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Funny / Cuanta Vida

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  • "I...I killed 'im." "YAAY!"
  • "Yer not gonna start cryin' are ya? 'Cause I'd much prefer if you didn't."
  • From Scout: "Bitch! Don't argue!"
  • Two words: "Pickle thief".
  • "Spah?" "GYAAH!"
  • "Hello Doctor!" "GYAAAH!"
  • "Mthrr ffkkrr."
  • "Yrr uh jrrk!" May count as Pyro's Moment of Awesome, considering this is followed by him setting Rojo on fire.
  • "You... homo... gay." "Merci."
  • Page 45:
    BLU Spy: When did you see a van at the Red base?
    BLU Scout: A while ago. I got lost in there a few times.
    BLU Spy: The bases are identical.
    BLU Scout: I got lost here too! Place is fuckin' huge!
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  • Page 44 gives us this exchange:
    BLU Scout: I already know about [the RED Spy]. Fucker tried to kiss me once.
    RED Spy: *Looking awkward* Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
    BLU Sniper: *In the background, facepalming*

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