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  • The primary theme of W involves the "Big Crunch": after a time, the universe contracts on itself, then is reborn in another Big Bang. In the backstory of W, various cultures sent parts of their civilization, such as Galeon and the GoLion (as well as the Valstork, Valhawk and the Database) forward in time from previous generations.
  • The Evoluders in W are a direct off-shoot of the Radam: while rescuing his son Takaya Aiba, Takaya's father was also able to steal a Tekkaplant and send it to the Cygnus before it fell into a black hole. The crew of the Cygnus used the system to survive the harsh conditions of space and eventually became Evoluders. Takaya's father's consciousness ends up linked to Jupiter by THE POWER.
    • This is a reference to how both shows attempted to reimagine the old Tekkaman series and/or Orgun's designs were rejected Tekkaman ones.
  • The GoLion team went to the same training academy as Guy Shishioh and Mikoto Utsugi.
    • Similarly, the GoLion was created by the Trinary Culture, who created Galeon, and sent it as a defender for the Leo Union.
  • Since Earth was not destroyed in World War III, the GoLion team returns to Earth after getting GoLion the assistance in fighting the Galra Empire. Meanwhile, Honerva and Saki decide to join forces with Dr. Hell in order to destroy them.
  • Mike Sounders the 13th appears earlier in the GaoGaiGar storyline, running off on his own and meeting Mamoru Amami (as well as Kaname Chidori and the Ardygun family) at the Marine World Amusement Park.
  • Instead of hiding out in an alternate dimension, the Eleven Masters of Sol place Pisa Sol near the planet Venus, hiding it in front of the sun.
  • Seina survives the battle in Tokyo, and joins up with Cagalli Yula Atha's resistance force, along with Quatre Raberba Winner. She is Killed Off for Real during the "Battle of Orb".
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  • The Radam (and presumably the Evoluders) are proven to be immune to the Zonderization process. The Machine Kings attempt to kidnap Miyuki "Tekkaman Rapier" Aiba during her escape to find a way around this.
  • W takes great pleasure in not killing off Gai Daigoji: his in-series death is averted, due to the episode where he gets Killed Off for Real and the following one where Ryoko Subaru and her squad is introduced being merged into the same scenario. While it appears he dies helping the crew of the Nadesico escape to Mars, he returns during the climatic battle over the ruins to save Akito Tenkawa from Hokushin, along with Tsukumo Shiratori, who missed his own death due to the fact that the changes to the Nadesico plot also changed whom Genichiro Tsukiyomi shot (ironically enough, it's Gai, which he still manages to survive). Finally, Gai collapses at the end of that scenario, apparently not fully recovered from his wounds, but he live through that, too.
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  • Fllay Alster survives due to the fact the entire scenario objective dealing with Rau Le Crusset transferring her and the N-Jammer Canceller plans to Azrael Murata is to prevent it from happening at all. Thus, she is safely far away from the "Battle of Jakin Due" when it occurs. Unfortunately, even without the Cancellers, the Earth Alliance instead develops Anti-Matter missiles to use on the PLANTs. Nice job breaking it, "Neue Wärter".
  • In order to keep all its members close by, Wärter has Kouji Kabuto and the Getter Robo team transfer to Kaname's school. To think that Sousuke Sagara alone was bad...
    • This gets worse when Bionet uses the "Poniman" incident as a cover to try and kidnap Kaname. Depending on the playthrough, this can be kicked off with a Daimajin getting destroyed by Bonta-Kun.
    • Also, Akito decides to spend his downtime running a ramen shop near the school.
    • Since he doesn't have to go to school, Kazuma Ardygun opts out figuring it'd be better to train and become a pilot. To his horror, he winds up getting Training from Hell from Melissa Mao and Lucrenzia Noin. This doesn't do him any favors regarding him meeting girls, either.
  • In W, the Shin Getter Robo is built primarily as a check against the Mazinkaiser, just in case it goes berserk when activated. Though dialogue with the Database during the final stage implies that Shin Getter is even more dangerous than what it's supposed to stop, as Inference implies that it could destroy the universe when fully awakened.
  • The Jovians were given the Gekiganger 3 discs by George Glenn. A mistake on his part, since he was planning on giving them data discs. Unfortunately, this winds up being the spark that ignites conflict between the Jovians and the Earth.
  • The event in Tekkaman Blade II, the Black September of Prague, is omitted to fit the storyline. Because of this, Natasha's father and her estranged relations with him are basically Adapted Out and instead of being arrested and executed to stop the event, Noal lives through the whole series. Dead's motivation is also changed, now he's angry at Blade for not being quick enough to eliminate the Radams that they managed to rob him his humanity, so he joined the Radam for vengeance against Blade.


  • Name's the Same:
    • Lampshaded; after meeting the third "Gai" in the game, Kazuma muses on how everyone he meets named "Gai" is a different kind of badass. For the record, Guy Shishioh is "courageous", Gai Daigoji is "passionate" and Gai Murakumo is "cool". All three names are written differently.
    • There are also two Hayatos: The pilot of Shin Getter-2 and Yumi's (Tekkaman Hiver) partner from Tekkaman Blade II. Again, the names are written differently.
  • No Export for You: Rather typical for the franchise, though it's a little more surprising for W since every series in the game was licensed for North American distribution at the time of release, and a couple series (GoLion, Orgun and possibly Tekkaman Blade) seem to have been included more to appeal to an American audience than any fan demand in Japan (which is particularly non-existent for GoLion); idle speculation formented the idea that this was done to increase international appeal, but the game still never crossed the Pacific officially.
    • Ironically, it probably had to do with GoLion/Voltron, since there are discussions about the ownership of the series for the American market.
      • A panel with Media Blasters claimed the license for Voltron was in order...until Nickelodeon optioned Voltron Force. The optioning prevented games with the Voltron license from being released without Nick's approval, and the ensuing legal drama kept the game from being exported.
  • What Could Have Been: An option for a female protagonist was planned at one point, and there was even a portrait of a male version of Aria in the game, who would have been the female protagonist's rival instead. The male Aria portrait was edited and reused as the mugshot of the Deceivers.


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