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Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled has so much beautiful art when compared to Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart that it needed its own page to list every example.

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  • In general, characters are much more expressive in the remake than they ever were in the original game due to a bump in technology between the two versions. Characters actually have animations while in their karts beyond simply turning to steer, now possessing animations for winning the race or not, getting hurt, jumping off ramps, and other such movements. The animations for when a character wins or loses a race include:
    • Crash does a shortened version of his trademark dance.
      • If he loses, Crash will angrily cross his arms and grumble as he does when you miss a colored gem in N. Sane Trilogy.
    • Cortex does an Evil Laugh, saying "I’m an evil scientist! What did you expect?!" or "I'm the superior one!".
      • If he loses, he bangs on his steering wheel, saying "This was just an experiment.".
    • Tiny pumps his fist and roars.
      • If he loses, Tiny howls to the sky and wipes a tear from his eye.
    • Coco throws out a double V-Sign, saying "And that's how it's done!" or "What can I say? I'm a natural!".
      • If she loses, Coco will scoff, cross her arms and pout, saying "It might be time for an upgrade...", or "There's always room for improvement, I guess...".
    • N.Gin does the Robot dance, laughing and saying "That was fun!"
      • If he loses, N. Gin will tremble in anger, causing the missile in his head to ignite and will pull a Skyward Scream, saying "I need VENGEANCE!".
    • Dingodile proudly points to himself and throws a V-Sign while looking to the crowd, saying "Mate, you call that racing?"
      • If he loses, Dingodile will shake his head and give an angry "Come on!" gesture.
    • Polar claps to himself.
      • If he loses, Polar will sulk and shake his head.
    • Pura raises the roof, licks his paw and slicks back his hair.
      • If he loses, Pura will whimper and lick his paw.
    • Penta clasps his flippers with a sinister look on his face before correcting himself, while saying "Yay, Penguin Yay 1!".
      • If he loses, Penta will cry into his flippers before glancing up with a suspicious look.
    • Ripper Roo laughs to himself and pumps his foot like a fist.
      • If he loses, Ripper Roo will get angry and thrash around, causing his tongue to wrap around his head and cover his eyes.
    • Papu Papu does a short belly dance and pumps his fist, saying "Papu win!"
      • If he loses, Papu Papu pulls out his staff and swings it around angrily.
    • Komodo Joe waves to the crowd before doing a snake dance, saying "The victory wasss mine from the beginning!".
      • If he loses, Joe will start crying.
    • Pinstripe laughs and points his gun to the sky while saying "I'm the speed champion, alright?".
      • If he loses, Pinstripe hugs his Tommy gun like a security blanket.
    • Nitros Oxide laughs, turns around and does an Eyelid Pull Taunt, followed by two thumbs down, saying "The Earthlings didn't stand a chance!"
      • If he loses, Nitros Oxide does a Face Palm, followed by a Skyward Scream, then bangs on his steering wheel, saying "Unicycling sounds fun..."
    • Fake Crash does his version of the Crash dance.
      • If he loses, Fake Crash looks sad and does his dance, but ends with a shrug.
    • N. Tropy checks his watch before stroking his beard, saying "Now you're on my time!".
      • If he loses, N. Tropy will make angry gestures with his hands, saying "This will be for another time."
    • Crunch flexes his bicep, kisses it and winks to the player, saying "Now that's what I'm talking about!".
      • If he loses, Crunch will smack himself in the face and grumble.
    • Krunk gestures for more cheers from the audience, like he did in his Nitro Kart cutscene, saying "You will have to do better than that!"
      • If he loses, Krunk angrily throws his headdress away, only for it to hit him in the face as he's driving.
    • Nash raises his arms proudly, saying "I'm engineered to be...supreme."
      • If he loses, Nash chomps at the air and screams.
    • Small Norm kicks back and starts reading a book, making a wolf whistle.
      • If he loses, Small Norm will bite his beret and accidentally swallow it, then pull out a new one from his car seat.
    • Big Norm blows a kiss to the audience and brushes his shoulder, saying "Haha, right?" or "Haha, better luck next time, pal!".
      • If he loses, Big Norm will take off his beret sadly and say "Aww..." or "Well, you can't have 'em all, right?".
    • N. Trance takes his head out of his body and throws it around briefly before reinserting it.
      • If he loses, N. Trance lowers his head disappointingly, saying "Awww...I'm leaking!"
    • Geary pumps his fist in his serious mode then switches to his cleaning mode and applauds to himself, saying "You can't defeat perfection!", or "Why try? Machines will ALWAYS WIN!"
      • If he loses, Geary angrily bangs his kart with his arms, accidentally activating his vacuum, which clings to his face, saying "How can a non-machine win?! Cheater!", or "How am I...losing? What did I do wrong?!".
    • Real Velo gestures to himself to the audience, saying "I rrrrrule!", or "Haha, you're no match for me!".
      • If he loses, Real Velo bites his medallion angrily, saying "Don't look at meee!", or "Next time, I'll beat YOU, prrrimitive Earthlings!".
    • Zam howls to the sky like a dog.
      • If he loses, Zam will sadly lower his head and whimper.
    • Zem headbangs with his left hand in a shaka sign, saying "Like taking candy from a baby!"
      • If he loses, Zem will pick his nose and eat the booger.
  • The podium animations include:
    • Crash does his signature Crash dance.
      • Aviator Crash runs around, imitating an airplane before and tries to fly in the air...but falls flat on the ground.
      • Scuba Crash gives a thumbs up and dives behind the podium, swimming in midair before landing.
      • Star Crash pulls out a miniature ray gun and fires it in two directions, then accidentally fires it right at himself.
      • Electron Crash runs in place to build up speed, then zooms past the podium twice.
      • Biker Crash does tricks with his yo-yo, making it fly towards the camera, only for it to shoot back at him and hit him in the groin.
      • Mad Scientist Crash imitates Cortex's default podium animation, then a lightning cloud strikes him.
      • His defeat animation still has him sleeping, except his snoring is much less audible.
    • Cortex grasps the air with his arms and does his signature Evil Laugh.
      • Ninja Cortex does some karate moves, then disappears and reappears.
      • Robo-Cortex turns on and annihilates the whole area in front of him with a laser beam.
      • Star Cortex accidentally turns on his anti-gravity device, floating up to the sky before quickly turning it off.
      • Electron Cortex builds up speed, then zips upwards and down, bowing to the audience.
      • Pharaoh Cortex does a stereotypical Egyptian dance, then pulls out a pair of glowing crooks and crosses his arms.
      • He still bawls in his defeat animation, but here, he first tries to hold back (complete with quivering lips) and fails.
    • Tiny jumps for joy and howls at the air, like he did in the original.
      • General Tiny marches in place, then faces the camera and salutes.
      • Football Tiny does a dance, then bounces a football high in the air, catching it successfully as the crowd cheers.
      • Biker Tiny points to the camera as his sunglasses gleam, then beats his chest and flexes.
      • Gladiator Tiny replicates his animations from his boss fight in Warped.
      • Werewolf Tiny extends his claws and slashes at the camera.
      • His defeat animation has him sitting down and wiping his face.
    • Coco is much more animated in her victory animation, where she originally just stood around with her hand on her hip. Now she does a short dance and takes a selfie, then points and waves to the crowd.
      • Princess Coco pulls out a Wumpa Fruit and takes a bite out of it, then acts as if it were poisoned before revealing that she was just faking it.
      • Beach Coco does a luau dance with a pedal steel guitar playing in the background, before realizing people are watching and getting embarrassed.
      • Star Coco presses a button on her suit and attempts teleportation, only to return with her body shrunken.
      • Electron Coco sends a text, zips around on the podium, jogs in place, then flexes to the audience.
      • Evil Coco stomps around, hissing and slashing at the air with her claws.
      • Dark Coco checks her phone while chewing gum, then sighs as she reluctantly does her usual victory dance.
      • In her defeat animation, Coco types on a smartphone instead of a laptop. In addition, she's more visibly pissed about her defeat.
    • N. Gin does a robot dance, laughing occasionally.
      • Ballerina N. Gin does a ballet act.
      • Chef N. Gin pulls out a frying pan and cooks something on it, only to toss the pan away after smelling the repulsive food he cooked.
      • Crash Test Dummy N. Gin runs towards the camera, only to run into an invisible glass wall, leaving him a broken pile on the floor.
      • His defeat animation has him cross his arms and start angrily fuming, which causes his eyeball to pop out. It then tries to scoot away before he picks it up and pops it back in place.
    • Dingodile jumps for joy, saying "Dingo, dingo, dingo!" then fires his flamethrower while laughing manically.
      • Hazmat Dingodile sees a swarm of bees pass by him and exterminates them with a green flame.
      • Beach Dingodile sprays his super soaker around everywhere, including on the screen, and swallows some of the water he sprayed.
      • Painter Dingodile shoots some paint into the air, sprays some around him, then starts shooting at the floor beneath him.
      • Firefighter Dingodile sprays some water around from the hydrant on his back.
      • His defeat animation has him stand around, shaking his head disappointingly while holding his gun.
    • Polar lies around, chuckling, then rolls forwards.
      • Fisherman Polar happily jumps around and splashes water around him.
      • Viking Polar runs around the podium trying to roar, only to fall on his bottom.
      • His defeat animation has him sadly lie on the ground.
    • Pura meows happily, walking and jumping around the podium.
      • Musketeer Pura swings a fencing sword around while standing on his hind legs.
      • Sabertooth Pura pounces onto the podium, sharpens his claws, then meows.
      • Lion Pura does a strutting dance highly reminiscent of the one Simba does during "Hakuna Matata" while jungle drums play in the background.
      • His defeat animation has him lie on the podium sadly, licking his paw.
    • Penta Penguin waddles and waves to the audience, making a sinister laugh before correcting himself.
      • Ninja Penta wields a katana, skillfully spinning around with the weapon in hand, then takes a bow.
      • His defeat animation has him pretend to die, before looking around and getting back up.
    • Ripper Roo bounces around, doing his signature Crazy Laugh.
      • Gentleman Ripper Roo holds out his cane and tosses it upwards, letting out his signature laugh after he catches it.
      • Mad Scientist Ripper Roo swallows a green beaker whole, then belches rainbow particles out, the rest of it coming out of his ears.
      • His defeat animation has him rolling around on the ground trying to break free from his straitjacket, getting tangled up in the process.
    • Papu Papu no longer does a belly dance with his hands behind his head. Instead, he slaps his belly, dances around and laughs, and he now has his staff with him.
      • Pirate Papu Papu dunks a mug into a barrel of Wumpa Fruit juice, chugs it and burps. Then he kicks the barrel over and does his usual dance accompanied by an accordion.
      • His defeat animation has him standing around, supporting himself with his staff, adjusting his headdress as it falls off.
    • Komodo Joe does the wave, and swivels his body like a snake.
      • Komodo Khan holds a mace and swings it around, only to drop it on his head and foot due to its heavy weight.
      • Wizard Komodo Joe pulls out a staff and fires a couple magic blasts from it before planting it in the ground, causing the staff to disappear in a puff of smoke.
      • He still weeps in his defeat animation, but much less loudly.
    • Pinstripe Potoroo fires his tommy gun in two directions, laughing menacingly.
      • Gangster Pinstripe cleans his tommy gun and kisses it.
      • His defeat animation has him checking and beating his gun.
    • Fake Crash does his own version of the Crash dance.
      • Cowboy Fake Crash prepares to quick draw, and does so with his hands, only to realize he has no guns.
      • Dashing Fake Crash shyly waves at the audience before snapping his fingers and doing his own Crash dance.
      • Monster Fake Crash shambles like a zombie, stretches his arms towards the camera, and disappears into a puddle of green goo.
      • His defeat animation has him on the ground pretending to sleep.
    • Nitros Oxide taunts the two losing characters on the podium and waits for some applause, but gets none.
      • Hot Rod Nitros Oxide ignites the thrusters on his back and pretends to ride like a motorcycle punk.
      • Shower Cap Nitros Oxide scrubs his back and sings as if he was in the shower, then covers himself embarrassingly like he was seen in the shower.
      • Star Nitros Oxide fires a ray gun in two directions, then accidentally knocks himself away upon firing another, teleporting back to the podium with his body comically shrunken.
      • Metalhead Nitros Oxide shreds on a flying V guitar, scooting along on his back, and firing sparks out of the exhaust pipes on the back of his head.
      • His defeat animation has him look around and angrily pull on his hair (or whatever the yellow sacks on his head are supposed to be).
    • N. Tropy sets his weapon down on the ground, bowing, then struggles to pick his weapon back up.
      • Digital N. Tropy twirls his weapon in midair, and then sets it down, which creates a butterfly.
      • Stone Age N. Tropy's bone staff gets struck by lightning, creating an electric ball which he spreads around him.
      • His defeat animation has him on one knee looking tired, emulating his animation in Warped that indicated he was vulnerable to being attacked.
    • Crunch flexes his muscles and puts up his dukes, punching the air.
      • Dirt Bike Crunch slides around in the dirt on his podium, kicking some of it around on the losers.
      • Robot Crunch thrusts himself upwards with rocket boots, then smashes his fist on the ground.
      • Motorsport Crunch runs around in circles at super speed, stopping to point twice, then slides on his knees and flexes as pyrotechnics go off behind him.
      • Evil Crunch laughs to himself and roars at the audience.
      • His defeat animation has him on his knees as he does a Platoon pose.
    • Krunk jumps around and does a handstand while laughing, but almost falls off the podium, regaining his balance and adjusting his headdress afterwards.
      • Jurassic Krunk gets his own Mask of Power, which circles around him, almost hitting Krunk twice before sticking to his head while drums play.
      • His defeat animation has him get down on all fours, beat his chest and roar.
    • Small Norm does a mime act where there is an invisible wall in front of him. He bows to the crowd, but hits his head against the wall, losing his balance, but supports himself with another invisible wall on the side.
      • Goblin Small Norm roars and waves his tongue around.
      • His defeat animation involves him angrily reading a book, occasionally throwing it to the ground and crossing his arms.
    • Big Norm laughs, feels his muscles, adjusts his pants, then cracks his fingers.
      • Orc Big Norm pulls out a wooden club, smashes it on the ground and roars.
      • In his defeat animation, he looks towards the winner and beat his fist into his palm.
    • Nash fires in two directions with his laser pointer atop his head, then chomps in front of him.
      • His defeat animation has him collapsed on the ground sleeping, a nod to when Coco hacked his brain to let him sleep in Nitro Kart's story mode.
    • N. Trance takes out his head and throws and spins it around like a basketball.
      • Lifesaver N. Trance floats on a geyser casually.
      • Wooden Toy N. Trance raises his arms, then ends up falling apart. He tries to reassemble himself, getting it wrong the first time, then putting himself back together correctly the second.
      • Humpty N. Trance does a jaunty strut and almost falls off the podium.
      • In his defeat animation, he angrily beats the ground, causing his head to almost fall out of his body, so he stops to catch himself.
    • Real Velo proudly strokes his goatee, then gestures to his ears as the crowd boos at him.
      • Gnome Velo strikes a variety of poses befitting a garden gnome, ending with him reclining on his side, suddenly causing grass, mushrooms and a rainbow to appear around him, and flexing his eyebrows at the camera.
      • His defeat animation has him looking sad, before he rolls onto his back and throws a temper tantrum.
    • Geary takes out his vacuum and lets lightning strike it, superpowering his vacuuming abilities, as he sucks up some confetti that fell on his podium. He then does a little dance and laughs happily.
      • His defeat animation has him switching back and forth between angrily screaming in his serious mode, and giving the winner applause in his cleaning mode.
    • Zam laughs and hops around, panting like a dog while wagging his tail.
      • Bulldog Zam marks his territory on the podium and barks in front of him.
      • Devil Dog Zam runs in circles on the podium, leaving behind a trail of fire, before stopping to let loose a skyward blast of flame from his mouth. He blows out a small puff of smoke afterwards.
      • In his defeat animation, he hangs his head like a sad dog, then looks at the camera and angrily barks.
    • Zem jumps for joy, inhales some air, and lets out a loud belch, laughing afterwards.
      • Punk Zem plays an air guitar with an electric guitar sound playing in the background.
      • Caveman Zem drums his chest and does a caveman dance.
      • His defeat animation has him angrily crossing his arms, picking from his ears and eating it.
    • Tawna, along with the rest of the Nitro Squad during their winning animations, cause a silhouetted crowd of female bandicoots which resemble Coco to appear. Tawna stands and laughs, occasionally focusing to the crowd.
      • Motorsport Tawna charges up pink-colored energy, then smashes the podium below her.
      • Witch Tawna whistles, calling her broomstick to her. She gets on and flies around, stopping in front of the camera to wink before returning to the podium.
      • Her defeat animation has her simply standing, sighing sadly.
    • Ami flexes her muscles and puts up her dukes to show off her masculine personality.
      • Motorsport Ami charges up green-colored energy and punches the air, causing a green fireball to pass by her.
      • Her defeat animation has her grumbling to herself, begrudgingly looking at the winner on occasion.
    • Megumi jumps for joy while giggling, applauding and striking a pose.
    • Liz flips her hair and poses for the crowd in front of her, enjoying all of the attention she is getting.
    • Isabella takes a bow and blows kisses to the crowd in front of her.
      • Motorsport Isabella charges up blue-colored energy and releases it in the form of a ball, blowing kisses to the crowd afterwards.
      • Her defeat animation has her throwing a temper tantrum, stomping the ground angrily.
    • Baby Crash attempts to do his signature Crash dance, but ends up stumbling and falling around often.
      • His defeat animation has him lying on the ground sleeping.
    • Baby Coco pulls out her own cell phone and presses a button, which does nothing. She presses the same button several times before getting shocked.
      • Her defeat animation has her typing on her cell phone, looking around sadly.
    • Baby T. wags his tail, jumps around while growling playfully, then lets out a roar.
      • Fake Baby T. imitates Fake Crash's version of the Crash dance, roaring afterwards.
      • His defeat animation has him looking around sadly.
    • Spyro has Sparx fly up to the camera winking at it before Spyro himself flies around the podium, breathes fire and strikes a pose.
      • His defeat animation has him sitting down with a sad expression on his face, with Sparx attempting to cheer him up.
    • Hunter pumps his fist and fires some arrows only to accidentally hit a dragon offscreen with one, causing him to sheepishly wave in an apologetic manner.
      • His defeat animation has him look around, clearly not happy over losing.
    • Gnasty Gnorc gestures to the crowd before noticing a dragon flying overhead, prompting him to petrify it with his scepter. The crystallized dragon them promptly falls on top of him, squashing him flat before he angrily shakes it off.
      • His defeat animation has him angrily glaring at the other drivers before throwing a temper tantrum.
    • Komodo Moe juggles his scimitars before one takes longer to come down. Thinking nothing of it, he stops to chortle before the scimitar comes down and he has to hastily dodge it.
      • His defeat animation has him sharpening one of his scimitars on the other, occasionally glaring at the winner.
  • The cutscenes have been reworked to be more cinematic.
    • The intro now shows Crash, Coco, and Cortex racing in Coco Park in much closer detail, rather than the faraway shot the original had of what appeared to be Pura, N. Gin, and Penta Penguin. Nitros Oxide broadcasts his challenge to the racers of Earth as a Huge Holographic Head, whereas he originally broadcasted his voice only. The racers also stop and listen to him, rather than just driving on like nothing is happening.
      • The interior of Oxide's ship appears a lot roomier, and he has a pair of fuzzy orange dice hanging in front of him.
      • The parts where the camera zooms along the tracks has been changed so that the tracks now coincide with the character shown. The original showed in order, Dingo Canyon, Polar Pass, what is possibly a daytime version of Tiger Temple, Hot Air Skyway, and Sewer Speedway. Now, it shows Tiny Arena, Polar Pass, Dingo Canyon, Cortex Castle and Crash Cove.
      • Coco now sees Oxide fly by as she begins typing on her laptop. She says "Let's go!" and hits a key that causes her engine to rev, waking up Pura in the process.
      • Tiny works on his car on his track, instead of in a random forest area surrounded by crates. He's also got a reason for going nuts and demolishing his kart with a hammer; he dropped a screw.
      • Polar still reads his "How to Drive" book upside down, but now Penta Penguin appears behind him and gives him a slap on the back, scaring him and causing him to flip the book right-side up, whereas the original just had Penta sitting in the background for a Blink And You Miss It cameo.
      • Dingodile works on his kart in front of a gas station on his track, rather than in a mine shaft. The kart now backfires in his face because of a blowtorch instead of a screwdriver. The explosion also now causes two fuel tanks next to him to ignite, causing him to turn to the camera and give a This Is Gonna Suck expression.
      • Cortex's lab is now a lot more detailed and looks more like the one that appears in the intro to the first game.
      • Crash now sleeps on the grass next to the pirate ship wreck on his track, and his snoring now causes him to accidentally swallow a butterfly.
    • Aku Aku and Uka Uka's hints are back, and this time, they're a lot more animated. The intro, for example, has the mask fly around the track as they explain the Adventure Arena, how warp pads work, and how to unlock new races.
    • Instead of the bosses just trash talking the player while sitting in their karts outside their door, they have more dramatic entrances, and they also hand over the keys on their home tracks, rather than doing so outside their doors.
      • Ripper Roo does his opening monologue standing up on a cliff on top of a giant pile of TNT crates, bombs and dynamite, which explodes, sending him flying. He lands in his kart and drives into his boss garage. The subtitles are also different, and have been rewritten to be the dialogue he was supposed to have when he was originally going to speak complete sentences. After being defeated, Ripper Roo will come to a stop at the finish line and get jettisoned from his kart, and then he will literally cough the key up.
      • Papu Papu's boss door opens up and he is carried out standing on his kart by his tribesmen, who he keeps accidentally knocking out as he talks, then he enters his kart, having to adjust his belly as he does so (it wound up blaring the horn). After he's beaten, he shakes his belly as he talks about not eating a big breakfast, causing various items to fall out from underneath, including a beaker, a live chicken, a missile, a bomb and the key. He picks up the key to hand it over, but he notices there's a donut wrapped around it, and eats the whole thing in one bite before handing over the key.
      • Komodo Joe's kart appears with a chicken in front of it, before Joe throws his scimitars next to it from off-screen, planting them in the ground. He then walks up to his kart and flips it over, using the wheels to sharpen his blades, flipping it back over and driving into his garage. When he's beaten, he disappears in a puff of smoke, and reappears in front of the player and uses a magic trick to make his key appear from behind his scimitar. As he hands the key over, he disappears in another puff of smoke as his words "And it'll be all your fault" echo in the background.
      • Pinstripe's door opens and a flurry of gunfire hits the ground next to the player, before Pinstripe walks out with his Tommy gun in hand. He tosses a bomb next to the player and drives off laughing. When he's beaten, he opens up a compartment in his kart with a sinister look on his face, implying he's going to pull a out a gun on them, before just taking out the key and handing it over.
  • The Trophy Girls all have been redesigned to no longer have their anime-styled eyes and instead have ones similar to Tawna, that suit the rest of the cast's art style. Each of the girls have also gotten their own specific design alterations, as well as brand-new animations to replace their former race queen one they all shared.
    • Isabella has a Beauty Mark on her left cheek, wears blue eyeshadow, and has had her hair restyled to be more wavy and less spiky.
    • Ami's hair is less wide and is designed to look more like conventional Boyish Short Hair. She also wears lime green eyeshadow and a pair of yoga pants beneath her dress.
    • Megumi wears mauve eyeshadow and lipstick and has an earring in her right ear.
    • Liz wears purple eyeshadow and lipstick and has a pair of earrings in her left ear. She also has a pair of pants beneath her skirt, the length of which is also much less dangerously short. Her top has also been lengthened so her midriff isn't as visible.
  • Some of the Nitro Kart veterans who haven't appeared since 2003 have had their designs updated a bit.
    • Zem has been given a brighter color palette, a more expressive face, and his outfit has been reinterpreted as a sleeveless leather aviator jacket rather than armor. Overall, he appears to be a little bit less grotesque than he was before, though he still retains his gross personality.
    • Zam has been changed to a lighter shade of green closer to Oxide and Zem's colors, and been given a thinner body with longer limbs, allowing him to sit and stand more like a dog rather than a toad.
    • N. Trance's skin is a lot more textured than before, with some visible cracks, emphasizing that he's supposed to be an egg-like creature. His mechanical body is also a lot more detailed and metallic. Furthermore, he takes himself out of his body to reveal he actually is a limbless Waddling Head without it.
    • Small Norm's eyes no are longer Black Bead Eyes and look more human. His select screen portrait also gives him a smug looking expression.

    Crash Team Racing Tracks 
  • There's been a lot of finer details added to the original tracks. One detail that's universal is that each track now has a unique CTR banner at the starting/finish line, as opposed to the generic banner they all had in the original (a feature that was meant to be in the original CTR, but was scrapped due to hardware limitations). This also extends to tracks from Crash Nitro Kart, with the CNK also being changed to CTR.
  • Similarly, now each hub world has a unique podium themed after the area, replacing the generic stone podiums from the original.
N. Sanity Beach:
  • The N.Sanity Beach hub area now looks similar to Crash Cove and has a lot more details from that track, like islands and ships in the sea, statues of Crash, and monkeys hanging around. The podium now is made of red bricks and the pillars are big tiki faces, and there's also a lot of foliage around the podium.
  • Crash Cove now takes place at sunset, and between the two bridges there are small huts on a shore near the finish line. The track is now home to various animals, such as monkeys, seagulls, crabs, fish and sharks. Some sharks can be seen circling a large box with a chicken on top while other sharks appear to be chasing a Pirate Lab Assistant who's rowing his boat in the ocean. The pirate ship now looks a lot more destroyed with a couple of standard crates inside it. The sea floor is now visible and it has more details like seaweed, corals and rocks. There are now rock carvings of Crash found throughout the track, including near the ship and by the starting line. The CTR banner is made from planks of wood and has a monkey hanging off of it.
  • Roo's Tubes has all of the trademarks of the underwater levels in Warped, including the floating mines, fish swimming around, sharks, whales, sunken ships, and brightly colored coral. The entire track in general is now much more colorful, with neon lights and bioluminescent coral now lighting the way. The entrance to the underwater tunnel now starts off closed, with a door that opens once the race starts. The CTR banner is now projected through a holographic screen and it has a unique appearing animation before the countdown begins.
  • Mystery Caves now has many elements from the prehistoric levels of Warped like pterodactyls flying over lava as well as flying over some dinosaur eggs, two big triceratops, dinosaur bones and baby dinosaurs that look similar to Baby T running around near the lava section. There is some vegetation inside the cave and some waterfalls flowing from the big head statues and near the lakes with the turtles, and during the final lap, in the first turtle lake there's a chicken that will jump in the lake. The track is mostly lit by torches, lava and bright green crystals and in some areas it is lit by the light coming from outside the cave. The CTR banner is made of bricks and it is held by two stalactites and there's a pterodactyl sitting on top of it.
  • Sewer Speedway now has an audience at the start of the track; Pinstripe's goons from the original game, as well as a gigantic crocodile, and later on in the track, a giant blob monster. Much of the waterway in the center of the track has lights beneath it. The tunnel where the first barrel hazard is now has a set of whirling gears and hanging wires around it. The next barrel hazard tunnel has been converted to a half-pipe with open grates of sewer water flowing into the center, and the scrubbing bubbletrons from the second game's sewer levels are moving along the top of this part of the track. The CTR banner is made up of three pipes, with one of N. Brio's blob monsters hiding in one of them watching the race.
  • Skull Rock shares the same aesthetic as Crash Cove. The titular Cortex rock now has much more detailed eyes and teeth as well as the addition of hair and eyebrows made out of foliage and it has a seagull sitting on a nest on top of it and a monkey hanging on the "hair" or the rock. There are also some tribesman watching the arena on boats and on top of the rocks.
The Lost Ruins:
  • The Lost Ruins hub area has elements from both Tiger Temple and Papu Pyramid, like bridges, tribesman huts and stone walls, some of them having either red or blue stones. There are animals like tigers that look similar to Pura and the white monkeys from Warped meditating on fire. The podium now is made of yellow, red and green stones, which is fitting with the aesthetic of the map.
  • Coco Park has taken on a much more flowery look with elements of fantasy, bearing a passing resemblance to the Happily Ever Faster tracks from Crash Tag Team Racing. The track is now surrounded by pink cherry blossom trees, with petals gently falling through the air, covering much of the track. Giant flower bulbs now decorate the sides of the track, as well as giant statues of Coco, one of which is beneath a rainbow and surrounded by fountains. There's also a castle in the background, as well as tents reminiscent of the ones from the medieval levels in Warped, near those tents there are Wizard and Knight Lab Assistants. The seating area next to the starting line has been replaced with a much more lavish looking one with Greek columns and a giant trophy, and the seats are now filled with a bunch of Lab Assistants (who actually have differing body types). The inside of the tunnel halfway through the track is now covered in moss and has a couple of waterfalls. The CTR banner is held up by drones, and is also joined by drones holding up long flower garlands.
  • Tiger Temple now takes place during a thunderstorm and has been updated to more greatly resemble the ruins style levels of Cortex Strikes Back, as well as tie better into its designated owner, Pura. The track has a mossier look to it, torches now light the way, and it features one of the ape enemies from the second game, albeit giant sized. There are also rickety bridges suspended over parts of the track with tigers much like Pura running across them chasing chickens and one of them also has the pot carrying monkeys from the Arabian levels of Warped. There are also huts with tribesman inside watching the race and the roasting hogs from the first game. The CTR banner is a stone archway with a stone Mayincatec head in the middle between two torches, which holds the CTR letters in its mouth, while a family of tigers sit and watch the race from here.
  • Papu's Pyramid includes much more detailed cliff-sides and foliage, more waterfalls, a mossier track and more colorful architecture. Some of Papu Papu's tribesmen can be seen outside the track peforming a ritual and chanting along with the music. There's also a Lab Assistant attempting to row his boat up a waterfall and some bats inside a cave entrance on the mountain. The CTR banner is now a stone archway, fitting in with the rest of the architecture. On top is one of the gun-toting Hunter Lab Assistants from Cortex Strikes Back, who tries to shoot at the racers, only for his gun to go limp. He eventually gets knocked off by a lion from Tiny's Warped boss fight. Another Lab Assistant can be seen being attacked by another lion on a high bridge in the background.
  • Dingo Canyon has been made to more greatly resemble the Warped motorcycle levels by including the diners, gas stations, billboards and even another road in the background with the Lab Assistants driving their cars and being chased by police cars. Various animals now populate the level, such as vultures, warthogs, snakes, and crocodiles. There's also a set of elevated train tracks, with a train delivering what appears to be fuel to a chemical plant, seemingly the same fuel that Dingodile uses in his flamethrower. There's also a pipe system on the track, one of those being broken with the water falling into the lake and sometimes a bandicoot-fish from Crash 3 will come out of them and fall in the water. The CTR banner is made of metal and is held up by a set of rusty, dilapidated pipes, with an armadillo walking across that then gets snatched away by a vulture.
  • Rampage Ruins now has elements from both Tiger Temple and Papu's Pyramid, like the addition of mountains, waterfalls, Mayincatec buildings and stone faces in the background. The structure in the center of the arena now is a statue of two hands holding a torch. The arena also looks a lot mossier.
Glacier Park:
  • The Glacier Park hub area has the aesthetic of Polar Pass with multiple elements from that track and Blizzard Bluff like Penguins and a viking structure which replaces the igloo where the portal to Tiny Arena is. The podium is made of blue and red stones and it has some icicles and the pilars are the statues from the polar bear levels from Crash 2.
  • Blizzard Bluff now has become a ski resort with many wooden houses on top of the snowy cliffs and around a large snow mountain with an ice sculpture of Penta on top and there are ski lifts and wooden ramps above the track. The track now is entirely populated by penguins which can be seen on the ski lifts, skiing on the mountains and skating in the lake which now is entirely frozen. The CTR logo is decorated by a pair of white wings and two skis and it's held up by a skiing ramp with chains.
  • Dragon Mines has been turned into an entire mining community, with lab assistants as the miners. The empty space outside the track has been filled with houses built into the rocks, giant whirling cogs (one of which represents the logo of Beenox), tracks with mine carts moving along them, scaffolding with mining lab assistants on them, and giant piles of gold, crystals and gems. Near the small lake area is a giant dragon (specifically, it's the dragon that chases Crash in Wrath of Cortex) sitting atop his treasure hoard (which has a lot of gems, power crystals and even a platinum relic), who tries to breathe fire on the racers, but to no success. A Sledgehammer Lab Assistant from the bee levels in Crash 2 playing whack-a-mole with the moles from that game, and there are also bats flying around and some rats, one of them is stuck in a lantern post. The CTR banner is hanging from a wooden lantern post with two candle-lit lanterns on the sides, with a bat hanging from the banner and a lab assistant on top trying to get rid of it.
  • Polar Pass is now set in a Norse-style village populated by Polar Bears and Penguins. This includes a fishing village by the lake, a treehouse for sale at the second roundabout, and a disco party with a DJ polar bear and some penguins going on outside the cave exit. The CTR banner is held up by ropes connected to a viking-style archway, decorated with viking shields, while a scared polar bear attempts to cross it.
  • Tiny Arena has been made much flashier and more emphasis has been place on it being a futuristic monster truck arena. There are spotlights all over the place, screens advertising the other tracks (as well as Wumpa Whip), Cortex zeppelins and blimps flying overhead, the walls are now painted with graffiti, and there are now large statues of Tiny, including a gigantic one looming over the entire track, seemingly holding it up by chains. There are also exhaust pipes with fire and fireworks being shot all over the track. The CTR banner is a metal structure with four exhaust pipes and a hologram of Tiny playing a guitar.
  • Rocky Road has the same elements from Dingo Canyon like vultures, train tracks and pipe systems that are all connected to a yellow silo which replaces the rock in the center of the arena.
Citadel City:
  • The Citadel City hubworld now takes place at sunset like Hot Air Skyway and has the aesthetic of Cortex Castle. The interior section now looks more like the interior of a dungeon and is darker mostly being lit up by torches in the walls. The room with the entrance to N. Gin Labs still has toxic waste flowing from the castle walls. The room with the entrance to Cortex Castle has a giant statue of Cortex and has stained glass windows but rather than having just the icons of the bosses from Warped, they have the drawings of Cortex seen in his track. The outside area with the entrance to Hot Air Skyway has more blimps with Pinstripe's head on it. The podium now has a gothic medieval look with pillars made of stone with torches and being surrounded by chains and also having a cage with a chicken.
  • N. Gin Labs now features cameos by the two Humongous Mecha used by N. Gin during his boss fights in Cortex Strikes Back and Warped, with groups of lab assistants working on them. The boost tunnel has also been restyled to look like a portal through a wormhole. In some areas of the track there are some conveyor belts in the background which can be seen transporting multiple robot enemies from 'Crash 2' like the tentacle robots from Piston It Away, the mechanical rats seen in the sewer levels and many others, some of the spiky robot enemies seen in the sewer levels also appear here floating in the toxic waste. The CTR banner is made of three green TV screens, each one displaying each letter, and above them, there are a couple of rats and a missile.
  • Cortex Castle now looks more reminiscent of Slippery Climb/Stormy Ascent from Crash 1 with the vultures appearing in the background and the walls of the castle looking similar to those levels. There have also been updates to the castle's banners, which now show Cortex wearing a crown, as well as banners featuring Nina Cortex, N. Brio, and Fake Crash in a jester's hat. The stained glass windows, which originally just depicted Cortex's head, are now much more detailed, depicting a number of full-body images of Cortex, including a musclebound speedo-wearing Cortex, Cortex with Uka-Uka, Crash getting turned into an angel, Cortex disguised as Coco and the game over screen of 'Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy'. There are also statues of Cortex scattered throughout the track which are writhed in green flames. The CTR banner is a neon sign on a wooden plank, and next to it is a Lab Assistant holding the wires together and getting shocked. The grates now have an opening animation before the race begins.
  • Hot Air Skyway has been outfitted with a casino theme, fitting with Pinstripe being a gangster. In addition to the usual blimps floating around, there are now balloons holding the track, floating buildings and neon signs advertising casinos, some of the guard rails (which now are taller to prevent players from taking unintended shortcuts) have been given a new design with diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades and there are also floating vaults being held by balloons. The CTR banner now is a malfunctioning slot machine held by a golden archway and it also has two of Pinstripe's mafia members on it attempting to get it working again.
  • Oxide Station has a lot of extra pipes in the main atrium, which is also now covered by a hexagonal glass dome. The walls in the atrium are made of rock, showing that the track is built into a moon or asteroid. The stage is also more darkly lit, bringing emphasis to the neon green and yellow lights, and the pattern on the track itself now lights up. There are a lot more windows throughout the track that let the player see the stars and planets. The CTR banner is a pipe above the track covered in lights and vents, and the CTR logo itself is neon green.
  • Nitro Court now has Cortex's castle next to it in full view, with the locked gate acting as one of the walls, and the colors have been changed to match the Cortex Castle track. The inner walls of the arena are now a topiary garden. There are also fireworks in the sky, which now is more of a late sunset sky rather than a night sky, and the dragon from Wrath of Cortex now watches the battle from over the wall.
Gem Stone Valley:
  • The Gem Stone Valley hubworld now is a lot more faithful to its name and it's very reminiscent of Spyro the Dragon by having multiple glowing purple, blue and green crystals coming out of the walls and near the podium there are wizard and knight Lab Assistants on top of a cliff. Oxide's ship can be seen parked above a structure with a hexagonal glass dome that looks similar to Oxide Station and Oxide's hologram can be seen in this area as well. The podium now is made out of large blue crystals and the platforms have purple gems with gold, silver or bronze around them.
  • Slide Coliseum now takes place at night and has some similarities to Tiny Arena but rather than looking like a monster truck arena it looks more like a racing stadium. It features giant holograms of the cast doing their victory dances, and the outer walls of the track show artwork of the Trophy Girls in an animesque style (a nod to how they looked in the original game). There are also multiple garages with the characters' icons on top of them. The CTR banner is made of two led screens.
  • Turbo Track has mostly the same aesthetic as Slide Coliseum but takes place on daytime to look different. On the sides of the track now there are Lab Assistants watching the track, drones and a big kart rotating on top of a pillar. There are also some screens on the track, one of them having the trophy another one having Chick and Stew from Crash Tag Team Racing there are three screens with Crash, Coco and Cortex as well as the same track advertisements from Tiny Arena. The CTR banner is the same one from Slide Coliseum.
Secret Arenas:
  • Lab Basement just like N. Gin Labs is much more darkly lit, with the main light sources being the glowing green toxic waste and a massive machine attached to the ceiling with a glowing yellow center. The outer walls are also much more detailed, no longer being simple metal walls, but a complex series of tubes and pipes connecting to the device up above. Some of the spiky robots seen in the sewer levels from Crash Bandicoot 2 can be seen in the background.
  • Parking Lot was originally a pretty straightforward battle arena inspired by Coco Park, made of concrete and surrounded by an empty expanse of grassy hills. Now it's enclosed inside a monster truck style arena similar to Tiny Arena, with the ground in the higher areas of the stage being dirt while the lower ground still being concrete.
  • The North Bowl now has many of the new background features from Polar Pass like viking houses and polar bears. The igloo now is replaced by a large viking house similar to the ones in the aforementioned track.
Bonus Tracks:
  • Retro Stadium, the PlayStation 4-exclusive track, seems to have taken a step backwards in its visuals. Although trying to be as faithful to the original Turbo Track with its low-poly graphics, unfiltered textures and generic floating CTR banner, the turbo pads are now static as opposed to having the chevrons animated in a forwards motion as they did on the PS1. PlayStation branding has also been added around the track.

    Crash Nitro Kart Tracks 
  • Inferno Island is now set at night, likely to visually differentiate it from Crash Cove. The stone head near the beginning of the track is also far more detailed and looks more like a statue rather than a natural rock formation. The plant life is now bioluminescent, the erupting volcano is shooting lava rocks into the surrounding water, and there is now a moon overlooking the track with Velo's face, referencing the loading screen of Terra from Nitro Kart. The waterfalls on the island have been replaced with flowing lava, the shipwrecked pirate ship has been replaced with Oxide's spaceship crashed on the shore, and inside the volcano are giant spiders lurking above the track. The CTR banner is a log held up by vines, glowing plants, and two volcanic rock formations with ape heads pouring lava.
  • Jungle Boogie mostly looks the same as before, but the Mayincatec buildings and statues now have green glows emanating from them, as well as the same green glows on the bridges in the jungle. A planet and two moons are visible in the sky, the trees around the track also glow green underneath the bark, and odd-colored bioluminescent plants and purple palm trees with Volcanic Veins appear on the track, giving some subtle hints that this isn't Earth the racers are driving on, but Terra. It also appears to be more well lit and less dark. The Komodo Moe and Joe heads on top of the pyramids have been replaced by Krunk heads, as well as several Krunk heads being held by ropes in the bridge section. The CTR banner is a stone archway, which also has Krunk's head on it.
  • Tiny Temple now has a more detailed skybox with stars, comets, planets and moons (including the Velo moon, looking more menacing than in Inferno Island) and a large planet. The vegetation in the track is similar to the previous two tracks with glowing green trees and purple palm trees. The anti-gravity segment now is a split path on a temple bridge above a water pit, with Tiny heads pouring water into it. The track itself now has a lot of Tiny faces everywhere, including on the archways, flamethrower heads, and the walls of the temple, some of the faces with an alien green glow. There are also two large statues of Tiny in his roman armor from Warped, and the Lab Assistant statues remain in the track as well. Around the track are several Terra natives wearing tribal masks watching the race. The CTR banner is another stone archway, with the logo held up by a Tiny head.
  • Temple Turmoil looks similar to Jungle Boogie but is set at night which gives more emphasis to the green glows coming from the temple structures. Outside the arena there's a giant statue of Krunk with glowing green eyes.
  • Terra Drome, the secret battle arena, now has lava in the edges of the arena and Tiny faces in the wall with lava flowing from their mouths. The bridge above the arena is made out of green glowing rocks and is now being held by a giant Tiny statue rather than a Krunk statue.
  • Meteor Gorge has had the industrial and fire aspects of the track given more emphasis, turning it and Barin Ruins into a literal Hailfire Peaks. The road is now dark dirt with stone pathways, rather than being covered in snow, likely to differentiate it from Blizzard Bluff and Polar Pass. However, there is still snow at the sides of the track, and the ice patches remain untouched. The sky is a lot cloudier and it is no longer snowing. The machinery is also much less rusty and decrepit looking, with it now being a brighter red color rather than brown. The pipes are transparent now, revealing the glowing hot magma being pumped from the gorge near the end of the track. There are also a few Barinian Shark People watching the race around the track wearing parkas, showing that Nash isn't the only member of his species. The CTR banner is also industrialized, built with several chimneys releasing smoke into the atmosphere, and the logo being made of lava.
  • Barin Ruins looks more faithful to the original, with the addition of seahorse statues pouring lava near the wrecking ball hazard, as well as the wrecking ball looking similar to a pufferfish. The area also has ash falling from the sky, which is now a pink cloudy sky. The anti-gravity section of the track now is similar to the tubes of Deep Sea Driving but with the water outside being frozen. The entrance to this area now is shaped after Nash, which will sometimes shoot a laser at a nearby mountain with a fish head pouring lava. Around the ruins, there is a bunch of snow, fish statues, as well as several parts of the ruins being industrialized. The robots carrying blocks around the ruins have been given a darker color scheme, and there is also a statue of Nash at the end of the track. The CTR banner is a big furnace.
  • Deep Sea Driving, due to being adapted to CTR's lack of Gravity Screw, has changed the first fork-in-the-road from a short bit of gravity defying driving to being a massive atrium guarded by a gigantic Sea Monster, with two ramps leading racers to a Wumpa fruit crate, but at the risk of falling into the monster's sharp tooth laden maw. The underwater parts now have a more dark green look instead of being blue like the original to make it feel more like the depths of the ocean and to differentiate it from Roo's Tubes. The cave sections of the track now have weird bioluminescent plants, pipes extracting lava from a big rock on the ceiling as well as metal pipes with water steam coming out of them, weird eyeball tentacle monsters and a giant drill. The CTR banner is a big metal machine with two gears and two transparent pipes with blue lava.
  • Frozen Frenzy has similar scenery as Meteor Gorge does but with the ground having lighter grey bricks, and the ice slopes were replaced by big angler fish structures with their mouths open and a furnace with different colors of fire inside of them. The walls outside the interior part now have some ice aroud them. The arena is slightly tighter and the upper part has been lowered a bit.
  • Out of Time's trademark giant clock has been redesigned to appear less cartoony and fit in better with the castle aesthetic that Clockwork Wumpa has, with the face of the clock now being a massive stained-glass window and the hands being black rather than bright yellow. Racers no longer drive on the actual clock due to the lack of anti-gravity; instead, it is attached to a church-like castle, which is surrounded by tornadoes and massive thorny vines scattered all over the track, and the inside of the building acts as the track. Inside in the center is a stained glass dome that has been shattered by one of the vines, and the shards of glass remain frozen in time, suspended in midair. The skybox of the track is purple and pink with several moons, planets, and asteroids. This track also has objects from different time periods, such as houses, rock formations, clocks, and gears, as well as the giant sandworms from the original track being removed. The CTR banner is a wood board with two gears on each side, held up by two chains attached to the cliffs.
  • Clockwork Wumpa is now set during a blizzard and features more stylized gothic architecture and gargoyles. There are also gigantic barrels of massive Wumpa fruit around the track, as well as a series of pipes and vats pumping purple wumpa fruit juice, giving the stage's name additional meaning beyond being a reference to A Clockwork Orange. The skybox in the track now has multiple moons and asteroids like Out of Time, except set at night, with the addition of auroras. The CTR banner here is a giant piece of black gothic metalwork, and above the CTR logo is an emblem of a Wumpa fruit with a pair of bat wings.
  • Thunder Struck has put more emphasis on the sinister-looking castle aesthetic, likely to fit in better with Out of Time and Clockwork Wumpa. The track is now more mountainous, as opposed to the track being completely in midair. Around the track are several lightning rods, spikes, and brambles, with several chains holding up the track as well. At the beginning of the track, the stone statue has been redesigned into a giant gargoyle statue with flames coming out of its eyes and mouth. The anti-gravity sections with the vertical loops and spiked swings are now flattened. The last part of the track is now made of gray stone and has spikes in the sides and also leads to a large structured powered by lightning. The giant stone gargoyles with the hammers near the end of the track have also been redesigned to resemble Small Norm's species. The CTR banner is a metal structure with a clock, a few gears and two lightning rods. Before the race begins, lightning strikes the two rods on the CTR banner, which lights up the logo and clock in reaction.
  • Desert Storm shares the same aesthetics as Out of Time, with the skybox being brightened to match that of the track it resembles. The central part of the arena has been redesigned to look like a palace similar to the ones seen in the other tracks from Fenomena. On each side of the palace there are towers with hanging lanterns and miniature gargoyle statues from Clockwork Wumpa, and on one side of the palace there is a clock that spins around at a slow pace.
  • Assembly Lane looks mostly the same as the original, but the overall track is much less filthy and polluted. Although the sky retains its polluted green hue, it is a bit more yellow-ish, likely to differentiate the skybox of Thunder Struck. The interior section looks a lot darker than it did before and it has machines carrying robot exoskeletons. The CTR logo is an LED screen with two speakers which is held by a short-circuiting machine.
  • Android Alley has undergone significant changes. The skybox has been changed from a polluted, smoggy brown sky to a bright blue sky with a planet and several Death Stars. The overall track is reminiscent of Ratchet & Clank's Metropolis, and there are much more buildings all over the track and flying cars, including police cars and taxis driving around the city. The track also looks very clean, which is fitting because it's Geary's track and there are also a few banners with Geary on them. The train segment has been redesigned with the middle of the track being a bit higher and the walls lacking the anti-gravity feature, and at the end the side paths are higher and the train's path is covered in boost pads, but with the obvious risk of getting hit by the train. The area after the train has been redesigned a bit with the addition of turbo pads and it now leads to where the second anti-gravity section (which has been removed) used to in the original game. The cleaning robots on the last leg of the track now resemble the enemies from Crash 2's sewer levels. The CTR banner is a floating machine held up by electricity, with a screen in the center displaying the letters, and another screen below it displaying an alien language.
  • Electron Avenue, like Android Alley, has been massively redesigned. The amount of buildings in the background has been greatly increased, and color scheme of the level is now much more unified, focusing on dark purples that are lit up by neon lights. Overall, it's been given a look reminiscent of the vaporwave aesthetic and applied to a futuristic version of Las Vegas, with holographic ads for slots and food, and parts of the track decorated with holograms of cacti and palm trees. The CTR banner, much like most everything else, is holographic here.
  • Magnetic Mayhem has the same aesthetic as Assembly Lane but now the areas that used to have anti-gravity were flattened and take place outside the factory.
Velo's Citadel:
  • Hyper Spaceway has redesigned Emperor Velo's citadel with more ambient lighting, giant spotlights shining down on the track, the pit in the center now leading to a laser grid, and Velo's Huge Holographic Head now watching the race. The crowd of Velo-like goblins has been replaced with several prison cells made from lasers, with blue Zam-like alien guard dogs patrolling the citadel, and the various silhouettes of aliens inside the cells acting as the crowd instead. All over the track, there are spotlights shining, lasers and laser prisons with aliens cheering, blue crystals, and Velo's "V" symbol. The statues that shoot lasers from their eyes also resemble Zem. The skybox is outfitted with several planets, asteroids, comets, and a galaxy. The track has been made significantly shorter by the removal of the first anti-gravity section and second drive through the citadel. Instead, the race now starts where the first teleporter would originally exit, and the first teleporter here now takes racers to where the third originally did. The anti-gravity section after the double roundabout near the end of the track has been replaced with a tunnel section similar to Sewer Speedway and Deep Sea Driving. The CTR banner is decorated with small pipes and is designed to fit in with the mechanical prison theme the track and Velo's Citadel has.

    Crash Team Racing Cars 
  • The Classic kart mostly looks the same as it did originally, except it can now have different-coloured pipework depending on the paint job (as opposed to the original which was just one single colour due to technical limitations at the time) as well as having shorter and wider tires with the words "Crash Team Racing" written on its sides. Unique to Nitro-Fueled is a shield emblem placed on the front of the kart. There's also a retro variant of the kart as it originally appeared in the original game exclusive to the PS4 version, made for the sake of nostalgia.
  • Oxide's Hovercraft is mostly the same, except it has been scaled down to roughly the same size as the other karts so that it can be used by other characters as well as having its joysticks replaced with a steering wheel for animation consistency. In the Spyro and Friends Grand Prix, all the lights were changed to green for unknown reasons (most likely a bug or glitch), but it was reverted back in the Spooky Grand Prix.

    Crash Nitro Kart Cars 
  • The Team Bandicoot kart is given some more detail, such as having gold trimming on the spoiler's wings, side intakes and seat as well as having the front of the kart be more rounded in shape. Its wheels also have two yellow curved lines on each tire.
  • The Team Cortex kart mostly looks the same, except both the handlebars and tank have been replaced with a steering wheel for the sake of animation consistency. This also means the small decal of Cortex's head from the original vehicle is gone.
  • The Team Trance kart originally had its drivers control it with mind-control helmets that linked to its antenna via telepathy according to concept art for Nitro Kart. Similar to the above Team Cortex and Hovercraft karts, it now has a steering wheel for similar reasons. The kart's headlights have also been pushed further away from each other.
  • The Team Oxide kart is mostly the same, except an intake has been added to the kart's hood. Its wheels now also have the initials "CTR" engraved on them as well as a circuitry-inspired design on the tires.

    Crash Tag Team Racing Cars 
  • The Trikee remained the same as it looks in the original game, but it received minor design updates such as the layout of the rear wheel's suspension being changed to look more realistic, a chrome trim for the rear lights, and sporting black rims with an orange trim instead of silver.
  • The Cabrio, formerly an unused and unnamed test car in the original game, has a shorter windshield and now sports some sort of a roll cage on the rear.
  • The Deadinator has been redesigned to look like a lawyer-friendly rendition of the 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air. The bug catcher now loses its red calipers, leaving the holes open. The car also sports white tires with a purple wall, although the rims remain silver.
  • The Roadster, formerly named "Pasadena Speed" in the original game, remained the same, but the blower is now moved to the center of the hood, as opposed of it being offset in the original. The side pipe's layout has been separated, leaving the fenders with twin pipes sticking out while the side skirt exhaust remain.
  • The Crikey's front fascia has been redesigned to look like a more traditional jeep, and the spare wheel has been moved to the rear. The car's color is now orange instead of two-tone white and orange.
  • The Imperium has been massively redesigned, making it look more of a dragster with steel pipes covering the body, the asymmetrical front spoiler has been moved to the rear and vice versa, and the vehicle now sports two exhaust pipes instead of three. The decal, now labeled "Racer", is now colored white and the "0.1" on the front spoiler and the "CRTX" on the rear have been removed.
  • Le Chaux's engine bay has been redesigned to look bigger while sporting a new rear fascia with an addition of a racing spoiler.
  • The Bandibuggy's side pipes is redesigned with a black trim covering it, and the rear fascia is slightly cut out to fit an engine with two exhaust pipes coming out from it. The wheels' colors are now changed from silver to green.
  • The Nostalginator is redesigned to look significantly less bulky while taking some cues from the Volkswagen Beetle. The hood vents and the chrome side skirts are now removed, with the addition of a pair of eyelashes on the headlights. The car's color is now a darker shade of pink with the seats in purple, as well as the wheels being pink with flower-shaped rims.
  • The Probulot 2000 now has wires poking out from the sides of the car, emphasizing its reference to the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future. The rear fascia is changed to fit two massive exhaust pipes and the monitor in the bonnet is redesigned to look like an old TV/PC monitor.
  • The rear of the Six-Pipes kart has been narrowed and added a rear bumper along with two additional exhaust pipes for boosting. The front window is lowered and the wheels now sport whitewall tires with red rims.
  • The Doom Buggy mostly looks the same, but now it lacks the four-wheel turning it had on the original game and the front splitter is now rounder.
  • The Skull Rider, formerly the Bone Machine, has the "nostrils" on the front converted into "eye sockets" with two yellow "eyes" in place of headlights. There are now four exhaust pipes that are black with copper plating and slope inward halfway through, and the wheels are also now copper with bolt-riveted tires. The teeth on the front are significantly longer, with one tooth discolored depending on the paint job it uses.
  • The Nautilus, which is largely based on the PSP exclusive car NCroadst has undergone massive design changes. Namely, the front fascia is now slanted upwards instead of downwards, added a shrimp tail hood ornament, and the removal of the dome piece on the hood and the exhaust pipes on the front fenders, which is now placed on the rear bumper. A freshly caught Bandifish from Warped has been added to the rear below the diver's helmet.
  • The Phantom, based on the Organ Grinder, has had the front pipes relocated to its sides to provide the driver an unobstructed view. Two candles have been added to the front to simulate headlights. The organ keys behind the driver have been replaced with a more standard seat and moved to the rear.
  • The Pressurizer's lighter shade of green is now more of a yellow. The front is now shorter, is mixed between green and yellow instead of being just one color, and has three horns on the top and a light on the bottom. The spoiler is also now green and yellow instead of being pure red. The pipes on the side have been replaced with what look like propane tanks and exhaust pipes have been added.

    Crash Nitro Kart 2 Cars 
  • The Rocket kart now has a light blue paint job instead of a red one and the small wings on the hood are replaced with round mirrors, and the wheels now have a white and red interior, but otherwise the vehicle looks identical to how it did previously.

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