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Crash Nitro Kart's story will be adapted into the Adventure Mode.
The press release has already stated that there will be additional tracks, and considering the four team karts from CNK have been sighted in the trailer, there's a decent chance that the story of that game could be adapted as a post-game thing (perhaps after beating Oxide with all relics in hand) in order to justify the tracks from that game returning here. Perhaps Velo will take notice of your character's accomplishments, and a re-adaptation of the game's story will occur (albeit altered since there are no teams here and Dingodile, Polar and Pura aren't brainwashed).
  • Jossed.

Komodo Joe’s boss race will be a Dual Boss with Komodo Moe.
With no technical limitations, Moe could finally show up and race alongside his brother. Plus, this was also done with Norm in Crash Nitro Kart, so this seems fully possible.
  • Inexplicably jossed. Moe isn't even in the base game, barring a mention in Joe's "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.
    • It's confirmed that Moe will show up in a future Grand Prix somewhere down the line.
    • As of the Spooky Grand Prix of October 2019, Komodo Moe now joins the lineup sharing the Balanced style with his brother, Komodo Joe.

Characters from previous games will be unlockable or DLC
Considering the
Adaptation Expansion that has occurred, it's more than likely that previously ignored characters will make a grand return as playable characters. Such as Koala Kong, Tawna Bandicoot, Komodo Moe, N. Brio, Hog, and Rilla Roo.
  • And perhaps characters from future games too, like Pasadena, Nina, and even The Evil Twins.
  • With the confirmation that all characters from Nitro Kart will be playable, there's a strong possibility that the bosses (who were only available in the game Boy advance version) will be unlockable. Giving players a chance to use Characters like Geary, Norm, Nash, Krunk, and Emperor Velo's more imposing form.
    • The 4 bosses are confirmed. Fake Velo isn't yet, outside of a cameo in Hyper Spaceway. Then again, if the datamine's any indication, he'll probably show up somewhere down the line.
    • This also includes Spyro as he's actually been an unlockable playable character back in Crash Nitro Kart for the Game Boy Advance, though only exclusively for that game. He's already got his front limbs changed and has opposable thumbs, and the Crash and Spyro twitters have been paying respectful nods towards each other in homage to Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games' past—surprise! Spyro's confirmed from the E3 reveal.

There will be customizable engines in the full game.
Considering how almost every other modern kart racer released these days has some method of changing character stats, something along the lines of it could be a feature here, especially given how the Balanced and Handling characters were Tier-Induced Scrappies in the original game. Think giving Crash a Speed engine, or Polar an Accel engine, or Dingodile a Balanced engine.
  • Jossed - there are no engines to customize. The character decides what stats the player has, and that's it.
    • Maybe for an update or DLC later down the line?
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  • Confirmed as of the Halloween GP.

Penta Penguin will keep his "penguin yay one/two" quotes.
In the original, these lines were placeholder quotes that were accidentally left in the final product. As a reference to this, he could say these quotes, albeit in a more fitting, penguin-like voice to be less out of place.
  • Alternatively, the achievement for unlocking Penta will be called Penguin Yay One, Penguin Yay Two.
    • Penta Penguin kept his "penguin yay one" line, with his in-game voice. However, there is no trophy for unlocking Penta Penguin in the game.

The Trophy Girls are no longer part of the trophy presentation screen because they have been made playable characters.
  • Confirmed! They were added to the game with the first Grand Prix (Nitro Tour) as the Nitro Squad, complete with additional motorsport racing outfits, led of course, by none other than Tawna Bandicoot.

A future grand prix will take place at Von Clutch's MotorWorld
It'll introduce a bonus track that is a mish mash of all the parks (the backstory is do to a mishap, all of the parks formed into one track) and Von Clutch, Pasaneda, and Willie Wumpa Cheeks will be racers.
  • Von Clutch and Pasadena do appear, but not Willie or the Motor World.

Gurin, Penta Penguin's girlfriend from the manga Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken, will be added into the game
And she'll have the "Penguin Yay Two" line, since Penta only has "Penguin Yay One".

Characters who were cut from other Crash Bandicoot games will be added in this game
Just because they ended up on the cutting room floor doesn't mean that there isn't potential for them to cut it up on the racetrack.
  • There was a hyena character that was planned for the original Crash Bandicoot (1996) game, but he ended up scrapped. This would be the perfect opportunity to finally implement him, and give him an actual name instead of a moniker.
  • The three doctors from the cancelled Cortex Chaos, Doctor N. Tangle, Doctor N. Tertain, and Doctor N. Tombed, could make a proper appearance here. And we'd finally get to see proper designs for them to boot!
  • If Evil Crash got added into Nitro-Fueled, I don't think it'd be unreasonable to expect Evil Coco and Good Cortex too.
    • Evil Crash and Coco will most likely be called Nega Crash and Coco instead when they are added.
  • All Jossed.

Yaya Panda from the Mobile Phone Crash Nitro Kart games will be added into this game
  • Possibly Confirmed. In a recent datamine for the Winter Festival Grand Prix, Yaya Panda has been discovered as one of the new characters.
  • CONFIRMED! Yaya Panda is in as of the "Winter Festival" Grand Prix!

If we ever get a playable Titan in this game, it'll only be Ratcicle
Both Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant are heavily disliked by the fandom for temporarily killing the series, so Activision and Beenox might not be too keen on including them.

So chances are we might only get one Titan, and out of all of them, Ratcicle is probably the most likely since he seems to be the "mascot" of those games.

One of the Brat Girls will be added to the game since Nina says take out the Trash girls.

  • Jossed. No Titans were added, same for Brat Girls.

Crash Nitro Kart adventure mode will be a future DLC
They already have all the tracks from the game done, they just need to recreate the cutscenes and hub worlds.
  • They may also come with the boss-only "hover bikes" from CNK as an unlockable kart. And, this is just wishful thinking, but they might also come with CNK's main menu theme.
  • Jossed for Nitro Kart's adventure mode, but the boss karts have been added.

Sparx will take the place of the Mask powerup for Spyro
He inexplicably had Uka-Uka in the GBA version of Nitro Kart, which will probably be changed for this version. But Aku-Aku wouldn't make sense either. If the first update added Nitro Kart's Velo mask, new mask designs for future DLC isn't out of the question. Sparx surrounding Spyro with a yellow aura could work.
  • Confirmed, Spyro will have Sparx as his mask, as well as Hunter and, for some strange reason, Gnasty Gnorc.

Spyro won't be the only new character for his Grand Prix.
Hunter, Elora, the Professor, and Ripto are probably likely as well. Nestor, Gnasty Gnorc, Bianca, the Spyro 3 friends, and the Sorceress are also possibilities.
  • The Grand Prix is called Spyro and Friends, so confirmed. According to the datamine, the characters are Spyro, Hunter, Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto and the Sorceress.
    • Inexplicably semi-jossed, as the only Spyro characters to appear are Spyro, Hunter and Gnasty Gnorc.

Nathan Drake will be added to a future Grand Prix.
Crash showed up in Uncharted 4, so why not?
  • He'll probably be restricted to the PlayStation 4 version, for obvious reasons.
  • Jossed. He was never added.

Balanced and Turning will get a Balance Buff at some point later.
Considering they're both considered terrible in-game (Balanced due to its deceptively below-average stats, a leftover from the original PS1 game, Turning due to its poor design in general), Beenox will end up buffing them so they can actually stand a fighting chance against Accel and Speed characters.

The guy wearing the Crash costume in the old game commercials will be a DLC character
He'll be called "Commercial Crash." His quote for when you pick him will be "Hey, plumber boy, mustache man, your worst nightmare has arrived" from the commercial from this commercial from the first game.
  • A Lab Assistant will be in the Commercial Crash suit.

Mr. Bad Belly will become a skin for Papu Papu
  • The Bad Belly Bounce would be the victory animation for that skin.

Dingodile, Pura, and Polar will receive skins based on their hypnotized appearances in Nitro Kart.

Or "N. Tranced Dingodile" could even be his own character, complete with his old ham-fisted lines.

Guesses for future Pit Stop costumes.

Characters from past Grand Prixs will receive new skins down the line
Nitro Squad, e.g.
  • Confirmed. Tawna got a new skin in the Spooky GP.
  • Ami, Megumi, Liz and Isabella also got new skins in the Neon Circus GP.
  • Baby Crash, Baby Coco, Spyro and Nina got new ones as well, in the Winter Festival and Rustland GPs.

Certain characters from the datamine are being saved for either future GPs or reissues of previous ones
It seems rather odd that two of the GPs have each had five potential characters leaked in the datamine, only to end up cutting two when the GP actually drops (the Back N. Time GP cut Baby Cortex and Baby Tropy while the Spyro & Friends GP cut Ripto and the Sorceress), a trend that may continue with future GPs if these two are any indication (the Nitro Squad GP doesn't count since all four Trophy Girls absolutely had to come together). The simplest explaination is that they're being saved for either future GPs, or, if there are no plans for new GPs beyond the first six months, reissues of old GPs with new content that the originals didn't have.
  • Or maybe it'll be a mixture of both, with new GPs to keep things fresh and old GPs that'd be rerun and given new content to gauge interest.
  • The GP format has been dropped, but Baby Cortex and Baby Tropy have been confirmed, alongside the reissue of older GP content.

Cortex is the "canon" winner of Adventure mode's story.
While unlikely, Cortex was present in the opening cutscene with Crash and Coco. However in both cutscenes when you beat Oxide. He is absent.

The Winter Festival Grand Prix's featured character has been inspired by "Fasty".
If one inspects the character's shadow, it's possible to make out features of a pilot suit and a snout that look similar to Fasty/Trippo the hippo, a character that used to mistakenly be assumed to be a cut character from the original Crash Team Racing, but was actually a mascot for a website that never got off the ground. If the resemblance is accurate, the new character would make for a neat homage to this myth.
  • Confirmed with Hasty, whose name is also similar.

Ami and Megumi are Punch-Clock Villains
Building up from how in Crash Team Racing the two presented trophies to the villainous characters (the Doctors, Tiny, Dingodile), the two are among the many anthros Cortex and Co. have serving them. They're protected by Aku Aku and otherwise fine with paling around with Tawna since they only serve Cortex and Co. out of payment/food/lodgings or from closeness/loyalty, with them otherwise not engaging in villainous behavior.

Suggestions for future playable characters
  • The unnamed boar from Crash 1 (Acceleration)
  • Lab Assistants (Turning)
  • Baby Cortex (Turning)
  • Baby N. Tropy (Drift)
  • Victor & Moritz (Evil Twins) (Acceleration)
  • Rusty Walrus (Speed)
  • Mega-Mix (Balanced)
  • Elora (Turning)
  • Bianca (Drift)
  • The skunk from Twinsanity (Turning)
  • The Viscount (Drift)
  • Mr. Crumb from the 99X game (Drift)
  • Professor (Turning)
  • Sgt. Byrd (Acceleration)
  • Alternate Tawna (Acceleration)
    • Mega-Mix has been confirmed to appear in the Rustland GP, and is also balanced too.
    • Lab Assistant, Baby Cortex and Baby N. Tropy have been confirmed, as of the end of the Gasmoxia GP.

Rustland is a future where Megamix conquers the Earth
Though the narrator implies that Megamix is a result of the apocalypse, it seems possible that the reverse is true. Even in The Huge Adventure Megamix was unstoppable, so if we assume he's still as smart as Cortex and N. Gin combined, it's likely he's have been a far more impressive villain. In a scenario where the villains were never unfused at the end of the game, he is finally able to conquer the world, but due to their instability, ends up letting it crumble into Rustland.

Apo-Apo is a new Elemental.
Building off the above, we have the new mask, Apo-Apo. As rust and decay overtakes the world, it becomes a part of life, as integral as water or fire. Perhaps in an attempt to free the Elementals in a last ditch effort to stop Megamix, Apo-Apo, the Rust Elemental, was summoned into existence instead. As a destructive force of nature whose nature is destruction, Apo-Apo protects everyone indiscriminately so long as they keep causing mayhem and enable the ways of Rustland.

The game will get an "Ultimate Edition" at some point
Y'know, to complete the roster (by adding the remaining datamined characters and possibly IAT characters) and fix the online on top of featuring all of the currently-added content. Bonus points if the fixes come to the original NF release too.

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