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Thunder Blade is a 1987 arcade simulation game by Sega, where the player controls a heli and shoots down the enemies. Powered by Sega X Board, it utilizes Sprite Scaler techs in a peculiar way, constantly switching its view. The game was heavily inspired by 1983 film Blue Thunder.

The game was initially ported to various platforms at the time, with mixed results. Nowadays, you can easily play it on Nintendo 3DS thanks to M2's 3D Classics conversion.


Thunder Blade contains examples of:

  • Arcade-Perfect Port: M2's 3DS port in 2015 is qualified as this.
  • Gameplay Roulette: The game switches between between two camera views: Overhead and over-the-shoulder section.
  • Rail Shooter
  • Scenery Porn: Much of its appeal came from how it pulled off its 3D environments with only sprites back in 1987. It still looks impressive nowadays.

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