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Rufus is not his original name.
As many often point out; Bill and Ted only learn Rufus's name from their future selves; who heard it from their future selves; etc. The name comes out of nowhere. However, in order to keep the timeline that he wants to create; and because it's rather an honor to be given a name by "the Two Great Ones'', he went Sure, Let's Go with That.
  • Also, quite a bit of Smiling And Nodding is required with Time Travel; to avoid Paradox.
  • Might be the case in the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures episode "Model T for Ted", in which Rufus tells Mr. Logan that his name is actually his middle name, as first and last names have been discontinued by 2688.

The "perfect" future society is, in fact, a totalitarian police state ruled by an insane cult.
We see very little of it, but what we do see involves a lot of people dressed identically, sharing ritualistic chants and gestures, and of course, worshipping a rock band as their gods. Rufus, who clearly buys heart and soul into the party line, points out there are no wars and no poverty, but beyond that all he can say is everything's very clean and there's been an improvement in bowling averages and mini-golf scores — sounds ominously like a society that's proud of how they've achieved "perfect order". The statement that a band's music has aligned the planets and brought all species into harmony sounds very much like revisionist propoganda. Is this possibly just an obsessed fan club gone way too far?
  • No, it's more like the planet Vulcan, where everybody achieved a higher level intelligence and culture. Ask them, they'll tell you.
  • Oh, thank Anthy, it's not just me!
  • This must be some relative to Godwin's Law of Time Travel. The state took over because they went back.
  • The end of the movie would seem to Joss this, since the headlines all show the world steadily improving as a direct result of Wyld Stallyns.

Bill and Ted are spanners from Continuum.
And they have Rufus' Spanbook, to save on book keeping. Rufus is a chronie for the Continuum, who is trying to make sure the future as he (and the rest of the Continuum) knows it. The phone booth was a jury-rigged time machine created by the Continuum because they didn't want to try and implant a time machine into them both and have them run amok through time and space.

Bowling and mini golf have ascended in respect by Rufus's time.
This is why he bothers to mention them at the start. They've ascended to the same level as the Olympics.

San Dimas Time doesn't apply to this film.
If it did, then there could be no fixed phone number for a specific day because the clock would shift forward 24 hours once every 24 hours. You would only be able to dial an era, like the lake-color system in the Xanth books.

This is critical because true San Dimas Time interferes with Tricked Out Time — you need precise timing to pull off Tricked Out Time to the precision Bill & Ted do when the clock is always running, and they aren't that good at math. And it is Bill & Ted's recognition that San Dimas Time doesn't truly apply that allows them to write such a good, detailed report with so many special effects. There would be no time to set up the special lighting and props if Tricked Out Time hadn't been used...


Note that Bill & Ted leave the school stage using the phone booth. It may be presumed that they arrived the same way. So, they just tuck themselves in a quiet corner of time for a few days or weeks to write and plan the report before they present it! Or after...

  • Rufus lied to motivate the boys to complete their project on time. San Dimas Time doesn't appear to apply anywhere else in the movies.
    • The entire plan to break out the historical figures from the San Dimas police station is proof alone that Rufus was lying, as there'd be no way for them to go back after the report is done to set all that up if "the clock is always running."

Everything happened exactly as history recorded it as happening.
Rufus was always supposed to be the one to go back and help the boys pass their history report, and DeNomolos was always supposed to attempt to prevent it from happening.
  • This guess is hardly wild. It's clear from the second film's ending that had DeNomolos not gone back in time and used his futuristic technology to put Bill and Ted in full view of the whole world, they couldn't have become the icons he was trying to prevent them from becoming.
    • Right, but the problem is that De Nomolos (in the future) knows that Bill & Ted's big break is the Battle of the Bands concert (seeing how it's a relatively well-known event), and that's the time he goes back there, but if the time loop is stable, which through all other indications it is, then he would KNOW that he would go back there, ensure the satellite feeds would broadcast Bill & Ted worldwide, and completely fail at his plan by being arrested in the late 1980s/early 1990s. You could argue that the future society did some sort of Orwellian Retcon to prevent him (or anyone else) from knowing about that, but Rufus clearly did, having also gone back disguised as Ms. Wardroe to let them into the concert. One way it could work is having Rufus (or The Three Most Important People In The World) secretly influence the humble De Nomolos into being a evil mastermind without him knowing it, and then using him to inadvertently save the future. Notice in the future that when De Nomolos takes over, Rufus isn't that surprised when De Nomolos appears (" old gym teacher"), which indicates that THAT Rufus already knew what was going on and had probably already returned from helping out Bill & Ted as Ms. Wardroe. De Nomolos is then allowed to complete the time loop and banished to the late 20th/early 21st century.
  • Not to mention that those two medieval princesses turn out to be the rest of the band, meaning Wyld Stallyns absolutely must use time-travel to complete its lineup.
    • Equally, they had to meet Death as well, who turns out to be their bassist.

Ted's full legal name is Ted Theodore Logan.
Captain Logan doesn't seem like the most creative of men.
  • This seems possible, as his dad does seem like the sort who would whip out the "full name" treatment on someone at a moment's notice, so the fact that he calls his son "Ted" all the time might indicate that really is his given name.
  • Do we know that his father named him? Mr. Logan seemed to have a thing for dumb chicks.
  • Do we know for sure that "Ted" here is short for Theodore? It can also be a short form of Edward.

The time travel caused all the historical figures they picked up to be killed
Most of the people they picked up didn't die quietly in bed. The phone booth time machine has a "doom aura." It even KO'd itself briefly.
  • The comic Bill & Ted's Most Triumphant Return seems to imply just the opposite. For example, Billy the Kid goes onto fake his death, change his name to Herman and successfully start a new life.
  • In the Marvel comic, the boys get depressed when they realize that Abe Lincoln is assassinated shortly send him back to the past. They wreck the present by going back to save him. Death consoles them after they put things right that Abe gets to go to Heaven after he dies.
Rufus visited Mr. Ryan at a point in time before the report was assigned.
Mr. Ryan was savvy to the whole time travel thing and gave Bill and Ted their assignment because Rufus took him to the 27th Century and showed him that the Wyld Stallions would effectively become Messiahs if they passed.° Except the assignment wasn't just given to them, it was a class assignment. I think that the topic was chosen specifically in order to allow B&T to fulfil with the help of the time machine. How successful would they have been if the assignment was your standard "tell about this historical person or event"?

Bill and Ted created history and so could never have gotten less than an "A"
Bill and Ted didn't do much actual study, yet they knew an awful lot about the personages of historical significance they brought with them. How? They made it up! Then, when they returned the people to their own time, they simply did what B&T said in their report, thus making sure B&T's version of history was the correct one.
  • Er, they knew an awful lot about them because they're shown to be constantly referencing their history book. "I think he's under So-Crates."
    • But if they were learning everything from the book, why did they even need to go time-travelling? Unless you mean meeting the historical figures is what motivated them to read the book?
      • Bear in mind that what Mr Ryan asks them to do is not a straight history report; The report is detailing what these historical figures would make of the modern world and San Dimas, hence Lincoln's final speech and Socrates declaring he 'loves San Dimas' with Ted's assistance. So they didn't determine history nor were they expected to simply report on on these figures and their history; And some of the figures were already doing what they were famous for prior to being picked up; Lincoln is already president, Ghengis Khan is already a conqueror, Socrates is already a philosopher. Bill and Ted also needed a straight A on their history report otherwise they would fail the grade - therefore the time travel is essential because bringing back these figures would is pulling out all the stops and arguably makes their presentation spectacular. That they reference their history book is simply them finding out what year to head back to and getting cliff notes on what the figures are known for; Bill and Ted arguably learn more about the people simply by being around them.

Bill and Ted didn't become famous because of their music skills.
Even if they were the greatest musicians ever, it wouldn't be enough to make the supposed perfect future. Rather, they became famous due to time travel. Using Rufus' time machine, Bill and Ted learned about all the secrets of history and became smart enough to make major technological advancements. The reason they didn't do it in the first movie was due to them not realising the potential of time travel. Future society simply thinks it was due to their music because said music was the beginning of their rise to fame, or simply because it seems cool.

Rufus never breaks the fourth wall.
He's a teacher. His opening narration is to his class, as is the "They do get better" bit. Either the movie itself is a reenactment or film he's made to show his class, or he has some sort of recording device active so he can show the class later.

Genghis Kahn's thrashing of the sporting goods store was brought on by a sugar rush.
He was lured into the phone booth by a twinkie and ate at the food court before the thrashing of the sporting goods store.

Rufus trusted Bill and Ted with time travel because they were too dumb to change history.
They didn't know enough history to, say, warn Abraham Lincoln that he was going to be assassinated, or that Napoleon would be defeated at Waterloo, etc.
  • Ted does respond to Napoleon's strategy for Waterloo with "I don't think it's going to work." Napoleon reacts by having a tantrum. He'd be too proud to listen to some teenaged boy's opinion.
  • That's actually Napoleon's plan to invade Russia, and Ted is absolutely right about it not working. Getting involved in a land war in Asia is one of the classic blunders after all.

Missy used to date Mr. Ryan.
When they mention Mr. Ryan, Missy says "tell him I said Hi". She also makes sure to sit by him at the history report.
  • Or perhaps he was her teacher as well. It's mentioned she was a senior when Bill and Ted were freshmen.
    • Both is also a possibility.

San Dimas Time is just part of "the rules" governing normal time travel practice.
That being, that time travellers are "supposed" to return to "their time", or at least, the time interval between leaving and returning is the same amount of time as time has appeared to elapse for them, perhaps to avoid any awkwardnesses over ageing or whatnot. Just, occasionally the time travellers say "screw the rules" effectively and decide to take full advantage of the potential of time travel.

The duo's Air Guitar is diegetic.

Since Bill and Ted will go on to save the world via The Power of Rock, it follows that they can easily make bitchin' guitar riffs play by simply moving their hands in a vague strumming motion. Since the Robot Usses are created in the image of Bill and Ted as man is in the image of God, they can replicate this.

The historical figures rationalized the whole event as All Just a Dream or Mushroom Samba.
By all rights Bill and Ted shouldn't have created the future, but completely trashed the past. The only way history wouldn't be changed beyond the Rule of Cool and amnesia? They rationalized such events as either a really vivid dream, or tripping copious amounts of balls.

Red Hot Chili Peppers aren't the same band in this universe as in our universe and Faith No More were Wyld Stallyn's biggest Influence.
In the utopian universe of Wyld Stallyns music being the basis of their society, Wyld Stallyns aren't the only musicians between the 1990's and when Rufus is teaching a class in that university in the 27th century. This is established by that artist with blue and black hair. Also, it seems that Faith No More made a much larger impact in this universe than in our universe where many claimed they were merely Red Hot Chilli Pepper clones. A theory as to why this is is that Red Hot Chilli Peppers vocalist Anthony Keidis either is dead or was never born by the time the 2nd movie took place. It's no secret that Keidis & Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton despise each other with Keidis getting any of Patton's bands kicked off of festival shows that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were on. No Anthony Keidis fronting the Red Hot Chilli Peppers perhaps means a different future where Faith No More's then guitarist Jim Martin can somehow get knighted and be an important enough figure to be a university music class traveller with the likes of Bach and that blue haired artist. Perhaps Wyld Stallyns sound a lot like Angel Dust era Faith No More mixed with other influences throughout music history. As for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, they could've been fronted by ex-Faith No More vocalist Chuck Mosley after he left Faith No More.

"In Time" is actually a Wyld Stallyns song.
What better way to greet your idols than treat them to a massive group air guitar set to their future signature song?

A younger Rufus will appear in the third film, played by Louis C.K.
  • Via some Hand Wave about how the timeline is damaged, some new, miraculous anti-aging medicine, whatever. Rufus will be necessary for a sequel, so Louis will be as close as they can get.
    • Or it will be set 20 years later in the present, and 20 years earlier in the future.
      • Or, it could be Rufus' son, whom Rufus got Bill and Ted to sign their album for at the end of the first film. Ironically, his son's name will also be Rufus.

Perhaps more heartbreakingly, Rufus has passed away by the time of the third film.
The Character Died with Him, which comes into play as Bill and Ted are deprived of his wisdom when it comes time to write the song that ushers in their utopian future. He also locked them out of the Phone booth because he's trying to teach them that there are problems in this world that even time travel can't (or more accurately, shouldn't) be used to fix. Bill and Ted need to learn to live in the moment in order to build a better future.

Sometime after his daughters' disappearance, the King was assassinated.
The Arranged Marriage was partly political. With them gone, the "Royal Ugly Dudes" sent an assassin to kill him and soon took over the kingdom.

Missy eventually breaks up with Chuck DeNomolos for another older man.
  • Or, even better: Evil Bill was sort of right about Missy hooking up with a son, but it turns out that for the next film, she's a MILF and has hooked up with Deacon Logan, Ted's younger brother.
    • Confirmed: Missy and Deacon's wedding serves as the opening scene after the title.

Sometime between now and the future of the movie, a horrific and apocalyptic disaster occurs.
A Wild Stallyns album is among the only surviving artifacts of modern times, which is why the scavenger tribes who discover it, desperate for hope, wisdom, and guidance, heed its teachings as they build a new society.

The Ted seen at the beginning of the movie is actually Future Ted, back in time after the end of the movie to secure the keys.

Wild Stallyns improved the future in a For Want of a Nail sort of way.
For example, perhaps their music helped an important figure out of a rough time, which outherwise would have led them to suicide. Later in life, said important figure told everyone of how Wild Stallyns helped them, and, well...

In the original timeline, Theodore Logan was one of history's greatest monsters.
The timeline as we see it is a particularly nonsensical Stable Time Loop - the utopian future could only happen if Wyld Stallions became a popular band, but Wyld Stallions couldn't stay together unless Bill and Ted passed their history exam, which they couldn't possibly do unless visitors from the utopian future came back in time expressly to help them. That being the case, how did the future ever arise in the first place?

One guess: the original time travel plot wasn't intended to maintain the future, but to change it.

When events originally played out, Ted was forced to go to a sadistic military school, wound up an angry and embittered soldier, rose through the ranks to become a powerful military figure whose natural ability to inspire cultlike worship gained him many followers, eventually leading to a military coup, then a violent campaign for world domination, then decades of tyrannical dictatorship.

A rebel faction invented time travel and used it to send a man back in time to change this one crucial event in Ted's life - kind of like a time traveller helping Hitler's art career so he never became the Fuhrer. To explain to Ted why it was so important for the future that Wyld Stallions stay together, he made up some claptrap about a perfect future inspired by their music. What he could never have foreseen was that Bill and Ted would take this seriously and devote their musical careers to furthering world peace - or that, thanks to the same charisma which originally helped Ted seize control of the world, they would actually succeed, and this time around Ted (with Bill in tow) would become not a tyrant but a messiah.

Then of course Bill and Ted would spread the story of how Wyld Stallions would never have happened at all if it weren't for kindly time travellers - and their followers would then ensure that they actually sent those time travellers back to preserve the loop. Thus the loop is created in the first place, and continues from that time on.

Hyper-World from the comics is actually Levram from normal man
Both planets are alternate versions of Earth, populated entirely by superheroes and villains who do nothing other than fight each other all day.

Bill and Ted don't create utopia with their music, but by proving that God, Heaven and Hell exist.
In the Marvel comics, the phonebooth is capable of travelling to Heaven and Hell so it's possible that by the future, living people have travelled to the afterlife and back. Even if the comics aren't canon, Death is a member of Wyld Stallyns and he could probably provide evidence such as reviving the dead or bringing people into the afterlife.This evidence would make people more likely to be good as they know they'll be rewarded if they do and damned forever if they don't.

Rufus doesn't warn Bill and Ted about changing history, because they're supposed to change history.
Bill and Ted already exist in an altered timeline that has been altered because of their actions. If they hadn't traveled through time, their world would end up like ours. But because of their abductions of historical figures and exposing them to the modern world and to each other, it resulted in an overall changed world where, perhaps...

  • Socrates' philosophy has a somewhat more rocking, approachable bent to it.
  • The princess' marriages never went through and they left England, so different kingdoms came to power.
  • Joan of Arc didn't die, having been forewarned of her death
  • Genghis Khan ruled with a softer touch.
  • Beethoven was even more innovative with his music
  • Napoleon's campaigns were different and perhaps more successful.
  • Abraham Lincoln didn't die (Billy the Kid would certainly have prevented it), completing his second term.
  • Billy the Kid made something of himself (don't know what).
  • Sigmund Freud's knowledge of psychology and psychiatry is improved

Overall, the result was a generally far more positive timeline.

Little Bill and Little Ted at the end of Bogus Journey were both girls.
The official synopsis for Bill and Ted Face the Music says that the duo will both have daughters; unless they and the princesses had more children together, it is entirely possible that those daughters are Little Bill and Little Ted.
  • Confirmed: Samara Weaving is playing Thea "Little Ted" Preston, and Brigette Lundy-Paine is playing Wilhemina "Billie" Logan, a.k.a. "Little Bill".

Eddie Van Halen will be involved in the third film.
Because they need Eddie Van Halen.
  • Jossed.

Bill's parents (his dad and his biological mom) are both lawyers.
We are never told exactly what Bill's dad does for a living, and we never see his biological mom. However, Bill will always introduce himself as Bill S. Preston, Esquire, a mode of address generally (at least in the US) reserved to lawyers. This troper recalls an episode of Law & Order where one of the defense attorneys jokes that her family had so many lawyers in it she used to think "Esquire" was part of the family name. This leads to the conclusion that Bill comes from a family of attorneys (at least, his parents); therefore, being Bill, he seriously believes that "Esquire" is part of his family name, using it whenever he introduces himself.
  • This is supported by Bogus Journey, where Bill encounters his grandmother in his personal Hell and calls her "Granny Preston, Esquire."

If Bill and Ted Face the Music is a success at the box office, Paramount will green-light Wayne's World 3

Bill and Ted are ultimately not the Great Ones.
Their daughters are. The synopsis of Face the Music has B&T taking their daughters with them on a journey through time to meet history's greatest musicians, in order to finally be inspired to write their world-changing song. It would be a neat twist, and one wholly appropriate to the 21st Century, for the girls to become Wyld Stallyns and save the world.
  • Alternatively, Bill, Ted and their daughters are all the Great Ones.
  • Or maybe Bill, Ted, Joanna and Elizabeth perform the music, as per Rufus's remarks about the band's lineup, but it's Thea and Billie who actually compose it.

Bill and Ted's daughters are transgender
The official synopsis for Bill and Ted Face the Music states that Bill and Ted have daughters, with no mention of what happened to Little Bill and Little Ted from Bogus Journey. What if the daughters are Little Bill and Little Ted post-transition?
  • Jossed, as one of the writers on Twitter has confirmed that "Little Bill" and "Little Ted" have always in fact girls (even going as far to reveal that the babies were in fact played by a pair of twin girls). And considering that Bill and Ted do tend to be a little slow, it's more funny to think that they were so busy trying to learn how to play guitar that they didn't realize they had girls instead of boys when they named them after one another.
  • It's never actually stated in the movie that the babies are boys. In Face the Music, we find that "Little Bill" and "Little Ted" are just nicknames for Wilhelmina and Thea, respectively.

Each film in the Bill & Ted franchise doesn't just take place after one another, but also on alternate timelines.
There's a few noticeable continuity problems between the first, second and third films that can be easily explain when you take into account that each film not only takes place after the previous one, but on alternate timelines to one another. This would account for why the Circle K that Evil Bill and Evil Ted land at is suggested to be the same one but looks different and in a different location (there are noticeable burn marks on the ground that are typically made by the phone booths, which indicates that the Circle K they landed at is meant to be the same one from the first film). Other than the real world explanation that they weren't able to get the same actresses from the past film(s), this would account for why the Princesses look different for each of the three films. It also explains why the future looks different in all three films as well, as each one is on another timeline different from the last. And, since many people think that Lil Bill and Lil Ted were boys at the end of Bogus Journey and girls in the upcoming Face The Music, the third film being on another alternate timeline would account for that (though, as mentioned above, both the babies in Bogus Journey, were in fact played by girls and Bill and Ted may have just been busy learning to play to notice that their wives had daughters instead of sons, and in fact it's never actually stated in the movie that they're boys). The only thing that doesn't change is the fact that Bill and Ted are exactly the same in all three timelines (only getting older between each film).

Bill and Ted beat Death so many times at the games, each time Death lost, they got an extra life.

The Future Princesses didn't come back in time to help the Present Princesses find a reality where they're happy with Bill and Ted...
They traveled back in time to show the Present Princesses what would happen if they decided to leave Bill and Ted. They did it because the Present Princesses may have been considering finally leaving them, but the Future Princesses have had a long and enjoyable life with their Bill and Ted, decided to take the booth and showed them why they should stay. This would explain why the Princesses showed up at the prison to see that reality's Bill and Ted before their Bill and Ted usher them to time jump. The Future Princesses were showing the Present Princesses the alternate realities of Bill and Ted if they leave, so to make them realize that they had it well with them in their present time. This is what motivated the Present Princesses to help out with getting Face The Music played throughout time.

The time machine phone booths not just work on entering numbers.
Many people have wondered how the time machine used in the first film tend to drop them near historical figures in the past when all the phone booth's controls consists of entering in numbers to locations. Considering the phone book probably has individual years, the location would be considered in the coordinates. But close proximity to a prominent historical figure may not be considered in the coordinates (if it weren't true, then Bill and Ted wouldn't have been able to land at any random time, but major historical events to see such figures. For example, Bill and Ted would have been more than likely to pick up Abraham Lincoln either before, during or after his famous Gettysburg address, or before his trip to the Ford Theater where he would be shot, because those are significant moments in time).

This troper suspects that the phone booths have technology that reads the user's minds on what their desired intent is. For example, Bill and Ted head back to the wild west to pick up someone, yet they happen to land next to a historical figure. In this case, Billy the Kid. Now, they couldn't know they would end up at a place where Billy the Kid was and it seems rather serendipitous that Billy shows up. However, they enter in the coordinates to the Wild West. At that time, Billy the Kid had become a pop culture icon due to the film The Young Guns the year before, and Bill and Ted would have had him on their mind, be it from history or from the film. So, when the coordinates were entered, the time machine scanned their heads and surmised they wanted to be in close proximity to a famous cowboy, leading it to pinpoint Billy The Kid's location in the past and dropped them in close to him. This would explain why when they dropped into Austria near Sigmund Freud, as they may have subconsciously remembered him from their history class.

And, it also accounts for how they ended up in the future in the very chamber where the future people were waiting for them: they were desperate to get the hell out of medieval times that the time machine took it to it's default (the first) location it was formed when Bill accidentally typed in coordinates to the future when trying to get them out of there. So, the time machine's landing in proximity to historical figures isn't just random. This would also explain why the time machine is able to drop Bill and Ted in close proximity to their future selves in Face The Music (as they clearly didn't know where they would be in the 2 years, 5 years and far future, but the booth clearly dropped them in, but the machine would know they wanted to see their future selves, so it would land them in close proximity to themselves after reading their minds). So, the phone booth time machine not only takes in time/space coordinates, but it scans the users' brain(s) for where they want to end up.

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