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Shining Soul is the eleventh game in the Shining Series, the first Shining game to be released on a non SEGA game system and features yet another change in Genre. Instead of being a first person dungeon crawler or a strategy title it was an action role-playing game with a third person view, closer to Shining Wisdom. Gameplay wise it was a Hack and Slash affair. Released in 2002 in Japan and everywhere else in 2003 on the GBA a sequel, Shining Soul II, was released in 2003 in Japan with Europe and North America getting it in 2004.

The plot for the first title was simple. There is this evil Dragon called "Dark Dragon" who is destroying the mystical land of Rune. However when all hope was lost four heroes appeared and fought the beast. You choose which of the four heroes you get to play as and that's the whole plot.


The Plot for Shining Soul II is slightly more complicated. Years after the original title the defeat of Dark Dragon has caused the balance of light and darkness to be disrupted. Causing a sudden resurgence of darkness throughout the world. Meanwhile a group known as Chaos Knights seek to conqueror the world. The player must choose one of nine classes and save the world.

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