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Season One (Super Friends 1973)

  1. The Power Pirate: The Super Friends investigate when buildings and vehicles are drained of electricity.
  2. The Baffles Puzzle: The Super Friends must stop Professor Baffles from making art, literature, and music disappear.
  3. Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C.: Professor Goodfellow creates the G.E.E.C. (Goodfellow's Effort-Eliminating Computer), a computer that takes control of all machinery in an attempt to free everyone from work. The Super Friends must intervene when it malfunctions, with the help of Plastic Man.
  4. The Weather Maker: Dr. Thinkquick shifts the Gulf Stream toward his frozen country to warm it up, uncaring that this causes Florida and other places to become colder.
  5. Dr. Pelagian's War: Dr. Pelagian starts terrorizing three businesses because they pollute.
  6. The Shamon ‘U’: Dr. Shamon uses a giant magnet to retrieve meteorites for their gold, but the meteorites also contain a gas that makes animals grow or shrink.
  7. Too Hot to Handle: An alien starts moving the Earth closer to the sun, drastically increasing the temperature. The Super Friends must save the planet with the help of The Flash.
  8. The Androids: Dr. Rebos sabotages space programs with the help of life-like androids.
  9. The Balloon People: A family of friendly balloon-like aliens arrives on Earth but are abducted by greedy people who seek to exploit them, so the Super Friends mount a rescue.
  10. The Fantastic Frerps: King Plasto steals raw plastic powder to create Frerp, a substance that aids his crimes.
  11. The Ultra Beam: Two scientists believe gold is the root of all evil and start zapping all gold they can find with a blue beam that destroys it. They don't notice that the beam also damages other materials, for example making buildings fragile.
  12. The Menace of the White Dwarf: A criminal called the Raven uses white dwarf star matter to power a device to steal monuments. He also seeks kryptonite to destroy Superman.
  13. The Mysterious Moles: While investigating disappearing air conditioning units, the Super Friends uncover a subterranean world where a couple battles animated trees and rocks.
  14. Gulliver's Gigantic Goof: Dr. Hiram Gulliver causes all adults, except himself, to shrink to two inches tall to save on resources and to rule over them. The Super Friends must stop him with the help of Green Arrow.
  15. The Planet Splitter: Scientists steal diamonds to power a machine that can split a planet in half.
  16. The Watermen: Aliens extract silicon from the ocean, but this causes the ocean water to become toxic.

Season Two (The All-New Super Friends Hour 1977)

  1. The Brain Machine / The Joy Ride / The Invasion of the Earthors / The Whirlpool: Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin deal with Dr. Cranum and his brain machine. / Zan and Jayna aka the Wonder Twins and Gleek must save some youngsters who went joy riding in an airplane. / The Super Friends deal with subterranean rock people called Earthors who are attacking the surface. / Aquaman and Black Vulcan must rescue a ship from a giant whirlpool.
  2. The Secret Four / Tiger on the Loose / The Mysterious Time Creatures / The Antidote: Superman, Batman, and Robin deal with a criminal group called the Secret Four. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek help catch an escaped tiger and find out how it escaped in the first place. / The Super Friends deal with Dictor, an alien conqueror with a device that can accelerate or reverse aging. / An earthquake in India disturbs the cobras and they bite many people, exhausting the supply of anti-venom. Wonder Woman and Apache Chief help create more to save the people.
  3. Invasion of the Hydronoids / Hitchhike / City in a Bottle / Space Emergency: Aquaman, Batman, and Robin defend the Earth from the Hydronoids. / A girl goes hitchhiking and is kidnapped, so the Wonder Twins and Gleek go to rescue her. / The Super Friends must stop Mongor, an alien who stole an entire city. / Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl assist in a space emergency.
  4. Doctor Fright / Drag Race / Plant Creatures / Fire: Superman and Wonder Woman deal with the fearmonger Doctor Fright. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek teach some youngsters the dangers of street drag racing. / The Super Friends must stop an invasion of plant monsters. / Batman, Robin, and Rima the Jungle Girl battle a forest fire while trying to find two escaped convicts.
  5. The Monster of Dr. Droid / Vandals / Super Friends vs. Super Friends / Energy Mass: Superman and Wonder Woman deal with Dr. Droid and his monster. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek help stop school vandals. / The Super Friends are abducted by Tyrannic, the ruler of an undersea kingdom, and forced to fight each other in gladiator matches. / Batman, Robin, and The Atom must rescue a train from an energy mass.
  6. The Enforcer / The Shark / Planet of the Neanderthals / Flood of Diamonds: Wonder Woman and Aquaman help free an island from a dictator called the Enforcer. / The Wonder Twins rescue two boys being attacked by a shark. / Varko reverts Earth back to the Stone Age and conquers it. / Aquaman and Green Lantern must save miners trapped in a flooding diamond mine.
  7. The Invisible Menace / Initiation / Coming of the Arthropods / River of Doom: Aquaman and Superman deal with invisible criminals in the ocean. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek must save a teen pressured into entering a bear's cave as part of an initiation ritual. / The Super Friends must save the world from an invasion of alien insects. / Wonder Woman and Rima the Jungle Girl must rescue some explorers who were abducted by a tribe and about to be sacrificed to the River of Doom.
  8. Attack of the Giant Squid / Game of Chicken / The Water Beast / Volcano: Superman and Aquaman deal with a giant squid. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek teach some youngsters why playing a game of chicken is not smart. / The Super Friends must stop Manta and his giant water beast. / Superman and Samurai try to rescue an alien spacecraft that fell into a volcano, but the captain is so paranoid of outsiders that he refuses their help and does everything he can to keep them away, even as the vessel starts sinking into the lava.
  9. The Collector / Handicap / The Mind Maidens / Alaska Peril: Superman and Wonder Woman deal with the Collector, who can turn objects and people into photographs and uses this to steal monuments. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek rescue a boy from an overturned van. / The Super Friends must stop Medula, who seeks to eradicate all men and brainwash women into joining her army. / Batman, Robin, and Apache Chief rescue an expedition from a snow monster.
  10. The Fifty Foot Woman / Cheating / Exploration: Earth / Attack of the Killer Bees: Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman deal with Professor Amy Zhan, who used a potion to give herself incredible strength and turn into a giant. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek teach a cross-country runner the consequences of cheating. / The Super Friends must stop a space probe from abducting people and objects. / Aquaman and Samurai save an African village from killer bees.
  11. Forbidden Power / Pressure Point / The Lionmen / The Day of the Rats: Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman deal with mutants created by a space sphere. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek must stop motorcyclists who recklessly try to jump a canyon. / The Super Friends must stop alien Lionmen who seek to strip Earth of its minerals. / Batman, Robin and Black Vulcan try to save Gotham City from a swarm of rats driven mad by a device.
  12. The Man Beasts of Xra / Prejudice / Tiny World of Terror / Tibetan Raiders: Superman, Batman, and Robin deal with a mad scientist and her human/animal hybrids. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek help a black man deal with racists. / The Super Friends must stop a man armed with a shrink ray. / Superman and The Flash help a crashed airplane menaced by Tibetan raiders.
  13. Frozen Peril / Dangerous Prank / The Mummy of Nazca / Cable Car Rescue: Superman and Aquaman deal with Sculpin, who plans to freeze the world's oceans and then sell the thawed water to desert countries. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek must save a girl endangered by a thoughtless prank. / The Super Friends must stop Professor Korloff, who has brought a powerful mummy to life. / Wonder Woman and The Atom must rescue the passengers of a cable car that has broken down.
  14. The Marsh Monster / The Runaways / Will the World Collide? / Time Rescue: Superman, Batman, and Robin deal with a marsh monster. / The Wonder Twins and Gleek rescue some kids who ran away from home and found themselves in over their heads. / The Super Friends must stop Professor Fearo, who has set a massive kryptonite asteroid on a collision course with Earth. / Superman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl rescue a scientist who accidentally traveled to the future and got captured by desert slavers.
  15. The Protector / Stowaways / The Ghost / Rampage: Batman, Robin and Aquaman deal with the pirate Captain Shark. / The Wonder Twins rescue two girls who decided to be stowaways and found themselves endangered. / The ghost of Gentleman Jim Craddock rises from his grave to seek revenge on Superman and Wonder Woman, so the other Super Friends must find a way to stop him. / Superman and Green Lantern try to soothe an elephant that has gone berserk looking for her baby.

Season Three (Challenge of the Superfriends 1978)

  1. Rokan: Enemy from Space / Wanted: The Super Friends: The Super Friends must save the world from Rokan, a Kryptonian dragon with the same powers as Superman. / The Legion of Doom uses Lex Luthor's dream machine to brainwash the Super Friends into committing crimes.
  2. The Demons of Exxor / Invasion of the Fearians: The Super Friends help liberate Exxor, the Wonder Twins' home planet, from the tyrant Darkon. / The Legion of Doom makes an alliance with aliens called the Fearians, who agree to help defeat the Super Friends if they make the Earth hotter so they will be comfortable.
  3. Battle at the Earth's Core / The World's Deadliest Game: The Wonder Twins, Gleek, and a ship get sucked into a whirlpool. The Super Friends try to find them and encounter a strange world in the Earth's core. / Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Black Vulcan become trapped in a black hole world where Toyman rules. Meanwhile, The Riddler uses his riddles to lead the Super Friends on a wild goose chase.
  4. Sinbad and the Space Pirates / The Time Trap: The Super Friends deal with Sinbad and his space pirate crew, who start robbing Earth of its treasures. / Gorilla Grodd invents a time machine and the Legion of Doom uses it to steal historical treasures and strand several of the Super Friends in the past.
  5. The Pied Piper from Space / Trial of the Super Friends: The Super Friends must stop a fleet of alien ships from abducting children. / The Super Friends try to guard a factory holding liquid light, but the Legion of Doom captures Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern and subjects them to a kangaroo court trial.
  6. Attack of the Vampire / Monolith of Evil: The Super Friends must stop Dracula from turning everyone into vampires. / Solomon Grundy directs the Legion of Doom to the Monolith of Evil so they can use its powers to take over the world.
  7. The Beasts Are Coming / The Giants of Doom: A crashed satellite releases radiation that mutates animals, as well as Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins, into giant monsters, so the Super Friends must figure out how to return them to normal. / Bizarro figures out how to turn himself, Sinestro, Captain Cold, and Toyman into 100 foot tall giants.
  8. Terror from the Phantom Zone / Secret Origins of the Super Friends: Three Kryptonian villains escape from the Phantom Zone and expose Superman to red kryptonite, causing him to age rapidly. / The Legion of Doom travels back in time to prevent Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern from existing.
  9. The Anti-Matter Monster / Revenge on Gorilla City: The Super Friends must stop an energy monster. / The Legion of Doom invades and mind-controls the inhabitants of Gorilla City, giving them an army of super-strong gorillas.
  10. World Beneath the Ice / Swamp of the Living Dead: The Super Friends must stop a conqueror named Torhana from freezing the entire world. / The Legion of Doom makes a deal with a demon; in exchange for giving the Demon the Super Friends, they will be granted power.
  11. Invasion of the Brain Creatures / Conquerors of the Future: Alien brain creatures take over the Super Friends' minds and have them attack Earth. / The Legion of Doom starts acting like heroes, but it turns out to be ruse before traveling to the distant future to conquer the Earth.
  12. The Incredible Space Circus / The Final Challenge: Zarnum is a crooked space circus owner who poaches animals for his circus. When the Super Friends investigate him, he transforms Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins into space creatures, so the others must stop him. / An alien captures several Super Friends and Legion of Doom members and forces them to compete in a series of contests where the losing side will be eliminated. Meanwhile, the others call a temporary truce to search for them.
  13. Batman: Dead or Alive / Fairy Tale of Doom: A Wild West themed villain, the Capricorn Kid, seeks revenge on Batman for previously defeating him. / Toyman uses a device to trap several of the Super Friends inside fairy tales.
  14. Battle of the Gods / Doomsday: Aphrodite and Hera get into an argument, with Aphrodite saying the Super Friends are worthy as heroes while Hera says they are not. To solve this, Zeus forces the Super Friends to complete his challenges: Batman and Robin must find the Sphinx and solve its riddle, Aquaman must find the Golden Fleece, Wonder Woman must steal Medusa's necklace, and Superman must enter the Labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur. / The Legion of Doom deserts Sinestro, Black Manta, and Cheetah after a failed mission, so the three villains decide to get revenge.
  15. Journey Through Inner Space / Super Friends: Rest in Peace: Aquaman is transformed into a monster. Superman and Wonder Woman are shrunken and injected into him in the hopes of releasing an antidote where it is needed, while the other Super Friends try to stop him from destroying a city. / The Legion of Doom uncovers the Noxium Crystal, invented by Dr. Natas, which can kill any of the Super Friends.
  16. The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends / History of Doom: Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up and uses his magic to force the Super Friends to star in his movie. The only way to get rid of him is to trick him into saying or writing his name backwards, "Kltpzyxm". / Three aliens come to Earth and find it in ruins with humanity extinct. The aliens look through recordings from both the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Doom, seeing several hero and villain origin stories, while trying to find out what happened to Earth.

Season Four (The World's Greatest SuperFriends 1979)

  1. Rub Three Times for Disaster: The Super Friends must stop Kareem Azaar, who has stolen a magic lamp with an evil genie and used it to conquer the planet Zaghdad.
  2. Lex Luthor Strikes Back: Lex Luthor escapes from prison and makes an alliance with fire demons from the Sun. The demons turn the Sun red to strip Superman of his powers.
  3. Space Knights from Camelon: While trying to stop a meteor from impacting a planet, Superman crashes on the Medieval planet Camelon and loses his memories. He joins a group of rebels as the Black Knight and tries to overthrow the rightful rulers, so the other Super Friends try to snap him out of it.
  4. The Lord of Middle Earth: The Super Friends try to liberate Middle Earth from the evil sorcerer Mal Havok, but he easily imprisons them and transforms them into trolls to reduce their powers. They refuse to give up and help the rightful king overthrow him.
  5. Universe of Evil: Superman is swapped with his evil counterpart from a parallel universe. While his counterpart tries to conquer the regular Earth, Superman battles the evil Super Friends and tries to return to his own universe.
  6. Terror at 20,000 Fathoms: Captain Nimoy threatens to sink the continents with nuclear weapons. Superman and Wonder Woman are away in space, but the Super Friends are assisted by the tiny inhabitants of the Bottle City of Kandor.
  7. The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein: A descendant of Dr. Frankenstein abducts Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and drains their powers and skills into his monster. Robin must be the one to save the day.
  8. The Planet of Oz: Mr. Mxyzptlk transports Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman to the Land of Oz. While trying to find the Wizard to be sent home, Aquaman gets turned into the Scarecrow, Superman gets turned into the Tin Woodsman, and Wonder Woman gets turned into the Cowardly Lion.

Season Five (Super Friends 1980)

  1. Big Foot / The Ice Demon / The Make-Up Monster: Apache Chief and some of his fellow Braves are kidnapped by aliens resembling Big Foot, so Batman and Robin try to rescue them. / Superman must rescue the Wonder Twins and some teens from an ice demon. / The Super Friends must stop a disgruntled make-up artist who can transform into monsters and is trying to sabotage a movie.
  2. Journey into Blackness / The Cycle Gang / Dive to Disaster: Superman, Batman, and Samurai get sucked into a black hole and discover a strange world inside. / The Wonder Twins and Wonder Woman help a senior citizen and his grandson who are being harassed by a motorcycle gang. / Aquaman and Black Vulcan try to stop an overloading submarine and mutated sea life.
  3. Yuna the Terrible / Rock and Roll Space Bandits / Elevator to Nowhere: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Apache Chief deal with the evil barbarian queen Yuna the Terrible and her army of marauders. / The Super Friends must stop a gang of space bandits who hypnotize people with their music. / The mad Dr. Wells traps Wonder Woman and The Atom in his time machine and starts sending them to other times.
  4. One Small Step for Mars / Haunted House / The Incredible Crude Oil Monster: Superman and Green Lantern must stop invading Martians. / The Wonder Twins, Batman, and Robin rescue children who entered a supposedly haunted house on a dare and got kidnapped. / Aquaman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl deal with a crude oil monster.
  5. Voodoo Vampire / Invasion of the Gleeks / Mxyzptlk Strikes Again: A vampire queen starts turning the Super Friends into her vampire slaves, so Wonder Woman and Black Vulcan must stop her. / Exxorian monkeys invade Earth and brainwash Gleek into joining them, so the Super Friends must rescue him and stop them. / Mr. Mxyzptlk torments Superman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman with a magic typewriter that makes anything written come true.
  6. The Man in the Moon / Circus of Horrors / Around the World in 80 Riddles: Superman, Apache Chief, and The Atom deal with a giant monster that came out of the Moon. / Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Wonder Twins must stop talking circus animals who want revenge on humanity. / The Riddler sprays Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin with a formula that decreases their intelligence, then leads them on a chase around the world for the antidote.
  7. Termites from Venus / Eruption / Return of Atlantis: Superman, Batman, Robin, and Samurai deal with invading termites from Venus that can eat anything. / Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins rescue a town from a volcanic eruption. / Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Rima the Jungle Girl deal with invaders from the lost city of Ancient Atlantis.
  8. The Killer Machines / Garden of Doom / Revenge of Bizarro: Batman, Robin, and Black Vulcan deal with Romac, an intelligent computer who starts taking over machines. / When an experiment creates man-eating plants, the Wonder Twins try to deal with it, but accidentally get shrunken, so Wonder Woman must find them. / Bizarro turns the Super Friends into Bizarros and exposes Superman to red kryptonite, causing him to grow extra arms and legs.

Season Six (Super Friends 1981)

  1. The Outlaws of Orion / Three Wishes / Scorpio: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern are captured by space bounty hunters. / The Wonder Twins find a lamp with an evil genie who twists their wishes, so Superman must rescue them. / The Super Friends deal with a mutated talking scorpion who attempts to conquer the world with a bug army.
  2. Mxyzptlk's Flick / The Sink Hole / The Alien Mummy: Mr. Mxyzptlk traps Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins in a movie about cavemen and dinosaurs and torments them with a magic camera that can rewind and edit their actions. / Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Atom deal with Diamond Jack, who uses a giant mechanical snake to mine for diamonds, wrecking the nearby towns. / Superman, Wonder Woman, and El Dorado deal with an alien mummy who has come to life.
  3. The Evil from Krypton / The Creature from the Dump / The Aircraft Terror: An evil Kryptonian called Zy-Kree escapes from the Phantom Zone, takes over the Fortress of Solitude, and turns the Sun red to strip Superman of his powers, so Aquaman and Green Lantern must help Superman defeat him. / Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins deal with a junk monster, but Batman gets scratched by it and turns into a junk monster himself. / Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins deal with an airplane that gets transformed into a winged beast and can turn other airplanes into winged beasts too.
  4. The Lava Men / Bazarowurld / The Warlord's Amulet: Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman deal with an invasion of lava men. / Bizarro traps Superman and Black Vulcan on his home planet, Bizarro World. / Batman, Robin, and Samurai deal with an evil Japanese warlord from the 13th century who used a magic amulet to travel to the present.
  5. The Iron Cyclops / Palette's Perils / Colossus: Superman, Batman, Black Vulcan, and The Atom deal with an alien who starts taking away the Earth's gravity, causing things to float into the sky. / Wonder Woman and El Dorado deal with John Palette, a painter who can bring his creations to life and has them steal for him. / Superman and Apache Chief deal with Colossus, a barbarian many times larger than the Earth.
  6. The Stowaways from Space / The Scaraghosta Sea / The Witch's Arcade: Superman and the Wonder Twins deal with aliens who invaded a space station. / Aquaman, Batman, and Robin deal with a ghost pirate named Keelhaul Kelly. / Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins deal with an evil witch who starts shrinking the customers of an arcade.

Season Seven (Super Friends 1983)

  1. Mxyzptlk's Revenge / Roller Coaster / Once Upon a Poltergeist: Mr. Mxyzptlk traps Superman and Batman in the Fifth Dimension to torment them. To make matters worse, getting him to say his name backwards is useless since all that does is send him to the Fifth Dimension, where he already is. / The Wonder Twins and The Atom must rescue people from an out of control roller coaster. / Batman, Robin, and Apache Chief deal with a vengeful Mohawk Indian ghost who thinks a building was built on his sacred burial grounds.
  2. Warpland / Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One / Bulgor the Behemoth: Superman and Batman are sent to an alternate dimension of animal people and are imprisoned by its superpowered defenders, who think they are invaders. / Gorilla Grodd and Giganta abduct Gleek and replace him with a robot in a ploy to destroy the Super Friends. / Superman and Apache Chief deal with a writer who was transformed into his creation Bulgor the Behemoth, who is even stronger than Superman is.
  3. The Krypton Syndrome / Invasion of the Space Dolls / Terror on the Titanic: Superman is sent back in time and tries to prevent Planet Krypton from being destroyed, unprepared for the consequences. / Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins deal with space dolls that try to take over the world. / Aquaman and Black Vulcan deal with a mutated algae that possesses divers and then the Titanic, causing the vessel to rise from the depths and attack everything in its path.
  4. Revenge of Doom / A Pint of Life / Day of the Dinosaurs: The Legion of Doom returns and the Super Friends must stop them once again. / Aquaman and the Wonder Twins must retrieve an explorer from the Amazon Rainforest because his son needs a blood transfusion. / Wonder Woman and Samurai get sent to an underground world where a technologically advanced race and a primitive race are at war.
  5. Return of the Phantoms / Bully for You / Superclones: The evil Kryptonians from "Terror from the Phantom Zone" escape the Phantom Zone again and decide to travel back in time and kill the weaker and less experienced Superboy. / A boy steals Batman's utility belt and tries to use it to get revenge on his bullies. / Brainiac makes clones of Aquaman and El Dorado to frame them for crimes.
  6. Prisoners of Sleep / An Unexpected Treasure / The Malusian Blob: An evil alien called Sleep traps Superman and Batman in nightmares, so Wonder Woman tries to rescue them. / The Wonder Twins, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl must rescue some teens who found an alien spacecraft and took off in it. / Batman, Robin, and Black Vulcan deal with an alien blob monster that can eat nearly any substance.
  7. Attack of the Cats / One Small Step for Superman / Video Victims: Batman, Robin, and El Dorado deal with an invasion of evil cat people. / After a boy's dog is killed, he insists that he cannot walk, even though he is completely uninjured. Superman tries to cheer him up and convince him that his paralysis isn't real. / Bizarro traps Superman, Wonder Woman, and Samurai in a video game similar to Pac Man.
  8. Playground of Doom / Space Racers / The Recruiter: The Super Friends deal with bratty, giant alien children who start wrecking cities with their horseplay. / Wonder Woman, the Wonder Twins, and The Flash deal with space racing punks who don't care who they crash into and hurt. / Superman and Wonder Woman are abducted by aliens who force them and other abducted beings to play a game similar to football for their amusement.

Season Eight (Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show 1984)

  1. The Bride of Darkseid: Parts I & II: In Part 1, Firestorm is invited to join the Super Friends while Darkseid seeks to force Wonder Woman to marry him. / In Part 2, the Super Friends try to rescue Wonder Woman who was abducted by Darkseid.
  2. The Wrath of Brainiac / Reflections in Crime: Brainiac and Darkseid form an alliance to get revenge on the Super Friends. / The Mirror Master starts trapping the Super Friends in mirrors.
  3. No Honor Among Thieves / Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp: Lex Luthor forms an alliance with Darkseid to steal the Super Friends' powers. / Mr. Mxyzptlk pretends to be a genie and helps a small time crook named Benny evade the Super Friends.
  4. The Case of the Shrinking Super Friends / The Mask of Mystery: Lex Luthor zaps the Hall of Justice with a shrink ray, also shrinking the junior members Robin, the Wonder Twins, Gleek, and Firestorm. The junior members struggle to stop Luthor before the senior members return home. / Lex Luthor uses a superhero wannabe named Captain Mystery as a pawn in his latest scheme.
  5. Darkseid's Golden Trap: Parts I & II: In Part 1, Darkseid, Wonder Woman, Black Vulcan, and Firestorm go to an intergalactic auction of gold kryptonite, which can permanently remove Superman's powers. / In Part 2, Darkseid gets his hands on the gold kryptonite and plans to expose Superman to it. Superman, Batman, and El Dorado try to rescue the other captured heroes.
  6. Island of the Dinosoids / Uncle Mxyzptlk: The Super Friends deal with an experiment gone wrong that has turned people into human/dinosaur hybrids. / Superman is exposed to red kryptonite and turns into a bratty little kid. To make matters worse, Mr. Mxyzptlk soon takes him under his wing and teaches him to use his powers for mischief, nearly driving the Wonder Twins, Firestorm, and Samurai crazy.
  7. The Case of the Dreadful Dolls / The Royal Ruse: The Dollmaker uses his clay voodoo dolls to take control of the Super Friends. / Darkseid tricks an alien princess into luring the Super Friends into a trap.
  8. The Village of Lost Souls / The Curator: Apache Chief, Wonder Woman, and the Wonder Twins must stop Brainiac, who has mind-controlled a village. / Superman, Firestorm, and Samurai deal with Remlar, an alien who has been abducting buildings and people from across the universe to display them in his museum.

Season Nine (The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 1985)

  1. The Seeds of Doom: Wanting to have someone his own age on the team, Firestorm tries to persuade Cyborg to join. Meanwhile, Darkseid starts planting monstrous seeds around the world.
  2. The Ghost Ship / The Bizarro Super Powers Team: Superman, Firestorm, and Cyborg are pursued by Darkseid and take shelter in a seemingly abandoned spaceship, only to run afoul of an alien princess. / Bizarro creates Bizarro duplicates of Wonder Woman, Firestorm, and Cyborg, then Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up to cause trouble again.
  3. The Darkseid Deception: Darkseid abducts Wonder Woman's boyfriend Steve Trevor and assumes his form.
  4. The Fear: Batman struggles to capture the Scarecrow, who forces him to relive the murder of his parents.
  5. The Wild Cards: The Joker is working for Darkseid. Under the guise of Ace, he turns some ordinary thieves into the Royal Flush Gang, with powers to match the heroes.
  6. The Brainchild / The Case of the Stolen Powers: Brainiac abducts Cyborg to turn him into a minion. / Felix Faust attempts to steal Superman's powers, only for the Penguin to take them instead.
  7. The Death of Superman: Superman has been killed by kryptonite poisoning. The other heroes mourn, but then uncover evidence that he may be alive after all.
  8. Escape from Space City: Darkseid takes over an orbiting space station in his latest ploy to conquer Earth.