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Slashers is an asymmetrical horror game mode for Garry's Mod created by Utopia-Games. In the gamemode, one randomly selected player plays as one of many horror icons from the likes of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and more while the rest (up to a maximum of 9) play as survivors. The survivors must collect a few (around 3-2) of the jerrycans scattered across the map, find and activate the generator, radio the police, wait for the police to arrive and then run to them to escape while the killer tries to kill them. Every killer and survivor have their own unqiue perks and abilities to help them slaughter or survive.


The current cast of killers include:

  • Jason Voorhees, Summer Camp's killer - Sees recent footprints of survivors.
  • Michael Myers, Selvage's killer - Slower than the other killers but has the ability to focus one survivor at a time.
  • Ghostface, High School's killer - Sees when a survivor opens or closes a door.
  • The Intruder, Lodge's killer - Sets bear traps and trip wire alarms.
  • The Proxy, Subway's killer - Can become invisible and reappear while she is not visible by a survivor.

The current cast of survivors include:

  • Audrey the Emo - Immune to the killer's secondary ability.
  • Franklin the Fat Guy - Has more health than the other survivors.
  • Gale the Skeptical Cop - Has a revolver that can stun the killer.
  • Lynda the Popular Girl - Can see where the police are when they arrive.
  • Marty the Junky - Has better vision that helps him see in the dark.
  • Noah the Nerd - Has a detector that can spot survivors and the killer nearby.
  • Rolland the Black That Dies First - Has three keys that allow him to lock and unlock doors.
  • Sydney the Final Girl - Immune to the killer's main ability.
  • Trent the Jock - Has a higher stamina than other survivors.

The game mode is free to download here.

Not to be confused by the 2016 series, Slasher.

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