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  • Anti-Climax Boss: After defeating the first phase of the battle against the Great General of Darkness, players will fight him three-on-one with the Mazinkaiser, "Shin" Great Mazinger and the Shin Getter Robo. All pilots' Spirit Points are restored to full and Will is maximized. The fight itself (thanks to the brutally overpowered Combination Attacks of the former two) can be ended in roughly two to three attacks, even on a Self-Imposed Challenge run.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse
    • The Ardygun family, largely due to their tightly-knit relationship with one another without any kind of dysfunctional baggage between them. Fans have been clamoring for their inclusion in a future Super Robot Wars Original Generation installment; that they also have one of the most standout Game-Breaker mecha in the franchise helped elevate their popularity (alongside Epileptic Trees below).
    • W is by far the most popular of the Nintendo DS Super Robot Wars titles, and was the most popular handheld-based installment in the franchise until the Second Super Robot Wars Z duology for PlayStation Portable, with some having gone so far as to consider it the best installment period when it was released. The only real complaints regarding W concerned the lack of animated Super Move Portrait Attacks (everyone gets a total of one, even if they're laughing/sad/flipping out/etc.) and the game could be a tad easy compared to previous titles (mostly due to certain units or unit groups being surprisingly easy to "break" simply through competent, average playnote ).
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  • Epileptic Trees: A lot of the abilities from the Ardygun's "Valzacard" is Hand Waved with no explanations at all, chief among them the appearance of "Solomon's Triangle" in the final attack animation. As a result, fans tend to believe the Valzacard will fulfill the role of the Ideon if Original Generation gets to the events of Super Robot Wars Alpha 3.
  • Fridge Brilliance: In Scenario 12 (only on New Game+), Sosuke Sagara "defends the school festival from rival delinquents" by wiring the soccer pitch with enough bombs to destroy a Robeast outright (discovered when a pair of Robeasts attack the school, step on the pitch, and are annihilated outright by the blast). This seems like overkill, even for Sosuke, but keep in mind that in this Massive Multiplayer Crossover, his baseline for "delinquent" is Boss, who, as crappy as it may be and look, did single-handedly build his own Humongous Mecha Boss Borot out of what amounts to junk and scrap metal.
  • Fix Fic:
  • Game-Breaker: See here for details
  • Goddamned Bats: The Radam Tekkamen are not only durable, but have high mobility and offensive weapons. Later, these units gain a second Hit Points bar using units similar to Tekkaman Blade's Pegas; this also applies to the Eyds. However, due to the amount of Game Breakers and W being mostly an easy title, these units are generally annoying and cumbersome rather than actual threats any time they appear.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Super Robot Wars generally balances bigger and smaller units by having the former receive less damage from smaller units, at the cost of having reduced accuracy ratings against the latter, and vice versa. That's gone in this game, where smaller units hitting larger targets don't incur damage penalties, thus they hit just as hard, biasing W towards smaller units.
  • Ho Yay: The whole David Kruegel/Tekkaman Dead ordeal is commented on, but it's mostly "don't let Hikaru Amano find out about this!"
  • Magnificent Bastard: The entirety of the Database and the creation of the Valzacard basically places Blessfield Ardygun as this.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: EVERYTHING about the Valzacard. For instance, it's most "basic" attack (the equivalent to Head Vulcans from a Gundam or the Mazinger's Eye Beams) is a city-leveling Wave Motion Gun.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: W cleaned up the negative reception of Tekkaman Blade II by ReTooling it into a Midquel. This allows Tekkaman Aki, Hiver, Sommer and Vesna (and later Dead) to partake in fighting the more famous Tekkaman like Evil or Omega, and be a part of the original Tekkaman narrative (and also blatantly promotes Blade and Aki into Battle Couple for a longer time). Also, one of the points that made the fans furious with II was the death of Noal Vereuse before the events of the shownote ; this does not happen in W. Coupled with many Tekkaman allied units encompassing the game's pool of Game Breakers, if Tekkaman Blade fans are looking for positive things to say about II, they'll most likely refer to this version.
  • That One Boss
    • Gauron, Gates and Takuma: in short, if it's a named male villain from Full Metal Panic!, facing them will suck.
      • While these aforementioned bosses with their "Lambda Drive"-equipped units are deadly later in the game, they fail to keep up with the incoming Game Breakers received. As dangerous as Gauron is by being able to take two actions during an enemy turn, use Spirit Commands and have weapons fueled by the Lambda Drive, he still can't keep up with a heavily upgraded "Valguard".
    • The Great General of Darkness, provided players want to gain a Secret Character: not only does he bring multiple sturdy Mooks, each with Standard Status Effect weaponry, he's extremely resilient and powerful. To make matters worse, players cannot use Big Volfogg for this scenario (only normal Volfogg). This poses a challenge for a player doing a "No Upgrade Run" where the only way to destroy The General in five turns is to fully abuse combining mechanics of the Ryu robots.
  • The Woobie: Tekkaman Blade, so much that even Kotaro Taiga is outright terrified by his life experiences.


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