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  • Christmas Rushed: The game was rushed out barely 10 months after Mega Man X5 was released in the US, against the plans of Keiji Inafune, all just to squeeze out some extra cash from the PS1 before it went off the market, and the game's very sloppy design shows for it. The English translation was so badly rushed (the North American version hit the stores mere days after the Japanese version — December 4, 2001 and November 29, 2001; respectively), that not only was it a garbled mess, they didn't even have time to remove the original Japanese voice acting.
    • Although it's only been 10 months in the US, development took a year for its Japanese release. While a year isn't a lot of time, it shouldn't be a detracting point of a game, as Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 also only had a year of development.
  • Creator Backlash: While he had no involvement with the game at all, Keiji Inafune was obviously not happy with X6. In "Mega Man X: Official Complete Works", he outright apologized for the game ever happening.
    "I had honestly planned to for 'X5' to be the last title in the series, but somehow I found myself with 'X6.' I feel like I owe the fans an apology, but I have to admit the series was starting to go in a direction that was out of my control. I plan to reexamine the situation and be more careful with how I handle the Mega Man name from now on."
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  • Fan Nickname: The Nightmare Snakes in Blaze Heatnix's stage are often called "Donuts" due to their motif combined with their visually confusing sprite causing them to look as such.
  • Fan Translation: A complete retranslation of the game was included in the Tweaks mod.
  • Franchise Zombie: The game was made without the supervision of Keiji Inafune, who was wrapped up with Mega Man Zero, and had no interest in making any more games in the X series at the time.
  • Talking to Himself: Both X and Dynamo are voiced by Showtaro Morikubo.
  • What Could Have Been: The Mega Man X Collection was going to add an English dub and re-translate the script. Capcom felt this would step on the toes of the would-be Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X 6 (see below), and so they were removed from the collection near the end of development. To make things worse, the Maverick Hunter X series was cancelled after the very first game.
    • Had the aforementioned Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X series not been canceled, this game would've gotten a remake in the same vein, presumably redubbing the game as well.


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