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Jack and Wang first met when they served together in the military.
The movie doesn't tell us much about how they first met. The patriotic toast Wang gives at the bar seems out-of-place until you realize that he was saying it only to Jack, not to the entire group. It could be that they first met in the Army or the Navy.
  • Unlikely, since Jack never killed a man before the film when he looks horrified after killing a mook before pretending that he does it all the time. Fire-Forged Friends usually get that way by serving in battle together. The events of the film seem to be Jack and Wang's first shared battle.
    • Hey, if they were in the Navy rather than the Army they could have seen a lot of combat without ever personally killing anyone — at least, not while close enough to see the person's face.
    • It's very possible to serve four years in the Army without seeing combat. Jack having had a "Military Occupation Specialty" (MOS) that was either mechanical or a driver makes the most sense in this scenario. Granted, while they're all trained as soldiers first and specialists second, many people in the army don't see combat.

Jack's CB doesn't work.
He's just rambling to no one and may not even know it.

Had he succeeded, Lo Pan would have fathered that world's version of Fu Manchu.
Weird glowy eye power + green-eyed-woman-with-holy-man-father-genes = compelling in both personality and powers green-eyed man.

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