort standards, but he's still a Spy!

If this is true, then what did he lie about? That's the real mystery!

In fact... see a minor Plot Hole? Fumble in the storytelling. That's all.

Alternatively, he didn't mention everything the audience saw.
He may have only used the narrations plus whatever else he'd need to say to make the story coherent (such as anytime Rojo appears). These missing parts would be the only things we don't know. But think: There were loads and LOADS of panels without narration, and really. Could anyone remember that many conversations and retell them in that much detail? Maybe some of those things got cut in the testimony.

RED Medic is being blackmailed into helping Rojo
Okay, in TF2 canon, the Medic is implied to, if not be a former Nazi, then have Nazi sympathies. BLU Medic's been portrayed as fairly similar to canon portrayal, but what if Kytri's pulling a bait and switch, and RED Medic was the one that used to be a Nazi? Rojo could have found out and used that to get him to help against Bleu, since, yeah, it'd be a bad thing if his team found out he was a Nazi.
  • Possibly Jossed. The comic takes place in 1988, over 40 years after WWII ended. It's still possible that Anton has Nazi sympathies, but there's no way in hell he was a Nazi during the war.

If Bleu did lie, the most important lie was about the intel.
The question Bleu was asked was how he knew the intel was useless. He never answers this. Never. Red did say at one point that it was "filler", but it was a passing mention and how he figured that out to begin with is never brought up. This implies that the how of it, and, if known, the why of it, is important.
  • If Bleu is an Unreliable Narrator, then it's just as likely that Red never actually said anything about the contents.
  • Hang on. OP here with a bout of Fridge Logic: The question is How did Bleu know that the intel is useless? The answer is: He looked at it, of course! I mean, it's actually a huge part of how Bleu began to suspect that the corporations were one instead of two anyway... wow, self. But one question does remain, make no mistake, and that question is: Why did Bleu dance around the answer by telling his entire 2Fort story?
    • It isn't his whole story. There's a timeskip of a few months somewhere between this page and this page. Notice the age of RED scout's pet chicken.
    • Chickens take 2-4 months, tops to mature depending on the breed. And because Peep-Peep is still changing physically, he's likely not an adult yet. Based on the age of the chicken, I'd say only 4-6 weeks passed between those panels. Aaaaand another entry for the "First Sentence" game.

One of the former BLU Spies killed RED Pyro's best friend/lover.
Pyro either lost the chance to get revenge (someone else killed the BLU Spy responsible) or went insane and now has a personal vendetta against all Spies, even though the loved one and the murderer are both long-since dead. RED Pyro may also get a Heel–Face Turn, to spite Rojo if nothing else.

RED Pyro is a woman.
... because it needed to be said.

Kytri said in an interview the characters are based on common fanon interpretations and cited the pyros specifically as good examples of the team contrast. "Pyro is a girl" is one of the fandom's dearest theories, so it would really be much more surprising if it didn't make an appearance in Cuanta Vida. We also know BLU Pyro is a man already, so if they really contrast that much, RED Pyro has to be female.

  • Even if both of the Pyros are male, this will be discussed at some point, and the conversation will end with all parties more confused than they were before.
  • Well, technically all we know about BLU Pyro is that he's got a wide, sharply-angled chin, heavy facial scarring (or possibly poorly-shaved facial hair), a Keet/Genki Girl personality, and a "surprisingly nice voice". Pyro could have gotten in a horrific traffic accident or something (I definitely think BLU Pyro's a guy, though). So far, RED Pyro has seemed more like the masculine type of Psychopathic Manchild, and BLU the Genki Girl type, but if they do "contrast that much", it makes sense for them to have reverse gender stereotypes for the way they display their insanity/psychopathy (especially considering that the official comments from Valve on their TF2 Female pinups include that they should have had girl!Pyro drinking beer and watching football).

RED Spy and BLU Sniper knew that the Scouts had a thing for the Spy

Look at the last panel. They both look like they've just realised something, and considering how the Scouts are fighting, what else could it be?I would launch into a 'Red was planning to get them together'' spiel here, but, y'know, he died and all...

Also, this isn't an important or particularly plot-relevant theory at all. I just felt like suggesting it.

  • Confirmed?
    • Whoever linked that, you are a gentleman and a scholar.
      • Gentlewoman and a scholar. *tips hat* S'what I'm here for.

Rojo is trying to disable the entire BLU team
....Or more specifically, disable each member in their area of work/expertiese. Because they can't replace anyone whilst they're still alive, if Rojo managed to accomplish this, then the BLU team would be a load of sitting ducks. So far Rojo has taken BLU Sniper's eyes - (what use is, or rather was, a sniper if they' can't see), and cut off BLU Engie's hand (although he said he'd build a new one, for the moment it'll be rather difficult to quickly build things with only one hand). Following this, and the most recent comic page, it seems that Rojo is now going to go after Scout, by probably breaking his legs, or hamstringing him.
  • Looks like you nailed it on the head.

Nay, Rojo is trying to commit mass genocide on both sides!
He may or may not save himself, depending if you view him as Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil.

The ending will involve Spot the Imposter.
Rojo and Bleu will end up in an all out brawl. Somewhere in the process one or both of the Spies disguises himself as the other. Then when they're at their end, Scout shows up pointing a gun at them both. Each insists that they're the real Bleu. Scout must invoke Something Only They Would Say.
  • Sounds pretty plausible to me. It could even be Rojo disguising as the Scout and Bleu pointing the gun, although that's less likely. I'm intrigued as to what he's say to prove his identity, though...
    • Admission of love?
    • That's what I was hoping, to be honest. But Rojo's enough of a magnificent bastard to be able to figure that out. Oh, never mind, it looks like he's going up in flames anyway

The Gunslinger is a shout out to Cuanta Vida.
Now in-game the Engineer gets a new cyborg hand. That's too far to be coincidence.

Rojo's brutality started with a heavy blow to the gonads.
He took BLU scout's kick to the crotch pretty well. Perhaps this is due to some sort of super-tough spy training, but what if it's because he has nothing to kick there? Maybe he became a eunuch because of a botched mission and, in an attempt to reassure people of his masculinity, became more vicious and unmerciful.

Bleu will die.
With the setting, it's possible.Page 107 makes this very likely.
  • Jossed. Bleu survives. Look at page 108.
  • Well, he's not dead as of that page. He survived Rojo's attack, but it ain't over yet.
  • A few pages later, he's getting patched up. [[supersecretspoiler: Unless it's all a hallucination.]]

Rojo is/was/has/wants to rape Medic
This has pretty much been accepted by the community, but is worth posting anyway.

Bleu is Asexual.
He's completely and utterly Oblivious to Love, but it's more than that. He has no clue what Heavy's wishing Scout luck with here, despite the fact that he and Scout are in their skivvies and on the same bed. He doesn't interpret ANY of Scout's behavior in a sexual or romantic context, simply because it doesn't occur to him. Similarly, when Red is flirting with him early in the comic, he doesn't seem to know that that's what he's doing, and he also says talking about Red and Sniper's relationship was 'educational,' here. Also, he has no idea why Liam doesn't want to talk here (hint: Redis 'visiting'). And when Scout confesses his feelings, he says he is 'fond' of him. I am asexual, and have a tendency to describe my significant others in vague, platonic-ish terms ('fond', he or she is 'sweet', 'close', et cetera). I'm probably projecting, but I think it adds another layer to the story. Also, I'm assuming Bleu is asexual but not aromantic.
  • More likely to be a facet of Bleu's "not a good spy" character trait. In addition to killing people, Spies are also supposed to be charismatic smooth-talkers who can get into the pants of enemies' mothers. Bleu, instead, is socially inept and a clutz with intimacy. There's also this (NSFW.)
  • And now this bit of squee-inducing moment, although, it does take place in TWIYEH-verse.
  • It's in regards to TWIYEH, but...

BLU Medic is in on Rojo's plan.
I know he's supposed to be a sadistic mad doctor, but not even someone like that should be that eager to euthanize Scout unless he's getting something out of it.

Ever since his arrival, Rojo has been the BLU Medic all along.
It was never shown on page, but Rojo's first victim was actually the BLU medic. The team will eventually find the body of the real medic.

The Blue Medic was directly working against Rojo to protect the team.
As we know, Rojo's goal is to disable all of BLU Team, for all we know so far, he doesn't want them dead. Medic is working against this by killing those Rojo has already gotten to. If Medic didn't try kill them, all of BLU team would eventually be nothing but human shaped targets while RED steamrolls them. He's doing what's best for the team as a WHOLE, even if it means finishing off his own teammates. (This still doesn't take away from the fact that he is a jerk)
  • Confirmed.

The former BLU Spy was even worse than Rojo.
And he focused his evilness in the RED Pyro.

Medic's death will initially be blamed on Rojo, or will be thought of as suicide.
Now that Heavy has found Medic's body, the main blame will be placed on Rojo (perhaps by Jeremy), who is seen as the main threat at the moment. Additionally, Medic's death may be (accidentally) thought of a suicide, thinking along the lines of that Rojo had incacipated him somehow, and so in order not to be a dead weight on the team, Medic then killed himself.

Rojo, like Bleu, has a killing inhibition.
Rojo leaves each of his victims alive, opting to cripple them instead of killing them. Supposedly, he does so to make sure the BLU team won't recieve replacements, but the real reason he doesn't kill them is because he can't. That's why he left Bleu alive (and tied up) on the train and the same reason he hasn't victimized Heavy, Demoman, Medic, or Pyro: he can't think of a way to disable them without killing them.The comic's finale will involve Bleu's character arc coming to a conclusion and willing himself to overcome his killing inhibition before Rojo can do the same. This will result in him becoming the ruthless, backstabbing, suave, sociopath that spies are in-canon for an extremely dark Downer Ending.

Rojo will have a Heel Realization.
Rojo believes he's the hero, doing whatever it takes to defeat BLU. He doesn't see his opponents as people with their own hopes, dreams and weaknesses; he only sees soldiers, and thinks that he's cleverly gaming the system. When this blows up in his face and he's finally forced to see the others as more than just RED or BLU members, and discovers that not all of them even want to be there... And will be faced with a Sadistic Choice: Let the escapees run away from the war, giving them a chance at happy, normal lives even though that will mean sacrificing all he's done so far... Or stop them despite their not wanting to fight, which will involve attacking his own teammates.

This will not go over well. Most likely, he'll try to ignore this or frantically fall back on his various justifications as they are relentlessly stripped away.

Rojo is Alpha
As a number of people have pointed out, it is... rather unlikely that he would be able to cleanly remove BLU Sniper's eyes, implying no struggle, while the latter was still conscious. Unless, of course, he had no time to struggle. And who else do we know who's able to commit incredible acts of violence in a ridiculously short amount of time? Alpha, of course.

Bleu will make a Face–Heel Turn.
Or at least, he will pretend to. After all, a spy's all about deception, isn't he? As part of his character development, he'll get more badass as to becoming a good spy. And of course, he'll pull off the rather infamous yet cliche line to Rojo (or whoever else antagonizes him) "I never really was on your side".

Rojo is a woman.
He didn't react at all to being kicked in the groin, and is awfully pretty.
  • A proper kick to the groin is by no means painless for the ladies either...

The story is technically being told In Medias Res.
Bleu is pinned down somewhere recording into a tape deak after his escape failed. This could still be a Bittersweet Ending if Bleu's escape failed as part of a Heroic Sacrifice
The entire series is a metaphor for Prison
There are no women(which explains the Ho Yay) and the main cast is trying to escape. Coincidence?

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