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  • Christmas Rushed: The most likely reason that X6 failed to reach its potential. Not only did it come out just a few months after X5, but the North American version hit the stores mere days after the Japanese version. (December 4, 2001 and November 29, 2001; respectively. We all know how that turned out...)
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Keiji Inafune became apathetic to the franchise post-X5, due to Capcom deciding to milk the series for all it was worth. He may have gotten over this when he tried to remake the series starting with Maverick Hunter X.
    • While he had no involvement with Mega Man X6, Keiji Inafune was obviously not happy with how rushed and sloppy the game turned out. In "Mega Man X: Official Complete Works", he outright apologized for the game ever happening.
  • Creator's Favorite: Zero, being Inafune's original idea for the protagonist that he has to alter slightly. He even says that Zero will "steal all the good scenes".
  • Fan Translation: Mega Man X through X5 received fan-made English relocalizations of their respective Japanese script through ROM hacks. Mega Man X6 received a similar treatment through the Mega Man X6 Tweaks project while fixing many of the game's issues.
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  • Newbie Boom: For more than a year after the X Legacy Collections came out, the Mega Man subreddit was filled with threads from newcomers asking for advice about the games and sharing their first-time experiences.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • Relationship Voice Actor: An interesting case: Both Takahiro Sakurai (X's actual voice) and Peter Von Gomm (X's voice actor in Mega Man X7) voiced, at some point, Bit Cloud. Not only that, but both characters ends up being friends with a robotic creature named Zero.
  • Series Hiatus: The plot of the series has not seen any progression since the initial release of X8 back in December 2004.
  • Throw It In: The "water jump" in X2 was an experiment for a Foot Part that got cut - however, it got left in the game by accident. Yoshihisa Tsuda got in trouble for the mistake, but it was maintained in the sequel X3.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Maverick Hunter X is said to be Inafune's reimagined storyline for the series, with better graphics (as it's on the PSP) and focus on plot and characterization. Unfortunately, it didn't sell well, dooming it to be a Stillborn Franchise.
    • Zero was supposed to be the Mega Man X, but was instead turned into the secondary character. According to the Official Complete Works, Inafune himself made the decision after he finished the design for the main character, deciding people would not relate him to Mega Man because he looked too different. So he had someone else design the main character, and instead presented his design as the "side character".
    • The Mega Man X Collection on GameCube and PS2 was originally planned to have a wide variety of game updates, such as: options for arranged soundtracks for X1-X3, re-dubbing all of X4-X6 (including X4's anime FMVs), giving the X5 bosses proper non-Guns N' Roses names, re-translating X6, re-mapping Zero's Sentsuizan in X6 so that fighting on ropes was no longer extremely dangerous, and other various goodies. However, this was shelved so that the X Collection wouldn't overshadow the upcoming Maverick Hunter X. Naturally, the Maverick Hunter X series died after the first game, and so the extras ended up never being used at all (aside from the X5 boss names, which made it into the X Legacy Collection).
      • The lost improvements were in late enough that they were still referenced by info on the box and manual. This hints that the removal of the new and updated content was pretty much a last minute thing.
    • The first design for X was actually not the blue Mega Man-esque one we know, but instead a red robot with boob-lights and long hair we know nowadays as Zero. Because the design didn't look enough like the original Mega Man, Inafune repurposed it into Zero and created a new design for X. And then he made Zero steal all the good scenes.
    • According to Yoshihisa Tsuda, the X-Hunters were originally a quartet instead of a trio, with a fourth female hunter, altogether titled "The Four Guardians". Unfortunately, the limited memory size of the SNES mandated her removal, as well as the removal of Violen's second form, though it's possible that the fourth member was where Leviathan was originally conceived from.
    • According to this article the person who designed X's Ultimate Armor for X4 also made an armor for Zero, that would've been related to Dr. Wily. It sadly didn't make it into the game. Though this does explain why the Black Zero code in X4 didn't do anything: like the purple recolor of X, the new color just meant that the code worked and that the secret armor was unlocked.
    • Maverick Hunter, a Mega Man X FPS spin-off project that never came to be. The attempt was headed by a few breakaways from Retro Studios, a.k.a. the people behind Metroid Prime, another 2D series gone 3D with stunning results.
    • Another, smaller one was the fact that X, Zero, and Axl would have taken up the roles as the Navigators while playing Alia, Layer, and Palette respectively in X8. Just imagine the protagonists switching jobs with the side characters. They even recorded voice clips for this, but they were never applied. Here's some fan-made art of what they would've looked like as Navigators too.
    • Around the mid-2000s, discussions were had at Capcom about the future of the series and a possible Mega Man X9 and Mega Man X: Command Mission 2. They reached out to the fansite The Mega Man Network and used them as a vector to collect ideas and suggestions from fans on what they wanted to see in future games. While neither X9 nor Command Mission 2 came to fruition, some of the most popular input was still used in the Maverick Hunter X reboot, such as connecting Classic and X series more and making a villain playable. Since then, ideas of X9 have been thrown around at Capcom for years with nothing concrete ever happening. This video made with the input of various staff at The Mega Man Network has more details.