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  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: The line was always "Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice", not "Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom". Both lines became memes, but only the original was actually said on the show.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • By the time the show and the JLA became The Super Powers Team, Superman and Robin were the only ones with their original voice actors.
    • In the Latin-American Spanish dub, charas like Robin and Superman had at least three VA's and the Legion of Doom charas pretty much changed VA's every time they appeared.
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    • In the Brazilian dub, while the voices were consistent within a same season, they tended to change from season to season. Superman, for example, had four voice actors (one of them, Silvio Navas, ironically voiced Superman's enemy Darkseid in the final seasons). The only voice actors to remain in the same characthers through the whole series (except for the 1973-74 season, but it was very apart from the rest, anyway) were Robin, voiced by Carlos Marques, and the female Superfriends– Ilka Pinheiro as Wonder Woman and Vera Miranda as Jayna.
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  • What Could Have Been: Captain Marvel was going to be one of the Superfriends, but rights issues prevented this from happening.
    • Indeed, according to former artist Darrell McNeil, during pre-production, when the series was called Battle of the Superheroes, Marvel's arch enemy Dr. Sivana was supposed to be the leader of the Legion of Doom, then called the League of Evil. Some other Marvel foes, plus Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze and Penguin would've been the membership. But due to cross-town rival Filmation making Shazam and The New Adventures of Batman at the time, they couldn't be used, and we got the Legion of Doom as we know it.


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