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The creatures are The Scourge

Completely inexplicable alien beings that use human senses to take control of people and force them to kill themselves or others, and can be foiled by damaging the sense in question? The Doctor will be along shortly to clean them up I'm sure.

The creatures are malevolent spirits (seriously)

They infect their prey through the “windows to the soul.” If you take into account the Cthulhu art and how everyone seems to see something different, they either have no shape or are projecting themselves into the real world. The closest we ever get to a clearly identified form of a creature, is a woman who claims to see her mother.


Also, everyone’s reaction is different, and can range from horror to awe struck beauty. The reaction the creatures want, seems to be whatever will get the victim’s next action to result in their death. Want someone to fall out a window? Appear as something super attractive outside a 2nd story of a building. Want someone to step in front of a truck? Show them something that traumatizes them to the point where they proactively look for ways to commit suicide.

Towards the end, the creatures pretty much just start imitating things and people in the hopes that something they do will get the person to take their blindfold off.

Also, interestingly, the creatures can’t really exert that much direct influence in their environment. They don’t seem to be able to pass the threshold of homes, and they can’t open doors or windows. Instead, they rely on possessing the insane, and use them to carry out their will.


The creatures are malicious aliens.

Bird Box is in the same multiverse as A Quiet Place.
Both feature mysterious and deadly creatures that have nearly wiped out the human race by focusing on one of the five senses, forcing survivors to inhibit that sense and somehow managing to do so for such a long period of time.
  • Bonus: Both movies are in the Cloverfield multiverse.

The "Creatures" are actually reawakened old ones from the Cthulhu Mythos
Think about it: These are creatures that just merely LOOKING AT THEM has proven to drive people to the brink of madness or death, those who haven't seen it are prophesied to live free and wild like the old ones to kill and destroy in new ways like the old ones. As for what kind of eldritch terror we might be referring to, let's assume that for the sake of imagining that it's either Cthulhu or Yog-Sothoth.

The Romanians attempted and succeeded with Project Arrowhead ala The Mist.

The psychos that wanted the others to see the creatures weren't necessarily insane.

They were simply horror fans who thought the monsters looked awesome and wanted to share their passion.

It really was mass hysteria.

This WMG only applies to the book version. What if Gary was right that there really was not anything out there that was killing people, but people were so convinced that they were that they ended up really dying? The part that he did not get right was that uncovering the windows would cure them. It takes a lot more than that to remove a worldwide delusion such as what they are experiencing.


The plot is an allegory about marketing and advertisement.

The creatures are in essence a very effective visual advertisement for suicide. Looking at them conveys information that would make a normal person see suicide as desirable. The "insane" devotees of the monsters represent people who engage with marketing campaigns and signal boost them for free, like sharing a "funny ad" in a group text or retweeting tweets from a corporate twitter account.

The creatures actually possess people.

They invade the body through the “Windows of the soul” entering the body and taking control of it. In sane people they make them kill themselves, in insane people they make other people see other spirits or alternatively they can’t possess crazy people but they can influenced them into forcing other to see them.

The creatures are actually angels.

Problem is, angels are Eldritch Abominations too, therefore seeing an angel makes most people mad (or make them feel so bad about their own mundanity or guilty about their sins that they kill themselves), that’s why crazy people sees them as beautiful, as crazy people don’t feel remorse (that’s why the term "criminally insane" exists).

The sight of the creatures make sane people mad and mad people sane.

That’s why sane people kill themselves and sane people start acting as functional individuals even planning, deceiving, driving and the like.

Bird Box takes place in the same universe as Saya no Uta

Creatures so terrifying that they make people go insane to suicidal lengths just by looking at them?

Whatever Saya actually would be is implied to be so hideous that just looking at them once will drive the victim crazy. Usually they are shortly killed after by Saya, but they are left crazy and suicidal nonetheless. The ones that have already gone crazy before encountering Saya? They see her as beautiful or fascinating.

This is assuming you chose Ending 2, in which Saya "blooms" and has her spores turn the rest of humanity into the rest of her kind. By that time, the "epidemic" would have 100% consumed Japan, but dandelion spores don't travel so far so fast, so of course it would take a bit longer for it to reach the rest of the world.

Bird Box takes place in the same universe as Cabin In The Woods

Since pretty soon every horror franchise will be part of this universe I'm gonna get ahead of this one.

It starts just after cabin ends and the creatures were either created by or came after the giant hand as part of a series of monsters that pray on one of the five human senses.

Alternatively, Bird Box takes place in the universe of Harry Potter and the "thing" is a really strong boggart

Possibility is that "it" is an experiment slipped from an experiment of the Department of Mysteries. Perhaps an hybrid of boggart, basilisk and fwooper.

  • Or maybe a mix between boggarts and dementors, that's why they have characteristics of both; take the form of your biggest fear or your biggest pain, and make you crazy.

Alternatively again, "it" is It(Literature)
Since "It" can change appearance.

The Weeping Angels are to arrive on this version of the Earth

The thing was sent to pull humans to close the eyes... when the Weeping Angels arrive there will be the end of the world.

The movie is part of the Cthulhu Mythos universe

H. P. Lovecraft's influence is obvious. The creatures are Great Old Ones who are often described as having deranged followers and turn sane people crazy if ever seen.

The creatures in the movie are either incredibly physically weak or non-corporeal.

Unlike in the book, the creatures in the movie are unambiguously malevolent. However, despite this, they never attempt to break into people's homes or forcibly overpower them in any way - even at the climax when they have a literal child completely at their mercy, they don't try to tear off her blindfold, but instead use their Voice Changeling abilities to try to trick her into taking it off herself.

The Creatures don't work on people who have already survived a suicide attempt.
It has nothing to do with sanity or lack thereof.

The Creatures are Multiversal beings doing human experiments.
They wanted to see which of the 5 senses humans need most to survive so they invaded 5 earths and attacked anyone who used one specific sense on them. The earth of Hush and A Quiet Place were also part of the exeriment.

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