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  • In "Batman: Dead or Alive", Batman and Robin save the Wonder Twins, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Superman from their death traps.
  • In "The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein", a mad scientist transfer most of the heroes' powers into his Frankenstein's Monster; Robin gets charged up in the same way to fight it, and after battling it to an exhausting stalemate, comes up with a genuinely clever way of incapacitating the thing long enough for the powers to be restored to their rightful owners. Also, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman manage to capture the mad scientist even without their powers and equipment.
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  • In "The Case of the Shrinking Super Friends", the senior members are away on a mission in space and left the junior members (Firestorm, Robin, and the Wonder Twins) behind to guard the Hall of Justice. Just then, Lex Luthor, who had just invented a shrinking ray, arrives and shrinks the Hall of Justice, as well as the young Superfriends. Their first attempt to stop Luthor didn't go too well. However, after trailing him to his hideout and fighting off a couple of large spiders that Luthor turned on them, they were able to reverse the shrinking ray, get back to their normal size, capture Luthor, and return the Hall of Justice to normal all before the senior members returned home.
  • In "Invasion of the Fearians", Captain Cold punches a frozen skyscraper and knocks it down. Later, Captain Cold tries to freeze Flash, but Flash runs up, grabs him, and sticks him in the path of his own beam.
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  • In "The Evil From Krypton", Superman, Aquaman, and Green Lantern team up to defeat the General Zod Expy Zy-Kree, and everybody contributes. At the end, Superman demonstrates to the overconfident Zy-Kree that he's over-reliant on his powers and doesn't know how to fight, with Superman side-stepping his attacks, judo-flipping him, etc.
  • "The Revenge of Doom" features the final appearance of the Legion of Doom. In the end, Wonder Woman uses her lasso to snatch Sinestro's power ring and use it to cage the villains.
  • In "Day of the Dinosaurs", Wonder Woman and Samurai get attacked by cavemen. One lunges at Wonder Woman, but she catches him and lifts him over her head, quips, "I bet you weren't expecting a girl to be this strong!" and throws him.
  • A special one was when one episode, Wonder Woman was Brainwashed and Crazy thanks to space pirates and Superman has to fight her. When she snares him with his magic lasso, he manages to snare her as well and asks her one question, "Are you my enemy, or my friend?" At that, the truth of her friendship sets her free.
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  • This Promo That Time is Now indeed.
  • "Darkseid's Golden Trap": First El Dorado faces Kalibak in combat and defeats him, then he uses his illusion abilities to trick Darkseid into using the gold kryptonite on Batman instead of Superman.
  • "The Fear", the closest that this show actually gets to getting Batman right, plus it portrays his origins for the first time in animated media and does it shockingly well. Adam West's performance is perfect as Batman, and it deals with his parent's death in a great manner.
    • In general, the last season is where Batman stops being the goof with Bat Deduction and limitless nonsensical bat-gadgets and begins to be the competent elder stateman of the team who actually uses his brain in a believable manner like when he quietly replaces Jack on the Royal Flush Gang and figures out Ace is actually the Joker.
  • "The Death of Superman", when Superman comes in and scares Darkseid, you know you are dealing with a ticked-off Kryptonian.
  • Firestorm is captured by Darkseid and held in a beam keyed to his body signature. However, he realizes that by splitting up into Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, he can be freed and it works.


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